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My Army Shoe Collection

March 07, 2012 | Captain Hannah He

Growing up, I recall my dad being confused by the number of shoes I felt was necessary to be socially acceptable. Obviously I needed white church shoes and black church shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops, flats, running shoes....the list went on. As I recently surveyed my current shoe collection, I realized my father's protests that you only need a few pairs of shoes isn't a philosophy accepted by the Army.

For starters, I keep on hand atleast three pairs of usable boots, one daily pair, one pair for ruckmarching, and one heavy winter pair. In addition, I keep around a pair of old leather boots I wore as a cadet, though I no longer spend weekends keeping them shiny.

In addition, I also have several pairs of running shoes. One pair I am  breaking in, one pair is perfectly broken in that I use when I know I'm doing a long run, and one pair is past it's prime, but ready for combatives, a combat swim test, or any other event I don't want to wear my "nice" running shoes for. I recently also acquired a pair of minimalist-type shoes that I use at the gym.

Then of course there are the dress shoes. I have a really old pair of all-leather low quarters, again from cadet days, that still aren't quite broken in all the way. I have my cadet Coroframs, still shiny but pretty well-broken in and probably wouldn't pass an inspection today. I also have two options for heels, a one-inch heel option with a lot of padding, and a much cuter two-inch heel option. Finding commercial heels that fit Army standards, i.e. under 3-inch heel, non-faddish, no pointy toe, etc, is actually a little harder than one would think. Yes, I know every clothing sales store offers the standard-issue Bates heels, but they are neither comfortable nor that attractive. I'll just keep my eyes peeled for normal shoes.

Finally, I consider shower shoes a part of my Army-required shoe collection. Of course I have pink flip flops that I always keep in my gym bag, but I also have a pair of crocs recovery flip flops that are amazingly comfortable.

So, there you have it. Perhaps the Army should use the size of its shoe collection to recruit more females.

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  • Runnergirl94
    3/8/2012 6:34 PM
    Hahaha! My brothers and Dad always tease me about how the Army won't let me keep a shoe collection.... I guess they're wrong :D

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