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Letting GO

March 03, 2011 | brenda kennedy

 As a mother the hardest thing in life is watching your son or daughter or husband or wife - wave as they leave .  Our hearts go with them as they take new adventures and endure caotic worlds of unrest and pain. My heart bleeds knowing my son may not make it home but is at peace knowing he loves his family and is willing to give up everthing to help others in need. TO you my son I wish peace at your final moments and hope and serenity as you call out for me , know I was there touching your face and holding your hand with love and honor and respect -  BE ALL YOU CAN BE -- you gave all and we honor you. I look forward to the day when you are home and safe and in our arms watching your son run into your arms with laughter and love . Go well our son we are with you .


life, peace

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