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October 13, 2010 | Cadet Parker Carignan

I felt very greatful to be accepted into the Army ROTC culture of becoming a leader in the United States Army.  As a freshman, (I'm now a junior) I unknowingly joined ranger challenge wanting to be as fast paced as i could be.  I had another thing coming.  I've never worked so hard in my life as i did that semester in school and ranger challenge.  The long days of exhaustion filled pt changed my perspective on many different things; I now know that if i want something i have to step forward and give my best effort to deserve it.  i made some of the best friends that first year of ranger challenge with a true test of friendship and faith in teamwork culminating in the competition in Fort Benning, GA. Most of my great memories of ROTC come from the extended days of training with my fellow teammates.  These friendships will last a lifetime.  along with my hard work that semester, the cadre saw it fit to send me to airborne school that summer.  WOW! was that an interesting Army experience.  i hope everyone has the opportunity to go and see what i'm talking about.  The following summer was was sent to air assault school.  I've had too much as a cadet and can't wait to become and officer in the United States Army.



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