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Green to Gold Active Duty Option Cadet

October 07, 2010 | Second Lieutenant Andy Tennant

I came to the ROTC program from active duty with the Green to Gold Active Duty Option Program (ADO). This program allows enlisted members of the Army to have an opportunity to go back to school, complete their degree, and return to the Army as a Commissioned Officer. With the ADO, I continue to receive the pay and entitlements I had while serving with an active unit, and my duty station is at the school of my choice.
The selection process for this program involves creating a packet that is to be presented to a board at Cadet Command. The packet is long and in depth, but well worth the time. With the program being very selective (only 150 soldiers selected this past year), the quality of the packet is important.
I received my orders to be here at Marshall on 3 Aug 2010 with a report date at Ft. Jackson with duty at Marshall University on 10 Aug 2010. Needless to say, the last few months have been quite a trip for my family. If anyone has any questions about Green to Gold and specifically the ADO, feel free to get a hold of me.
CDT Tennant


  • PFC McKenzie
    10/9/2010 1:16 PM
    CDT Tennant,

    Recently I've became very interested in Green to Gold and I think ADO would be the option best for me. I just joined the Army this year, but I read on the Go Army website that you have to be in the Army for 2 years, I was just interested in how the process is to getting this started and how to go about it. Good luck to you and thank you :)
  • CDT Tennant
    10/9/2010 5:48 PM
    Yes, you do have to be in for two years. In order to get it started, you need to go the the green to gold webpage , go to the bottom of the page and create an account. The system will verify that you are eligible and then allow you to create an account. Once you've created an account log in and it will take you to a page that has a checklist for everything that you need to complete the packet. GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME. This packet takes months, money, and a lot of research to complete. It's always good to turn in all in on time to.

    Also, for your research benefit the best resource I found was a message board on Be sure to check this out. Without this board for communication with the other prospective ADOers I wouldn't have found out many of the things I needed to know. This includes how I found out results were out(the notification system was down on the Cadet Command website), a point of contact at HRC for tracking whether or not my orders were being cut, and tips for doing in processing at Ft. Jackson.

    Be sure to check it out. If I can help you at all, just let me know.


    Army Study Guide Forum

    Cadet Command Website
  • ricky nelson
    10/9/2010 10:43 PM
    just wondering why you said you needed money during your applcation process and do you know of anyone that submitted waivers.
  • CDT Tennant
    10/10/2010 8:40 AM
    In order to complete the packet you need to apply and be accepted to the school. The application fee for my college was $50. It's not a lot, but it's something you need to be aware of. Again, ensure you have time to apply to school and gather the required paperwork for the packet. It took my school a month to respond to my application.
    The deadline for submission is April, the board is in May, and the announcement for award comes out in June. I would suggest submitting well before April. During our board, it was rumored that over 500 packets had been submitted and 3/4 of those attending the board submitted theirs on the deadline. Thus giving Cadet Command little time to sort through the packets and forward necessary corrections to you. So get your stuff in early so they can make sure you packet is straight before you have to rush like I did.
    There were only 150 selected this year. Competition is tough.

    If you guys have anything more I can help with you, just let me know. If I can help anyone through the process it would be my pleasure.

  • PFC Andrew Hall
    10/12/2010 1:52 AM
    I really appreciate you taking the time to write this article and answer the questions here CDT Tennant. I'm currently putting my packet together for the ADO Green to Gold program, and have found your article and subsequent answers to questions very helpful. I just wanted to say thanks for taking your time to do this for us hopefully future cadets!

    PFC Hall
  • CDT Tennant
    10/12/2010 8:08 AM
    It's my pleasure.
      11/9/2012 7:58 AM
      Can u email me at
  • CDT Tennant
    10/18/2010 9:08 PM

    Sorry I didn't answer about the waivers. Like I said, most of my interaction with anyone was on the forums. Some guys mentioned that they put waivers in and they were accepted, but I'm not sure as to whethe or not they were accepted into the program.

    I have a belief (as well as other ADO Participants on the forum) that they didn't select anyone with waivers for the simple fact that there were enough candidates that didn't require any. Again, like much of the selection process, the actuality of this information is known only to the folks at Cadet Command and the members of the board.

    I hope this helped.
  • Keith
    10/20/2010 12:18 PM
    Hello, I have a college degree already. I was thinking about enlisting to get my feel as a NCO or enlisted soldier and to work on my running because I am horrible at running and figured where else to better work on it.

    I was told by my recruiter that I can apply for OCS/Green to Gold right after AIT. But I see here I would have to wait 2 yrs. Maybe different program?

    Does this make sense?
  • Andy Tennant
    10/20/2010 2:29 PM
    That depends. I'm not 100% sure, but I do believe you can pursue your Master's degree in the program instead of your bachelor's (which is what I'm pursuing). Green to Gold is mostly meant for this who have no college or need to finish their degree.

    As for enlisting first, I wouldn't suggest it. Here are my beliefs a to why, specifically for you.

    1) You have a degree. Don't enlist, go to AIT, then apply for OCS. The competition is too fierce. What recruiters don't tell you is that you need to gain Chain of Command approval before submitting your packet. This will not happen within the first year of being at your first duty station. When you show up somewhere they typically want to keep you.

    2)There is an enlistment incentive to go into OCS. Requirements for initial entry are a little more intensive than being a regular enlistee, but it's worth it. With this program you go to basic, and the directly to OCS. You would be considered a "CollegeOp," go through the 14 week OCS process, and then continue with your BOLC for your branch (decided AT OCS).

    3) I believe going to ROTC is still an option. I don't have any sources for this, but I know of current cadets who are taking Master's Level courses. I would contact your local ROTC Liason at your school regarding information on this. This option may not be possible, but it is worth the research.

    If you're reallly considering joining. Go with the OCS Enlistment incentive. Do your homework and get your commission with a guarantee in your enlistment contract. That is my suggestion after having gone through several processes. It's definitely the easiest route for you. is the best resource for OCS information. Create a username and research the forums. Everything that you are thinking about with regard to your career and options (including those who are going the CollegeOP route) is covered.

    As for your running, you don't need to be enlisted to get better at running. Do some sprints. 30-60's and 60-120's are great exercises for increasing your run time. With 30-60's, stretch out well, get on a track of some sort (as this is easiest), and do a warm up lap. After the warm up, walk for a bit and time yourself at a Sprint for 30 seconds. Immediately after the sprint, start your clock and walk for 60 seconds. Then Sprint for 30 seconds, then walk for 60 get the idea. You will do this Sprint/Walk cycle six(6) times. Do your cool down lap then stretch. 60-120's are the same except it is 60 seconds then 120 seconds. Your run time will increase quickly if you make this part of your routine. ( for the new FM on PT.

    As for "getting the feel as enlisted," I would say this is something to weigh considerably. I am incredibly grateful for the perspective being enlisted has given me and I believe whole heartedly that it will make me a better officer. However, making the transition from enlisted to officer is not very easy. If being an officer is your career goal, I would suggest going that route. I do encourage to research both career paths that are availlable. Each has its Pros and Cons, and the officer route fills my personal needs/desires moreso than the NCO route. This may be a different scenario for you.

    I've yammered on much to long. If you need anything more, I'll be happy to try and help. Also remember, most of the above is MY opinion. Don't take it doctrine.
    Good Luck,

    CDT Tennant

  • David Fisher
    11/1/2010 6:41 PM
    Cadet Tennant,
    I am currently an 11B E-5 at Fort Lewis, WA and trying to go back to Marshall in the Green to Gold program. This is what attracted me to your post. I was wondering what you're packet looked like as far as GPA and awards? Also, I am trying to figure out if I can turn in a ADO packet and a Scholarship packet at the same time. I have a wife and child and obviously would prefer the ADO; I am not sure if I would match up to the 150 soldiers trying to do the same. I cannot find whether or not I can submit both packets anywhere, so your help is much appreciated.
    SGT David Fisher
  • CDT Tennant
    11/1/2010 7:12 PM
    SGT Fisher,

    I'm also 11B from Fort Bragg. My GPA is a 3.44 with 98 hours transfered in. At the time I had 1 ARCOM and 1 AAM. If you want to go scholarship you can't go ADO. The Army will not do both, and that stipulation is actually part of the program requirements. You can, however earn scholarships from the school and/or 3rd party organizations. Also of note, you cannot draw Tuition Assistance while with the Green to Gold program, but you can draw from your GI Bill.

    I'll be honest with you, there's no way I could go back to school without the ADO. There's no other way to support a family.

    As for matching up with the other potential candidates I wouldn't worry about that. Don't try to figure it out based on what PT, GPA, etc. is. If you go to the message board I referenced in an early post on, you can see toward the end where guys with 6 ARCOMS didn't get selected. It's really a toss up. Just put together the best packet you can and call it a day. Turn it in early so you can make corrections ASAP and start the waiting game.

    I do believe you can apply for both. ask that question there, but I'm pretty sure that it's referenced in the message board again.

    Best of luck and let me know if I can be of further assistance
  • David Fisher
    11/1/2010 7:58 PM
    I understand I cannot draw both options. I just want to do the scholarship packet as a back up in case my ADO packet isn't good enough. I have a 3.0 College GPA, a 4.0 High School GPA, a 27 ACT score, 133 GT score. I have 1 arcom and 1 aam. My PT is great, no problems there. The rep here on Fort Lewis said that if I didn't have a bronze star or better or a college gpa of 3.75 or better to not even bother putting packet together. I guess you are living proof that what he said is not the case. Also, I am told that I can add years to my commitment after getting commissioned for duty station of choice, AOC of choice, etc. Do you know anything about this?
  • CDT Tennant
    11/1/2010 8:30 PM
    Throw your packet together. You've got a decent GPA and your GT is great. If you meet the requirements do the packet.

    You can add years to your commitment. I believe upon graduation you have to do 4 years and then you can ADSO (Active Duty Service Obligation) for what branch or duty station you want. Branch selection and duty station are determined by an OML based on your performance at LDAC(Summer between Junior/Senior Year), and I haven't been yet. BUT, you can do the ADSO to get what you want if you don't rate well on the OML. This is a link to the Accessions process. It's slightly different this year, but it's very similar.

    I hope that answers your question.
  • C. Watts
    11/9/2010 10:01 AM
    I was wondering if you had to have any college credits to apply for this option?
  • CDT Tennant
    11/9/2010 2:47 PM
    Yes. You have to be able to complete your degree in 21 months. I transferred in 98 hours. If you can prove to Cadet Command that you can complete your bachelor's degree in four semesters then you qualify.
  • Nathan Chapman
    11/13/2010 12:41 AM
    I'm 11B just 11 months into the army but would like to go green to gold im currently deployed to Afghanistan right now and was thinking about going a better way. What exactly are the requirements and how do i start putting a packet together ?
  • SPC Hall
    1/6/2011 12:55 AM
    I have been given letters of recommendation from a couple of very high up officers. Should I add those to the packet and if so where?
  • CDT Tennant
    1/6/2011 8:02 PM
    SPC Hall,

    I'm a fan of keeping it to what is asked for. I didn't have anything other than the two recommendations that were included with the appication. However, I do believe that some people did include additional recommendations with their packets. Like I've mentioned previously, search the forum on to see what the others have done. That forum is ridiculously big so try looking around April of 2010, plus or minus a few months. I hope this helps.
  • Krys
    5/23/2011 11:15 AM
    My husband just recently applied for ADO GTG... He has 320 PT, 3.4 gpa, 92 credits transfered, airborne, e-6 in 4 yrs, 1 deployment, high GT score, and honor grad from DLI, and Commadants list from AIT, and asst team leader at 10th group......what do you think the odds are ? and also..where is the best place to track results and notifications of selection
  • CDT Tennant
    5/23/2011 8:44 PM
    His stats are better than mine, but there is some super secret equation that Cadet Command uses. The best place to follow the results are by using the forum I mentioned and calling Cadet Command. I know this is crunch time and your stress is probably crazy high, but I can't give you more than that. Patience is a virtue during this time.

    Just a little heads up if he does get selected though, I received orders on 3 Aug and had a report date of 10 Aug. Mind you, 10 Aug was a Monday and a holiday. I cleared Bragg from living on post in three days. Talk about a headache.

    I'm sorry I can't be more help. Good luck, though.
  • SSG Atkinson
    5/26/2011 2:38 PM
    When did you find out you made it?
  • CDT Tennant
    5/26/2011 3:02 PM
    I found out on 11 Jun via a gentleman named MAJ Psaltis out of Campbell, Methodist, and Fayetteville Universities. He is a recruiting ops officer for Campbell University's ROTC program. Cadet Command did not inform me of my selection. Basically, he e-mailed me and the other Green to Gold Px on Bragg on his own. He was sent, by Cadet Command I'm assuming, the final selection information and he scheduled a briefing to inform us all we had been selected.

    This whole episode was a huge shock as I was awaiting word from Cadet Command and did not expect to be hearing from someone that I had no association with. If I were you, I would contact the school's ROTC Recruiting Officer and see if they are privy to any information that may be available. Be proactive in searching for results and ensure you check everyday.

    Best of luck to you, and let me know how everything works out. If there's anything else I can attempt to help you with let me know.

  • Jared Sellers
    6/1/2011 5:56 PM
    CDT Tennant,
    Does the selection board prefer Marshall?
  • CDT Tennant
    6/1/2011 8:24 PM
    Not that I'm aware of. I'm the only ADO in our program and there was only one other Green to Gold participant (he just commissioned). Marshall has a relatively small program, and I don't know that what program you apply for matters for the selection board.

  • Shaun
    6/8/2011 4:11 PM
    I just wanted to know what my chances would be im and e-6 combat eng audie murphy memeber, AA, AB, pathfinder, 3.4 Gpa, bronze star, but i havent had any like post level sports does that affect anything. Also when did you submit your packet and when did you find out. Oh yea if your security clearance is still in the works does that affect anything also?
  • CDT Tennant
    6/8/2011 4:35 PM

    First off, your stats are great, however there were guys with better stats than you that didn't make the cut. I'm not sure what you mean by post level sports, but I'm pretty sure that's not a key factor in the decision. I never did any sports outside of high school, and even then I wrestled only my freshmen year. Who knows though.

    I submitted my packet two days before the deadline (round about 29 March I believe), which turned out to be a BIG mistake. There were many corrections I had to make before my packet was finally OK'd for the board, which was a cause of much more stress than I wanted. As mentioned before, I found out on 11 Jun, so hopefully you'll find out soon.

    I'm not sure about the security clearance, I don't see why it won't matter though. There are guys that I'm in school (at my level) who finished the security clearance back in March. I would assume that if it's still being processed then you could get picked up pending your clearance. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    Just take a deep breath, say a prayer and be patient. Don't forget that there's always the Non-Scholarship option if you don't make ADO.

    Good luck.
  • Jermaine
    6/24/2011 1:31 AM
    Hey Sir,

    I just found out that I was selected to participate in the Green to Gold program this year. I am currently in Afghanistan and I was wondering how long does it take for your orders to come down. My unit won't let me leave until they do. Thank you.
    • CDT Tennant
      6/24/2011 12:07 PM

      First off, my congratulations to you. I can't tell you when or how quick your orders will arrive. Hopefully, Cadet Command places deployed pax on priority, but I don't know. I would suggest getting all of your ducks in a row now. If you're married, get your wife to start packing. Make sure that you do everything you can that doesn't require orders, ASAP. I know school starts in about 2 months, which gives you little to no time to PCS, but it can be done. We had to do a DITY move in order to get here on time.

      I do know that there were people in your situation on last year's board, so hold onto your hope. The worst part is over. You got picked up for the program. Everything will fall into place, just have a little more patience. I know it's hard.
      • jane
        9/20/2011 5:46 AM
        I have a question do you have to have to meet a college credits requirment before you ut your packet in?
        • CDT Tennant
          9/28/2011 5:13 PM
  • Lamont
    6/25/2011 8:32 AM
    I'm in the process of finishing up my Green to Gold Active Duty Package. My questions are:
    1. Will my Top Secret clearance play a big part upon selection?
    2. What exactly is AFS? I'm thinking it's dealing with FBI, CID, or other special agencies. Not quite sure, if they are talking about Active Duty military.
    3. I'm 33 now, will be 34 in Sept., is there a chance my age will disqualify me, even though the windows are open between Nov. 15 - Apr.1.
    4. How long did it take for you to get a respond, and if selected, should I start my GI Bill paperwork ASAP?
  • Lamont
    6/25/2011 8:38 AM
    5. When do you get to start school, in the spring or fall, or do they decide which is the quickest way for you to finish and get commission?
  • Jackson
    7/3/2011 9:59 PM
    im currently active duty and i am thinking about going the green to gold active duty option, now i noticed alot of you all are in combat mos. My question is if selected and i complete the green to gold program what are my chances my mos will be swithced to a combat mos i am currently a 42alpha.
  • Crystal
    7/18/2011 3:33 PM
    You said you had to do a DITY move because you didn't have enough time - Is this just like a regular PCS? Did you have to completely clear CIF as if you're ETS'ing? That's the part that's stressing me out the most. I just got the letter that I got selected and I know it's going to be a rush to the end. I'm stationed at Campbell and going to school in Illinois, so not that bad of a move, but still I don't like being rushed!
  • CANE
    7/20/2011 11:26 AM
    I am currently going to school online and I have 2 years left. If I try to go green to gold can I still go through my online college. Also i am dual military how will that effect my marriage.
  • CDT Tennant
    7/26/2011 3:30 PM
    First off, sorry for the delay in my responses, I've been at LDAC for the last month and haven't had access to a computer. So I'll respond in the order that i received inquiries.

    1. Unsure, but having TS may help. As I've previously stated, selection criteria from the applicants perspective is ambiguous.
    2. Active Federal Service, The time that you've been in the military since your BASD (Basic Active Service Date)
    3. You'll need to submit a waiver for your age. I have heard of individuals getting by with waivers, but I'm not 100% on that one. I would request a waiver ASAP so you know whether or not you should CM.
    4. I was persistent in my contact with Cadet Command. The communication lines and POC's are all over the place. Once I submitted my packet, Mr. Erick Hickson at Cadet Command contacted me with the requirements for my packet. He's was pretty quick to respond, but at crunch time (the end of April) he was busy handling everyone's packet and he didn't have a whole lot of time to deal with individual soldiers. I mostly tracked information via the forum on mentioned in an earlier post on here. From there I found a contact at HRC who was responsible for actually getting my orders cut. My unit was on a special status and I had to wait for my HRC contact to get a waiver signed by the deputy commander. That added to the time that it took me to get my orders. Let's just say it was a stressful time that afforded me little to no usable information. My unit was frustrated because they had received little information and they were going by my "he said she said" information. Just be patient. You'll get the information, good or bad, as it comes. If selected, start your GI Bill ASAP, yes. I'm not using mine since I qualify for grants. So ensure you look at all angles.
    5. I started in the fall since I applied in the spring. I know nothing about starting the school in the spring. Sorry I don't have any info on that.

    When you go ADO you are considered a Military Science Year 3 Cadet, AKA a junior in college preparing for LDAC (Leaders Development and Assessment Course). You will be given an opportunity to select a new branch, not an MOS. You are basically starting your military career over in the officer's world. You do not get a guarantee of branch choice, but you are given a chance to make a "wish list" of what you would like to branch. YOu put these in order and based on an OML for cadet command (google ROTC Accessions Process) you are branched. ROTC is a competition and how well you do will determine whether or not you get the branch you want or the duty station you want.

    So, in effect, you will most likely be in a different career field if you so choose. Also, in the top 3 branch choices, if you are a male, they must be Combat Arms (IN, FA, AV, etc.)

    I understand the rush. I did DITY to save time. This is just like a PCS. You exist on paper at Jackson and you have duty at your school. You will clear CIF, but keep the majority of your stuff. You'll turn in IOTV, etc., but you will keep the majority of your them to get specifics.

    Congratulations and good luck on your move. Have patience with Cadet Command, it operates differently then the rest of the Army. Especially have patience with your peers. Have fun.

    You have to check with your current school. You have to make sure that you can take ROTC courses and that you belong to an ROTC Battalion. I don't think you can do ROTC online. Given your situation, I would look to find a school near your post since your spouse will continue to work. But I'm not sure. You have a unique situation. Bottom line, I don't believe that ROTC can be done online, and your spouse is going to have to continue working. If selected, though, you will have a significant amount of time home. ROTC has been great for my family and marriage since we actually get to spend time together.

    I hope this all helps,

  • Paul
    8/28/2011 12:52 AM
    CDT Tennant, what are your thoughts on the 60 credit, "Junior status" minimum? By that I mean that over the past two semesters of night and weekend classes, I've maintained a 4.0 GPA but may fall short of "Junior status" despite barely attaining 60 credits by the end of the Fall, 2011 term. The degree I am seeking requires slightly more than 120 credits overall for graduation so I'm worried the school won't accept me as an academic Junior. That being said, I could easily take another 15 credits in the Spring and another 15 in the Summer. Is there a way to voice this "logic", if you will to the board? By that I mean that I'll be able to punch out credits after the application has been submitted.
  • SSG Yasin
    8/31/2011 3:23 AM
    I have a few quick questions, since you are still active duty do you still have to go to work at your unit and go to school or are you pretty much left alone while you finish school? Also, does the college have to be a university? Can it be a community or city college? Thank you.
  • CDT Tennant
    8/31/2011 3:55 PM
    My thoughts on the limit, well. It's the requirement. I had issues with my packet because I had too many hours and was almost disqualified for that. Don't ask me how that makes sense, but there was some talk about it. I was able to get into a general studies program, which allowed me to get in. When you submit your packet you have to be able to prove to Cadet Command, via the CC-104r form, that you can finish your degree in 21 months (two semesters). They will, however as it was explained to me, allow individuals to extend to 24 months on a case-by-case basis, but they will not let you go into the program expecting to need the 24 months. You need to have the 60 hours. Look into the non-scholarship option from the G2G liaison based at Fort Drum for guidance. I left their email in an earlier post, or you could google search.

    SSG Yasin,
    I had these same questions as well. Here's how it works. You are located on paper at Jackson but have duty at your school, i.e. school is your place of work. Jackson is supposed to handle all of your leave, passes, etc., however since you are pulling duty with the ROTC battalion, then this area becomes fuzzy. At my school (a university of about 13,000) our ROTC battalion has 50 cadets, and I'm the only person that does anything with Jackson. Occasionally my HR rep has to work with me through Cadet Command, but other than that no one at my school communicates with anyone at Jackson. To give you a run down, I do PT MWF from 0630-0730. Since all of my classes, besides the required ROTC ones, are online, I do school work AT HOME (I wish I could bold that last statement) on my own time after PT. Tuesday and Thursday are ROTC days with no PT. We have a class and training meeting on Tuesday and a class and lab on Thursday. The class and Lab take up about four hours, but I like to devote those two days entirely to doing ROTC stuff. I'm playing BC this semester so I'm pretty busy. So my schedule is awesome, my wife and kids are happy, and I don't spend too much time away from home. OK, all of that to say that School is your mission. When I'm not in school, like for breaks, etc., then I'm not at school. It's that simple. I don't have to use leave/passes, etc. However, I have heard that some schools do require that people use leave. I don't think this is too common though.

    NEXT, you can go to any school that has an ROTC program or any school that coordinates with a sister school's ROTC program. Check out the goarmy site for a listing of those schools, or just search your potential school's webpage for an ROTC program. As for the community/city college, I'm not sure. Some of those schools may coordinate with colleges and universities, however I don't know.

    I hope this answers your questions.

  • Paul
    9/3/2011 5:40 PM
    Thank you very much for your timely response. I wasn't very clear in my question. What it basically boils down to is this: I currently have 50 credits. I was originally told that I needed a minimum 60 to apply. I am taking 13 credits this Fall to push me over the mark to 63 credits. However, I looked at a pie chart on my student portal that detailed credits "unfulfilled" and it stated that I had "97 credits unfulfilled". Apparently my major requires slightly more than the standard 120 credits to graduate. If I attain the 60 credits, but can't get a letter from the school ensuring "Junior status", what are my options? Is there a way to include something in the packet that outlines a plan to graduate (that will actually be looked at by the board, that is)? If I submit my packet on 15 Feb. of next year, I could easily take an additional 20-30 credits during the Spring and Summer semesters. I have no doubt that I won't even need the "if need be" 24 month waiver. How should I explain myself and my thoughts on this matter in the application? If you're not sure, if there is anyone particularly savvy on this type of ADO G2G matter, it'd be great to get in contact with them as well....Thanks so much CDT Tennant!
  • CDT Tennant
    9/3/2011 5:54 PM

    If I were you, I would change my degree plan. Look up the CC-104r form and you'll see that it actually allows a place to outline your plan of study, HOWEVER since your degree requires "97 unfulfilled" hours then your're going to have a heck of a time convincing the board that you can get it done in the time allotted. I actually ran into a similar problem as the degree I wanted to pursue required about 80 hours. The ADO rep at Cadet Command wouldn't even submit it to the board even though I could take summer courses. They want you to be able to complete your degree in four regular semesters. SO, I had to change my degree to a general studies, which has actually worked out for the better. Since joining, I've completed my undergrad (which was supposed to take the whole two years), started on my graduate work (started during the summer), and I should finish my graduate degree before I commission. My original plan has changed significantly. Once you're in the program you can do whatever you need to do, but for the packet you need to be set up to their plan.

    If you're worried about the degree, just remember that you only need a degree to commission. It doeisn't matter what its in. Don't forget about your AARTS transcript ( which will give you some more hours.

    Good luck, I hope I cleared it up for you, if not hit me up again.
    • SPC SPC
      3/20/2012 10:56 AM
      CDT Tennant,

      Did anyone at any point check to see if what classes you were taking matched what was on your CC Form 104-R? I may end up having to finish a degree faster than my plan says but don't know if I can do what you did during the second year?
    9/4/2011 5:44 AM
    hello cdt,

    I'm currently a spc deployed in afghanistan and Ive already made an account and began the packet process its just i dont know where to begin
  • Torres
    9/4/2011 5:51 AM
    o and when u submit awards to cadet command can u submit ones u are put in for put havent recieved yet
  • PFC Chupp
    9/16/2011 2:18 AM
    Wrong there is no time limit depending on which scholarship of green to gold you take, I am currently in the process of finishing my packet. I am using the GI bill to pay for it and ill be attending for 2 years to get my degree and I dont have to sign any years back I make my own contract. just research it more and ask questions to your leaders they will lead you better than guys who think one way is the only way
    9/17/2011 8:00 AM
    I am interested in the green to gold ADO program, but have had no luck finding the checklist. Can anybody assist me in this? Thanks.
  • CDT Tennant
    9/19/2011 10:47 AM

    Go step by step. Only submit awards that are on your ERB.

    PFC Chupp,
    First off, this entire blog/posting is specifically for the ADO. Cadet Command Regulation 145-6 (CCR 145-6) states generally in paragraph 6-1 "The Green to Gold ADO program is available to eligible active duty Soldiers who have earned sufficient academic credit that applies toward their degree to be accepted by their college and be academically aligned to complete their degree requirements within 21 months."

    Furthermore in paragraph 6-2b (10) which outlines eligibility data, the soldier must "Have two academic years remaining (four semesters/six quarters) as a full time student as indicated on CC Form 104-R..."

    For future reference know what it is you on commenting on and remain respectful. You also need to do your research.

    SGT Llana,
    That link will take you to the ADO page. Click the link at the bottom "Take the next step: Create an Account." After creating an account, the system should take you to the checklist. That is what happened two years ago, the system may have changed.

    P.S. I had to go through my HR rep at my school to get a copy of CCR 145-6 (exhaustive internet searches proved fruitless) which is the governing document for the Green to Gold program. I would suggest contacting Cadet Command if you wish to see a copy.

    Kind Regards Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • PFC Adams
    10/25/2011 2:31 PM
    CDT Tennant,
    I am 22 years of age and just graduated basic and AIT, I am in the Army Reserves. I am two years away from receiving my bachelors but I can still volunteer for ROTC. Would you recommend me to go ahead and do ROTC or just work on finishing up my degree and work on my packet at the beginning of my senior year for OCS, or start on it now and build on it? My recruiters have been wanting me to join ROTC for a referral but there are things they have lied to me about and haven't told me that I have done research on. I am a full time student and I have a full time job so I am not sure if I could even consider ROTC right now. I have been trying to find someone that knows quite a bit about this situation and reading through your answers you're very knowledgeable about this subject. In your opinion, would it be better for me to do ROTC or drop an OCS packet at the end of senior year? I look forward to hearing from you and further go into depth about it!
    • CDT Tennant
      10/25/2011 8:07 PM
      PFC Adams,

      I happen to have experience with both avenues, and since you are A)In the reserves and B)Already a full time student, I'm going to suggest that you go the ROTC route. Here's why. OCS is not a for sure shot. You can spend months compiling your packet for OCS just so that it goes before a selection board and you may not be selected. That's way too much of a hassle. However, ROTC is (I'm assuming) on your campus. All you would need to do is go talk to their cadre and they can help set you up on your road to commissioning. If you haven't stopped in and talked to them, I recommend doing so. We have several cadets in our program that our considered part of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). This program allows them to be part of ROTC but also still a member of their unit. Furthermore, they are able to use our FTX's to count toward their drill.

      I understand you have a full time job, and that is a legitimate consideration, but know that your cadre will most likely be willing to work with you. Again, go in and talk to them. The only issues I see with having a job are the requirements for FTX's and LDAC (Leaders Development and Assessment Course), which is a month long course that is between your junior and senior year. I would say that the ROTC option will get you to where you want to go. This is only my opinion, I hope I've helped. If I can offer any more advice, let me know.

      CDT Tennant
      • PFC Adams
        10/25/2011 8:32 PM
        Yes, that certainly helped. I am still weighing my options on what I should do. The current university I am at right now does not offer ROTC but the university I just got accepted to does because I was going to transfer just to do ROTC and finish up my bachelors. ROTC is offered at that university but all of the classes they offer for rotc are at held within another university 45 minutes away. I drive to my current school which is already an hour away, so another 45 minutes would be hard considering my schedule, fortunately, I am dead set on becoming an officer. Unfortunately the university i was transferring to only takes 20 of my 64 credits I earned at my previous school. So I thought my chances were better just to finish up and then send in an OCS packet. The more I think about it the more I feel like it will be worth it in the end driving those miles, but then again just stay at my current university and carry out my bachelors there and take a chance on a packet. I'm just stuck in a pinch right now lol. I appreciate you replying back to my question though.
        • CDT Tennant
          10/25/2011 8:34 PM
          I do what I can. Best of Luck to you.

          CDT Tennant
  • Kelly
    11/17/2011 4:51 PM
    I am an enlisted soldier and am currently engaged to another enlisted soldier. What are our options for a marriage deadline if I go green to gold for ADO? Would we have to get married before I attend school or could we get married while I'm in school as long as its's before I attend OCS?
  • Nataucha
    1/10/2012 4:08 PM
    I have been in the army AD for 4 years and would like to go Green to Gold Active Dutie but my unit can't seem to get me where I need to be to talk to who I need to t alk to can yo help me? I have around 65 college units.
  • CDT Tennant
    1/11/2012 10:33 AM

    Your unit can't do anything for you. Go to the website that I've posted on here before and start, complete, and submit your packet from there. You need to get started ASAP so that you can beat the 1April deadline. It's all on you. Your unit needs to endorse you via signatures on paperwork, but you should complete your entire packet before attempting to receive those signatures. My suggestion, go to the website, follow their checklist, collect the information needed, and then assemble a physical packet in a folder with the checklist on the cover, then submit to your CO/BC for their signatures. You need to be very proactive.

    If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know. Good luck.

    CDT Tennant
    1/11/2012 11:58 AM
    Hello again everybody,

    It seems I pushed myself along the way to get stuff done all the way from here in Afghanistan. It all seemed to be moving smoothly considering the limited resources, assistance, and offices from here, and the time difference as well. But, I have fallen into a little ditch which has again killed my motivation and only seems to be discouraging me.

    I applied to UTSA and they excepted my credits which had me as a Jr in good academic standing with a 2.8 GPA(I had a loss in the family and failed one class, which I later re-took) Now, there Education and Health Dept advisor is telling me that out of all my credits(60) only 21 apply to my degree in Kinesiology. I don't know what to do. I hold my AA in Health Administration.

    I thought I was heading the right way by choosing a degree in the Health field, but that obviously didn't work. Does anybody have any advice to give as far as what degree I should seek which would transfer all of my credit hours?

    Thanks for everything guys, good luck to all.


  • CDT Tennant
    1/11/2012 12:04 PM
    Go for a general studies degree. I too was having a hard time choosing the "right" degree for my credits. To become an officer, you need to have A degree. I've spoken to quite a few officers that hold general studies degrees and they are doing well, plus pursuing a general studies degree gives you the freedom to take courses you want.

    The degree you receive only matters in that it is a degree. People branch all branches with all degrees. Individuals with engineering degrees don't always branch engineering (though they have a preference) and accountants don't have to branch finance. The only degree that will put you in a branch is nursing.

    Get the general studies.

    CDT Tennant
    1/11/2012 12:07 PM
    ooops, I just re-read my comment above and I feel dumb! Sorry for all the typo's.

    It kinda sucks trying to do a million things at once while having someone badgering you about your time being up on a MWR computer, oh joy! NOT. Hopefully, this change will be for the best and I will get accepted-once I find a degree plan which fits all the courses I have taken with the previous university.

    Thanks again in advance for all your help.

    1/11/2012 12:21 PM
    Awesome, I had no idea you were able to get a Bachelor's general studies degree as well. I thought GS degrees were only for Associate's Degrees. I will call my University now in hopes of getting some answers. Thanks again CDT Tennant.

    One more thing, what were your odds of getting chosen? Was it really that hard? I qualified with a 39/40 and just took at pt test where I scored a 285, the highest score in my plt, considering I am a female...I also just made NCO of the month and picked up my "p" status. I am 24 yrs old and have two children. I am deployed for the third time in my 6 yr military career, first time to Afghanistan though. My husband and I are both Active Duty Soldiers. Do I have a chance? Oh, and my GT score is 113.

  • Karrie
    1/24/2012 1:21 PM
    Hello, I am currently active duty and wishing to get into the ROTC program. There are a couple questions I have for you. I would be taking college at a sister school with the ROTC program. I am wondering if it would be a little more difficult having to commute every day to ROTC. I also am a little behind and have about 53 credits, however I am still taking classes is that something that will slow my process of getting into ROTC? When I am in the ROTC program, are there a certain number of classes I would have to take per semester? Also, upon graduating with my degree what are the next steps in my military career?
    • CDT Tennant
      2/1/2012 3:34 PM

      The commute is a commute. Schools are usually pretty good at working with commuters (so I'm told) so I wouldn't stress too much. Their requirements for you may be a little different than if you were actually attending a school with the program.

      You need 60 credits to qualify for the program. You will not be accepted if you don't have the 60 credits.

      Once you're in the program, you have to be a full time student. I believe that 's typically 12 semester hours.

      Once you graduate, you'll commission, cover down as a gold bar recruiter (2nd lieutenant that helps recruit people into the program) until its time to PCS, and then you'll start your new career as an officer. It's pretty straightforward. You are guaranteed Active Duty, and you get priority for orders for your BOLC date.

      If there's anything else, let me know.
  • SPC Carlin
    2/8/2012 3:38 PM
    what are the steps i need to take to become a officer. I dont know where to start and what to do
    • CDT Tennant
      2/8/2012 3:43 PM
      Your question is too broad to answer. Utilize your resources (e.g. Google, your chain of command, etc.) and research. There is enough information in the posts above to get you started. Other than that, be self-motivated and proactive.

      Good luck.
  • Pfc Wilson
    2/14/2012 10:41 AM
    I was wondering are you authorized to bring your family with you im currently in Afghanistan and im weighin out my options but dont want to be away from my family more than i have to?
    • PFC Wilson
      2/14/2012 10:45 AM
      Also i have no credit hours only graduated from high school been in the army 2 years im considering green to gold have a purple heart if that will help any but i want to be an officer how do i start from square one do i talk to retention or what is needed to start the packet
  • CDT Tennant
    2/14/2012 12:42 PM
    Alright, so first off, you don't qualify for ADO since you don't have any credits, however there are other options. Go to the goarmy website and find green to gold. Explore your options there. My experience is solely with the Active Duty Option. If you did have the 60 required credits, then you conduct a PCS move.

    Best of luck

    CDT Tennant
  • SGT Gaskins, Gabriel
    2/17/2012 1:29 AM
    Hey Tennant,

    I am putting my packet together, talked to my commander and everything. Everything is coming together. But I cannot get some of the easiest stuff done. Like the freaking application on the website. You know the stuff that goes down the checklist of things you must do? Well, I am trying to type everything up to make it professional. For some reason, I cannot put on there that I am stationed in Korea, you know putting APO, AP for my city and state. I talked to a someone that about it from the army rotc program and they are like just write it in. But I obviously cannot do it that way. Is there a way I can get the CC form 174-R as a pdf and type anything I want on it? I am trying to get a pdf format for CC fomr 104 too. Ive googled for days and I still cannot find it. And I am talking about the most recent form. The jun 09 cc form 174-r. And the cc form 104 will not let me change the authorized semester hours on it. Can you help me out?
  • Kyle
    2/17/2012 4:55 PM
    CDT Tennant

    Hello, I'm SPC Liebenow and I have a couple questions for you. I'm currently active duty now and getting close to my reenlistment window. My ultimate plan in life is to get my commission, which is what i tried to do before I joined the Army. Long story short, I want to try Green to Gold ADO and I'm wondering if my past ROTC experience will hurt my chances of getting accepted.


  • SPC Butler, James
    2/18/2012 7:10 AM
    I'm currently a 92Y at ft.Lewis and I'm currently deployed. I have been in the army for five years, and im looking to go back to college. I have a question about the Army Green to Gold Active duty program. I have a P2(Run at own pace and Distance) profile, and I was wondering if that is acceptable, or if waiveable or not. Any information will be apprecited.
    Thank You
  • Adam Jones
    2/21/2012 12:37 AM
    CDT Tennant,
    I am looking to enlist into the Army and would be looking into the green to gold program. I am currently 32 years old and was wondering if I would be able to go into the program at my age. I have 61 college credits with over 1300 continuing education credits through my local community colleges. I guess my question would be is there any waivers for the age restrictions for the green to gold program, or am I just blowing smoke. My recruiter does not know the ins and outs of the program so he is no help to me on this issue.

    Thank you for your time and also your service to this country and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • CDT Tennant
    2/22/2012 10:56 AM
    Sorry I've been so long in answering questions. I'm nearing commissioning now, with several FTX's being planned, finishing a master's, and taking care of a family, this blog has fallen to the backburner....ok, here goes.

    I had issues with the 174-R as well. What I did was take the PDF that you can download from the checklist and I filled out all of the information that I could. I then copied the entire PDF file and copied it into Microsoft OneNote and filled in the rest via text boxes. I actually used OneNote in helping to organize my digital files. It was pretty effective until I actually had to print the hard copies out (where I had issues with scaling), but then after everything was signed I just faxed it up.
    As for the 104-r, I had the school I applied for helping me out. Contact the cadre and see if they can assist you. Also know that once you submit the packet, if there's anything wrong with it (there most likely will be) the person receiving packets will let you know. They go through all of the packets before they get boarded. If you submit your packet WELL before the due date, you'll have a little better luck getting your errors fixed since the staff will most likely not have so many packets. I hope this helped.

    If anything, your past ROTC experience could help, unless of course you were a turd. In terms of the selection board caring about that, I'm not sure. As previously mentioned, I think the big thing they look at is the statement in the application and the SAL (Student, Athlete, Scholar), but no one really knows what they're looking for. Best of luck.

    I'm not 100% about the P2 issue. Check AR 601-100. I would assume there is guidance in there. I would venture to say that chances are is that it will slow you down, and it most likely won't be waived. At least in Cadet Command, waivers are not being accepted for anything. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Research the commissioning requirements. Best of luck.

    To answer your question, age is waiverable, but at this time a waiver is unlikely. You meet the requirements for the program, and if you were to enlist today you may still meet the age requirements by the time you would be eligible for the program (2 years Time in Service). However you should be aware that enlisting under the assumption that you will be selected for special training initiatives may fill you with false hope...Here's why. G2G, especially the ADO, is a highly competitive program. The year I was selected, I've heard that 500 applied and only 150 were selected. I've also heard some say that 1500 applied (I don't have solid sources, but what is important to take from this is that it is incredibly competitive). In order to qualify for the program, you need a favorable recommendation from your chain of command, Company Commander all the way up to Battalion Commander. Most units will not give you the blessing until after you've done your time and have proven to them that you are worth giving the special attention to. That being said, it is still possible to get it done. ALSO, you need to take into account the preparation that it takes to create the packet. The packet takes most people at least 6 months to complete (It took me three and I had half of it done before I started), and you have to do it on your own time. This means that during duty hours, when you are supposed to be doing your enlisted job, you don't get special time to put your packet together. Essentially you have to create hoops and jump through them to get things done, and as a lower enlisted member you typically don't have that freedom.

    If you want to pursue a commission and still serve, look into ROTC. I don't know the specifics of getting into the program, contact your local program for information. If that doesn't work out, you could complete your degree (check and see how those Continuing Ed hours could translate into credit hours and get a general studies, perhaps) and enlist with the OCS college-op option. Or you could enlist and apply for OCS, but you A) need a degree, and B) it's another board select, similar to G2G.

    I'm sorry I'm not able to provide more positive information. Know that your goal is possible and that you can do it, it's just going to require work. Good luck, and God Bless.

    CDT Tennant
  • Military spouse
    3/1/2012 3:17 PM
    I was wondering where to send the packet to once it is completed??!! I know it is a month away and my husband is almost done with his packet and now needs to know where to send it to!
    • CDT Tennant
      3/1/2012 10:11 PM
      The site that has the checklist on it gives you the e-mail and snail male address that you need to send the packet to. Electronic is preferred. He needs to submit it well before the April 1st. Best of luck.

      CDT Tennant
      • spc benzz
        9/25/2012 4:51 AM
        I am 35 (dob: feb 1977) years old, and my ETS date is Sep 05, 2014, I am trying to put my packet for g2g active duty option (no scholarship)
        My concern are:
        I will be 38 by the time I graduate, Can still get age waiver?
        My ETS is Sep 05. 2014 I don't want to re-enlist as an enlisted, so how much time should be left before I ETS to be eligible for G2G (ADO)
  • Military spouse
    3/2/2012 9:19 AM
    Thanks so much! We r really hoping he does get accepted! It has been a very long process going to school and working full time in the army! And as a spouse its not easy either. I did tell him u suggested to send it in weeks before but he has an appt. March 20th to make sure everything is correct with his ERB?! Everything else is done he said, so once they verify everything on the 20th he will send it in! I hope that will be early enough??! He is just racing to get things done and has been working on this packet for months now. He just completed his associates this week.:)
    3/18/2012 12:29 PM
    MY PACKET WAS SUBMITTED 4 MARCH 2012!!!! So far, it hasn't been kicked back for corrections...I'm so excited. Now, I pray, sit and wait:) good luck to all!!!!!


  • Vanessa Clark
    3/22/2012 5:11 AM
    I just submitted my packet on the Green to Gold website. There isn't a submit button. Do I also need to send a e-mail with attachments too? The checklist seems to be a little different then the Checklist. On the uploads is says Awards. I need to upload my Awards or Evalutions. Which one when there is a spot for NCOERs?

    I really hope I have a chance. I have a CGPA 3.43 and APFT Score of 283.

    Packets are due April 1, when should I find out if I got selected?

    SSG Clark
  • CDT Tennant
    3/22/2012 10:33 AM
    Mil Spouse,
    Send him my congrats on completing the Associates. I encourage him, no matter the outcome to continue pursuing his education. I know its tough. This is a crazy time...Good luck!

    Congrats and good luck to you!

    SSG Clark,
    The website may have changed from two years ago. When I submitted, I believe there was an upload dialog. I did not email it in. I wouldn't send an email with the attachments, however I would email them to ensure they received the packet. Make sure you go by the checklist they have labeled as "the Checklist." Back that up with the reg to ensure you have everything. If an item doesn't apply, don't worry about it. As for uploading NCOERs, I believe there was a spot for additional supporting documentation. Put those there. Be patient, there are probably several hundred applying and I believe that only two people process these packets (don't quote me on this).

    Your stats look pretty solid, but as I've said before in this post, their selection criteria is a mystery. I've heard of everyone from E-3 to E7 being selected for the program, with better and worse stats than you.

    SO...Here's the board process. All packets must be submitted NLT 1 April. From that time until the first couple of weeks of May, they are being processed and corrected. You may or may not receive emails about correcting your packet. I had to add things that weren't on the initial checklist and amend several things and add some Memorandums from my CO. So, after the board takes place, you'll probably come across a lot of chatter from people who call and call relentlessly to Accessions Command about the date of names being released. Call the school you plan to attend around this time and see if they're tracking any names. I was at Bragg when I was selected and the Recruiting Officer at one of the local colleges emailed those of us located on Bragg and held an initial briefing for us. He did this on his own and had it not been for him, I would not have known I was selected. Be proactive in your search for board results. I found out June 11th. Best of Luck!

    For everyone that reads this, best of Luck and may God's will be done. Know that the fact that you've made it this far shows that you are dedicated to bettering yourself. I know the road is long, tiring, and very stressful. Be patient, pray diligently, and continue to be a good Soldier. Regardless of the outcome of the board this year, I encourage all of you to continue working hard at obtaining your commission. If you don't get selected for the ADO, there is the non-scholarship option which allows you to break service so you can go back to school. Also, there is the option to finish your degree and go to OCS. Whatever it is, don't give up! Clearly, your ambitions are set high if you're reading this post, and you MUST pursue your ambitions. Don't let anything stop you. Lean on God, and everything will be just fine. Even if you don't selected this year, there will be another opportunity. I know it hurts to think of that possibility, but perhaps your skills are still needed where you are. For the time being keep hope, believe in your experience, trust that your packet is complete and everything will be fine. Matthew 17:20 says faith like the grain of a mustard seed can move mountains. How much faith will it take for you to get your commission? Believe.

    God Bless.

  • James Climes
    3/22/2012 8:59 PM
    Good day CDT Tennant my name is JC. I recently applied to the GTG ADO and am pending the board conveining on 1 April 2012. I just want to know from you where you think I stand. Here are my qualifications:

    thank you for your time in taking to read this. I know that you are nearing commissioning and I want to say congrats. You are the one of many I strive to reach for so that I can become a future leader as a commissioned officer.

    9 yrs Active Duty service
    3.78 GPA
    84 Semester Hours
    112 GT score
    Pending upgrade of Security clearence
    I have acceptence letters from both the school and the ROTC battalion
    All forms completed.
    All reccomendations from commander to battalion Commanders completed

    Just asking for your input of where I stand with just a few pieces of information that I have dealing with my packet Have a Blessed Day!!!!

    • Andy Tennant
      3/22/2012 9:41 PM
      First, Congrats on submitting your packet! That's a milestone in and of itself. As for feedback: Your TIS, may be good, may be bad. I've heard from the rumor mill that the board typically prefers less years in service, then again I've heard of E-7's getting picked up; excellent GPA; so long as it will take you 21 months exactly (as spelled out in your 104r) to complete your degree, you should be fine; you GT score isn't excellent, but I have a hard time believing that it is a major focus; I'm not sure if your pending security clearance will hinder you or not. So long as your packet is complete and you fulfill all the information they request you have a good chance. As I've mentioned before, no one has any idea what the board is focused on. I know SAL (Scholar, Athlete, Leader) is/was kind of a big deal, and I heard rumors that the statement of why you want to be an officer is regarded heavily. But, who knows. If your PT is good, then I would say you have solid standard stats, but I'm not gonna say that will make you a sure shot.

      When I did my packet, I looked at it like the one required for WOCS. Attention to detail and don't skip a beat. I looked over all of my forms dozens of times to ensure clarity, had my wife go over, then had my XO go over them, and then I went over them again before I submitted them. Even then, they still told me I was missing stuff.

      I gave you the feedback you requested, but I wouldn't find solace in my words. Just take a breath, say a prayer, and trust that you are what they are looking for. I will say that the next few months will be stressful. Just Charlie Mike and keep doin' what you're doin'.

      God Bless,

      • JR Ovens
        3/31/2012 11:53 AM
        I just uploaded all of my documents a few days ago, and don't see to have the warm and fuzzy that I like. It seems like on the website thier should be some kind of submit button or somthing. I called cadet command and spoke with a Miss Pringle and she informed me that as long as everything was uploaded that I was fine. Did you submit your packet electronically or by mail? and if electronically did you feel the same as me as far as the website is concerned. Also in previous replies you spoke of them contacting you to fix things in your packet, how long was it before you got some notice letting you know that Cadet command did recieve your packet and that thier were issues that needed to be fixed.
  • Terry Edwards
    3/26/2012 3:04 PM
    I have a question concerning the Green to Gold Active Duty Option. I am a SPC, single, and I live in the barracks on Ft Carson. If I get selected for the Active Duty Option, would Ft Carson have a barracks room for me or would I be able to live off post with BAH?
    • CDT Tennant
      3/26/2012 3:07 PM
      It's a PCS move. You are authorized to move as far as your home of record is to go to school anywhere that has an ROTC program. You will not be assigned to anywhere at Carson. You will be assigned to Ft. Jackson with duty wherever your school is. So you'd get BAH.
      • Terry Edwards
        3/26/2012 3:08 PM
        Thx CDT Tennant
  • SPC Na
    3/27/2012 1:35 PM
    OMG!! CDT Tennant! this web page helped me a lot, even more informations, with specific cases!! I really appreciate!! :D
    This really makes me less nervous!! :)
  • SPC Wills
    3/27/2012 10:10 PM
    I've got a general question, though it looks like it's already been answered so I'm asking for the sake of confirmation.

    I'm deploying in the near future and when I get back I intend to submit my packet for Active Duty Green to Gold. Now there's a few concerns I have.

    1) Is the 4 year Hip Pocket Green to Gold scholarship the same as Active Duty Green to Gold? I have no real college credits at the moment, so to get my 4-year degree I'll have to go to school for a full 4 years.

    2) If so, will I be getting paid at my rank throughout the course of the whole four years?

    3) Since technically I'd be assigned to Ft Jackson I know I'd be getting BAH (assuming I'm getting paid as Active Duty), but will the BAH be at Ft Jackson's rate or for the area I'm going to school at?

    4) Since I'd technically be assigned to Ft Jackson does this mean I'd have to go through the PCS process and in-process at Ft Jackson facilities such as Finance, Housing, Legal, Medical, etc?

    5) Is the maximum age for completion of the course 29 or is the maximum age for JOINING the Hip Pocket Green to Gold 29 years old?

    6) Will my MOS as a commissioned officer be relative to my degree, prior enlisted MOS (35 series) or whatever the Army feels like sticking me in?

    Thanks for the help.
  • Andy Tennant
    3/28/2012 9:38 AM
    SPC Willis,

    First, thanks for being so organized with your questions.
    1) Green to Gold is broken down into several different programs. GTG Active Duty Option (ADO) is NOT the Hip pocket scholarship, they are two different programs within the Green to Gold Program. In order to do ADO you must have at least 60 hours completed. I believe Hip Pocket scholarship is still an option though, check on the goarmy site for clarification.
    2)Only those that get picked up for ADO receive full pay and benefits at the rank they were when selected for the program until they commission. Everyone else is separated from service. In all programs you are eligible for GI Bill benefits, but you are not authorized Tuition Assistance for ADO.
    3)BAH is based on duty location. For instance, I'm on paper at Fort Jackson, but I have duty in Huntington, WV. Since I have duty in Huntington, I receive BAH based on that zip code.
    4) Yes, sorta. You PCS, but not physically. You are assigned to the United States Army Student Detachment (Google it) and inprocessing is simply filling out a packet. It's very simple (much simpler than the G2G packet) and only takes a few hours. All of your administrative stuff is handled through them (leave, passes, annual training, finance, promotions, etc.). Your medical, however is a little different. Unless you're near a military facility, you'll have to enroll in Tricare Prime Remote. It's a bit of a hassle, but you still qualify for 100% benefits. It's just like living on post, but you have to do a little leg work prior to receiving care for the first time.
    5) I'm not sure on the age restrictions.
    6)Your officer MOS does not depend on your enlisted MOS or Degree. In the officer world, you select a branch and serve within that branch in any position that needs to be filled. For company grade officers, you will see PL time and CO time. Branch selection goes like this: Your name is entered into an Order of Merit List that is based off of GPA, performance at Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), PT, and community and school activities. Before the OML is posted, Cadets make a "dream sheet" which rates the branches they would like to be a part of in order from most desired to least desired. Depending on how you rank on the OML determines whether or not you get your first pick. Those that do well (High PT, GPA, and performance) get what they want. The top 10% of the OML (this past year there were about 6000 cadets accessed) are guaranteed their first branch pick. Everyone else has a chance, but they aren't guaranteed. Google "Accessions Process Army ROTC" and check out the first result. It is a very in depth descriptions of how branching works.
  • PFC Robertson
    4/6/2012 6:12 AM
    I have been in for 2 years, and I am interested in the Green to Gold Program, I have no college yet but i know its what I am aiming for, is it still possible for me to submit a packet with no college yet?
  • SPC Volanti
    4/6/2012 9:48 AM
    Dear CDT Tennant
    I have read through your postings here, and you offer some great advice. I am currently deployed in the Middle East and submitted by packet through the green to gold portal, and out of caution also sent in my packet via registered mail (I just did not trust the website). I saw I am medically qualified. I still have not heard word about the submission, how long did it take them to get you an email requiring your corrections?
    I am worried my GPA won’t be high enough. I graduated the University of Florida with a 3.13 with a degree in Finance. 80% of my course load was Math, Science, and Economic courses. I have taken a few graduate level classes and maintained a 3.83 (grad school GPA and undergraduate don’t get added together). I received a 1360 on the SAT (old SAT) ranking in the top 95% of those who took the exam. I have been a squad leader for over a year. 290 PT score. 113GT. 31 months TIS. I have been accepted to a Master Degree Program as well as their ROTC programs (obviously). I am the BN CBRN-as a SPC-E6 slot-in charge of 14 soldiers and their CBRN programs. Unfortunately my unit does not give awards out at all. I have only received a MOVSM-What are your opinions on my chances of getting accepted?
  • Andy Tennant
    4/7/2012 1:36 PM
    PFC Robertson,
    You can to GTG, but you can't do the Active Duty Option. There are other options, go to the Go Army Website and search for Green to Gold.

    SPC Volanti,

    Good call on submitting both on digits and hard copy. I didn't hear from them till almost the end of April regarding corrections. Call into the submission office and verify that they've received your packet...that's what I did at least. I don't remember the contact info, but they are handled at Cadet Command.

    As for your stats, you look pretty solid. As I've told others, I'm not sure what criteria they're looking for and how they compare everything, but I'm sure just like everything else, PT is on top of the list. The fact that you're in a leadership position as an E-4 is beneficial. I would say, you've got a pretty good shot. My GPA was a little higher, but I had no leadership experience in the Army. I had a lot of pre-Army leadership training and I think that helped my packet. Other than that, I would say you have a fair chance of getting it. I wouldn't rely on my word though. As I've told others, pray, and if it's right, It'll happen. Be diligent.

    CDT Tennant
  • SPC Alvarado
    5/2/2012 8:35 AM
    SPC Alvarado
    I recently put an ocs packet together but had to stop because it was too late, also the their is no age waivers right now. I have a bachelors and am pursuing a masters and wanted to complete through geen to gold. I their a good chance to to be picked up for master degree option. My pt is great, i have a 2.89 gpa on my bachelors and meet the requirements with no waivers.
  • SPC Lang
    5/6/2012 4:06 PM
    I want to go GTG but i want to know if there is a program for dental assistants? My commander gave me info for the AECP which i was considering but i prefer to go to the dental profession. Do you know where i can get the information for that if any?
  • 2LT Nunez
    5/16/2012 12:21 AM
    SPC Alvarado, There is a chance for what you want. I just graduated with my masters through the G2G Program and commissioned yesterday. I had a 2.98 GPA for my BA but PT and everything else was superb to include letters of recommendations. Some folks start with their masters with no intent on completing during the 2 year because it isn't necessary because you only need the Bachelors to commission. Of course I wanted to complete but some folks took the minimal number of classes and took it easy. You must keep a high GPA during the program. Try to have a 4.0 because grades are 40% of your evaluation to whether you get your Branch.
  • SGT Mathews
    5/17/2012 4:33 AM
    Anyone with answers,
    Im currently deployed and still working on my 60 credit hours so this is obviously all dependant on when I finish my last semester hours, Im not gonna bog you down with the same repetitive questions just some specific ones. My background information first:

    SGT Promotable
    TIS:4 years 10 Months
    MOS:31B (MP)
    Schools include: WLC, Airborne School, Protective Services Training Course and Anti-terrorism driving.
    PT: 277
    GT Score:109
    ...1 year of team leader time, 24 months deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan, CAB and Drivers Badge, 2 ARCOMS, 1 AAM, 1 NATO MEDAL, 1 Good Conduct Medal.

    1)In your experience have you heard if being promotable will hurt my chances being in an enlisted MOS that is even strength in regards to retainablilty (not letting anybody in and not letting anybody out)

    2)Letters of recommendation-Im currently serving as a driver for the Deputy Commanding General-Support of the 82nd Abn Div so I will have no issues getting some pretty decent letters of recommendations. Obviously leadership time and courses, PT and GPA play a huge role but do you have any view or opinion on how heavily Letters of Recommendations are weighed?

    3)I knew i was not going to college at the end of my high school junior year (THAT BAD) so I didnt take an ACT or SAT, my high school GPA was terrible so I have spent alot of time and effort on my college classes. For arguements sake i finish with a 3.5 in college, terrible high school GPA and no ACT or SAT. Will a university even come close to touching me?

    4)If I have 60 semester hours but no focus and no associates degree but a few core classes (maths, sciences, history etc.) is that something that the board reviewers might bring to question when looking at my ability to obtain a B.A. in 24 months?

    Let end by saying its too often during a PCS or TDY to an ARMY school that you can find absolutely NO information and only a packing list from 1995. This blog is a great thing for soldiers and NCO's trying to advance their career and you have done a great job keeping this up. Thanks for all the advice and information.
  • marc
    6/17/2012 12:05 PM
    i just found out i was accepted into the program. Hopefully more post here to find out what they were looking for. my stats are as follows

    1 MSM
    7 Arcoms
    4 AAMs
    1 MOVSM
    1 CIB
    3 deployments
    letter of recommendations include 2 COL 1 LTC 1 CPT
    Distinguished Honor grad MOS
    commandants WLC
    commandants and Leadership award ALC
    272 PT (not 90 in each event)
    active federal service waiver
    civil conviction waiver (10 years ago)
    64 + college hours
    GPA 3.6
    numerous job assignments

    hopefully more post so we know what the board is looking for

  • Gabe Gaskins
    6/17/2012 6:59 PM
    How did you find out you got accepted?
    • james climes
      6/17/2012 11:08 PM
      Gabe you will find out that you got accepted by Ms. Pringle the G2 of ROTC cadet command, you can also check you status by this website: Any other questions, feel free to ask, and Good Luck!!!
  • 2LT Tennant
    6/17/2012 10:29 PM
    Congratulations. Just think, two years from now you'll be sitting in my shoes. It feels great. I'm glad to hear all of your hard work has payed off. BTW, this is when the fun begins. Not so much the school part, more the PCS in the coming months. After getting selected, getting orders, and actually moving the family is tough. Best of luck to you.
  • marc
    6/18/2012 6:04 AM
    2LT Tennant

    Your blog was extremely helpful throughout the process. I appreciate you keeping things going for the last couple of years. Congratulations on the commission. The 2LT looks better than CDT. Best wishes and thanks again for thread
  • 2squareU
    6/18/2012 5:45 PM
    Don't rely too heavily on that site. Get in contact with Cadet Command. I found out I was accepted via email from HRC who notified me that I will need to reenlist to get my assignment/orders to school. Good luck to all!
  • 2LT Tennant
    6/18/2012 9:07 PM
    Yes, yes it does. I'm glad I could be of assistance.
  • Doc Andre
    6/18/2012 9:33 PM
    2LT Tennant,

    I got accepted conditional for administrative but it did not say that I what exactly I needed to do in order to get my orders. Will I receive more information from CC, HRC or do I have to call HRC. I know I will have to extend since my ETS is in FY14 but the letter did not specify what administrative data I need to complete.
    • Andy Tennant
      7/1/2012 2:19 PM
      They'll let you know if they haven't already. Be proactive in finding out your answers from Cadet Command
  • Maximus
    6/22/2012 12:55 AM
    I just got accepted into the Green to Gold ADO too
    SPC 2 years TIS
    1 ARCOM
    2 AMM
    GT SCORE OF 112
    PT SCORE OF 285
    GPA OF 3.46
    68 credit hours
    no waivers whatsover and also 1 deployment
    I would encourage any qualified soldier to apply, as it is obvious no one knows exactly what the board requires in terms of selection, as I honestly wasn't expecting to get selected and I already was working on my non scholarship packet
  • Emigdia Ruiz
    6/28/2012 5:16 AM
    SO you would have to be accepted first then you can start the process. Do you have any suggestions on the schools to apply to. I'm on the trail right now have a femonths left to end my run as a drill sgt. i have a 3.78 gpa. i just really don't know how to start the packet that's my biggest problem.
    • Andy Tennant
      7/1/2012 2:21 PM
      Go to the GoARMY site and find their green to gold ADO page. You'll have to create a login and the packet is spelled out in checklist form with instructions. It's a confusing site, so be patient. This is also where you'll submit the final packet.
  • James climes
    6/28/2012 6:48 AM
    Ok I hope this will help everyone on here striving to get into the Green to Gold ADO. First ensure that whatever school you apply to is military friendly and has a ROTC DEPT. In my case I applied to Armstrong Atlantic state university. Not only did they work with me, they expedited a lot of the process because I was OCONUS. Do Not I repeat DO NOT go to a school where assistance from the university takes weeks to occur. As far as the packet, start with the major stuff getting accomplished now, such as the family care plan, if applicable, waivers, all that good stuff. In the last 3 months before submittal, you should have your recommendations from you units commander and battalion commanders. Also recommendations from supervisors and other officers that work with or around you will only help your cause. The PT test and your DA photo are huge items. Ensure they are current within the 3-6 month window before submittal. You need acceptance letters from the school, and the ROTC department signed by a colonel or above. You also need transcripts from all schools attended. You need the last 3 copies of your NCOER, a ERB (Ensure it is up to date) a security clearance (interim or higher) DODMERB physical, and those are just some of the many things they look for. They base potential off of what you put in the application box. stating your purpose to become an officer needs to be real and honest, not the fluff others state and never do. I was accepted into the program because of my exploitsmasma army soldier and my potential to be a great officer. MSMs and high decorations are nice but won't make your way into the program. I say this because two of my running mates who applied that were much younger and seemed more accomplished didn't get in. I was selected in the top 25 they didn't make the top 150 so itmgoes to show what you do, and how you carry yourself, oh and as lt tenant says confidence, prayer and belief will allow you to see the goal. Hope that helps
  • Military Spouse
    7/1/2012 5:41 PM
    My husband got accepted into the G2G ADO!!! We are thrilled!! We had no idea that he had to have 4 years on his contract before starting school! That has been very frustrating since he just extended and he is not in his window to re enlist! We have been waiting for almost 2 weeks to hear back! Make sure u have 48 months on your contract!!

    • Jay Hill
      7/9/2012 12:43 PM
      Hello, I am curious in this program and I am currently on Active duty I was wanting to know when you stated that the packet for ADO goes to a board is there a board you have to physically attend or is it somethign you submit for revewal and they identify if they you are aprroved for the program.
  • James climes
    7/10/2012 9:50 AM
    To jay Hill. You do not have to appear before a board. All you do is wait patiently and pray. If you are deemed future potential, you will be selected. Ensure that you have 48 months left on your enlistment from the date you would commission.
  • Ashley
    7/16/2012 2:57 PM
    Ok so I just got accepted to the ADO progran but I am in the middle of a PCS. Who do I talk to about this? I start school August 16th and my report date to my next duty station is August 10th.. Its confusing because I have orders to report to my next duty station but no orders for the ADO program because they are waiting on my medical remedials to get cleared up. Another question when I do get my orders how does the inprocessing work with getting signed into school.. Is it like a regular unit or how does this all work out? PCS entitlements still a go even though I am PCSing to a new duty staion? thanks for anyone that can help..
  • Gabe Gaskins
    7/16/2012 4:49 PM
    Did you get orders yet? It should have a website on it explaining that you have to in-process online with the Fort Jackson, SC Student Detachment. Its like your S-1 but only online. If you were put on assignment, and you especially have your orders and all, they should have cleared or approved your waivers. I might be wrong about this. I was waiting on my civil conviction waiver for like one month and all of a sudden Mrs. Slaven emailed me saying I was on assignment and that this coming Wednesday I can pick up my orders. All this info should be on your orders.
  • Ashley
    7/18/2012 6:55 AM
    No orders waiting for my medical remedials to go through... suppose to take a few weeks... how about the whole PCS process do you know? mrs. slaven is your installlation person? or your talking about the actual cadet command in fort knox?
  • Gabe Gaskins
    7/18/2012 7:03 AM
    You get the same PCS entitlements and active duty pay plus BAH even if you are single automatically once you inprocess on like with Fort Jackson, SC. call Mrs. Thomas at (803) 751-5491 if you have questions about the Student Detachment in SC. She is pretty nice! And I am talking about Mrs. Slaven at fort knox.
  • Ashley
    7/18/2012 8:40 AM
    Does everyone have a diffeent person in fort knox?? I have Mrs. Pringle corresponding with me but when I emailed her about my problems I didnt get a response.. do you have a number for Mrs. Slaven?
    • Andy Tennant
      7/18/2012 10:55 AM
      Keep getting on them at Knox, and try to get the POC at HRC. There's some traffic around June/July 2010 on the armystudyguide forum that has a number for a Ms. Slaven. When I came through, she was the one who tracked whether or not you were put on assignment. If she is still there, she will help straighten out your PCS orders. Also, Ms. Pringle was there when I came through too. Just remember that she's dealing with about 150-250 people that are going through the same thing you are. Be patient, but persistent with your needs.

      As for how the PCS works, your orders will have all of the contact information you need, once you receive them. You'll clear your current station and "report" to Jackson through e-mail. They have a laundry list of docs you need to submit, but once that is complete your school has control of you. If you're PMS (Professor of Military Science, aka LTC/BC) requires you to submit leave paperwork and passes, you'll submit them through United States Army Student Detachment (USASD), the unit your assigned to at Jackson. Other than initially reporting to Jackson, the only contact you have with them is for info like your PHA and annual training (SERE, etc.)

      I heard through the armystudyguide forums that some selectees from last years board had to get pushed to the spring semester until they could PCS. Take heart, they still made it. Just be patient, you've made it through the hard part.

      Good luck,

      LT Tennant
  • Gabe Gaskins
    7/18/2012 8:43 AM
    502 613 5585
  • Jamie Burke
    8/15/2012 3:20 PM
    Hi! I am SGT Burke and I was wanting to ask you a question about the green to gold program. I am wanting to submit my packet next April. When choosing a school does the actual school have to offer ROTC or could I do that elsewhere. I am really confused as to how that works. Thanks in advance.
  • Doc Andre
    8/17/2012 8:52 AM
    SGT Burke, you do not have to do your ROTC and Academics at the same school. You can do them at two separate schools just as I am currently doing starting this Monday. I am doing ROTC at UTSA and my academics at Wayland Baptist. You just have to get accepted into both schools and get the letter of acceptance from the PMS
    • Jamie Burke
      8/17/2012 11:58 AM
      Doc, thank you! So if I am applying at the University of Colorado then would I need to do my ROTC at a school nearby?
  • Doc Andre
    8/18/2012 5:20 PM
    Yes unless you don't mind traveling. My two schools are about 20 miles apart. I am in San Antonio
  • Jamie Burke
    8/19/2012 5:38 AM
    Thank you so much for the clarification! I am going to be going for my masters degree, does the program have to be exactly 2 years long? What if it is only a year and a half, am I still able to do the ADO?
  • Doc Andre
    8/19/2012 6:17 PM
    It doesn't have to be exactly two years in the ADO you have 20 months with a maximum of 24 months to complete your degree...I have less than two years also for my bachelors so I am stretching it out if you know what I mean.
    • Jamie Burke
      8/20/2012 3:09 AM
      Thank you once again for all your help!
    8/21/2012 8:36 AM
    I was selected for the ADO option and started school yesterday in my Master's program. I am excited and thrilled to be here but my concern is that I will not be able to 1. finish my degree or 2. maintain a high GPA. Most of my classmates are only taking 3 classes each semester in this Master's program and I have to take 4 plus ROTC each semester to finish in the time allowed. Though I plan to do everything I can to finish my Master's in the 2 years given, someone said earlier that it is not required and I just want some elaboration on that and how did you find out about it if this is true? I know to be an officer only requires a bachelors which I have but I thought since I was accepted in the ADO G2G for my Master's that I had to Graduate with my Master's in order to commission.
    • Andy Tennant
      8/22/2012 12:43 PM
      Congratulations! I'm not sure how it will work out for you, James. I would say that so long as you have a Bachelor's, you'll be fine. Once school gets going have your HR rep track down the answers to your questions. Be prepared, however, there isn't very much documentation and, from my experience, the ADO program on the administrative side is full of be prepared for that.

      As to the time it will take for completion, you'll be fine. I started my masters program the summer I left for LDAC. I completed 12 hours over the summer (I spent a month at LDAC), and then 12 hours in the Spring and Fall Semester (plus ROTC responsibilities) of my final year in the program. Also, I had a third child at this time. I didn't intend on getting my Masters when I started ADO, but it just made sense. This being said, not all Masters programs are created equal. I would say, though, you should just be fine. Remember, your are now a Cadet and your focus as a Cadet is on academics...period.

      Best of luck to you.
      • JAMES
        8/24/2012 8:06 AM
        Andy Tennant,

        Thank you. I'm going to see how this semester goes taking 4 graduate classes and my ROTC. Thank you for letting me know about the summer too because I want to take some classes in the summer as well to cushion the blow for next fall but I wasn't sure how that would work with LDAC. did you take them online? did you finish your classes before LDAC?
        • Andy Tennant
          8/24/2012 8:39 PM
          All of my classes were online and I coordinated with the instructors prior to LDAC. I ended up getting as much as possible done before I went and finished promptly after returning home. It was a lot of work, but I managed to do it. I took 12 hours over that summer.
  • J.Bostic
    8/21/2012 2:45 PM
    I am thinking about applying to G2G. I am going to have nursing as a major, but I read even though I have a nursing major I can still be put as infantry. Is this true?
    • Andy Tennant
      9/8/2012 2:29 PM
      Unsure. The Army has been pushing for nurses, so if you decided to major in Nursing and you want to be a nurse, you'll most likely be a nurse. But, there are no guarantees, although the nursing program seems to be one that might offer the closes glimpse of a guarantee.

      Good luck.
  • Ian
    9/6/2012 6:18 PM
    I'm a green to gold ADO cadet this year. I'm about 3 weeks into school now. I'm just wondering if I'll be competing with the other cadets on the OML or if I'm guaranteed an active duty slot?
    • Andy Tennant
      9/8/2012 2:33 PM
      Congratulations! It gets easier from here, and enjoy the down time with your family.

      You are guaranteed Active Duty, however you will still be competing for your branch. Be mindful, the top 10% of the Active OML get their first branch choice. The Active duty OML and THE OML are not the same. On THE OML, I was l4%, but once they removed the Reserve and Guard Pax, I moved up to around 8.5% on the Active Duty. Still got my branch of choice, just know the difference.
  • SGT Burke
    9/29/2012 3:02 PM
    So I have another question..When applying to a university do I have to actually have to attend the college face to face or can the program be done online?
  • Doc Andre
    9/30/2012 3:14 PM
    You don't have to physically attend the college, you can do it online, as long as you physically attend for your rotc courses and labs.
  • Spc D'Addosio
    10/14/2012 1:55 PM
    I have currently been in the Army for 18 months now on active duty status. I'm currently deployed as well. I know it's been said over and over throughout the forums that u need 60 credits to begin to drop a packet. Now I came in a PV2 and made SPC in 14 months. I know that's not like making E-5 in a very short time, but that's still an accomplishment for me. I'm interested in the green to gold. But my only concern is, I'm not very computer literate. I need to be in an actual classroom environment. Is there a program that I can do that'll just keep me focused on school and not having to worry about my current duty station? ( ex. like your papers saying Ft. Jackson, but your main priority is school) If their is a program like that, would you be able to tell me who the POC would be or where I can start. ( i.e. HRC, my S-1 and etc)
  • SSG Cardenas
    10/21/2012 9:10 PM
    2LT Tennant, Do you have any idea on how long you can apply for the G2G-ADO before you have all the required credits? I am currently OCONUS in Okinawa, i am currently knocking out my coursework and should have the remaining credits within a year. If I drop a packet will it get kicked back, even if I get the acceptance letter from the ROTC school itself? If you, or anyone else can answer this for me i greatly appreciate it.
    • Andy Tennant
      10/25/2012 1:32 PM
      Your completed credits must be included in the packet. If there is a waiver for that, which I don't believe there is, contact Cadet Command and see what they say.
  • ms. pearson
    11/4/2012 12:28 AM
    im in desperate need of a template for my recommendation letters if you could assist me
  • SSG Vela
    11/7/2012 8:57 AM
    Just wondering how old were you when you applied for this program? Is their and age limit.
  • SGT Burke
    11/8/2012 7:21 AM
    Question: If I already have a Bachelors degree can I do ADO Green to gold to get a different Bachelors?
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  • Army medic
    11/9/2012 7:25 PM
    I was hoping someone is able to she'd some light... I am currently a reservist and would like to go active duty. I am a medic so I am also exploring HPSP however I would prefer to go the ROTC, OCS, or direct commission route. I am receiving conflicting information and hope to find information to make this process as smooth as possible. I have competed my undergrad, therefore making the green to gold program for my masters ideal. I am also 28 so the clock is ticking for G2G scharship eligibility. Any insight would be more than appreciated!
  • Army medic
    11/9/2012 7:25 PM
    I was hoping someone is able to she'd some light... I am currently a reservist and would like to go active duty. I am a medic so I am also exploring HPSP however I would prefer to go the ROTC, OCS, or direct commission route. I am receiving conflicting information and hope to find information to make this process as smooth as possible. I have competed my undergrad, therefore making the green to gold program for my masters ideal. I am also 28 so the clock is ticking for G2G scharship eligibility. Any insight would be more than appreciated!
  • ty
    12/7/2012 2:24 AM
    Hi, I am currently active duty with 36 college credits from online classes, and 24 credits I've earned from basic and, ait and I want to go green to gold active duty, do i qualify?
  • James
    12/8/2012 8:23 AM
    I noticed you were stationed at Fort Bragg then had to move. Is this because you had to for the program or because of the school you choose? Also was your wife allowed to stay on Fort Jackson or did she have to stay off base while you attented school ?
  • Frank
    12/17/2012 6:48 AM
    Hi, I am a future soldier still waiting for shipdate and had a few questions in regards to the Green to Gold program.
    1)I have 21 university credits would i be able to apply for the 4 year scholarship program after serving 2 years of active duty?
    2)Would i be able to stay in the same MOS as 15 tango after being in school?
    3)Do you receive the same amount of pay as active duty if you are in the scholarship program?
    4)How long do you need to extend your contract? Or do you server the remaining years of your contract that is unfinished?(estimation according to your experience for the contract extension)
  • Ross
    12/30/2012 11:36 AM
    I am just looking for some one to point me in the best direction. I.E. Is my first step getting accepted to the school or should I talk to my chain of command first.
  • Marie Watts
    1/1/2013 9:15 PM
    SGT LLANA- contact me at marie johnson
  • Pv2 stevens
    1/12/2013 6:10 PM
    How many college credits did you have before submitting your packet??
  • SGT Vargas
    1/26/2013 12:44 PM
    CDT Tennant,

    I'm glad that I have found someone willing to share their experience as far as submitting a green to gold packet, I only wish I had found this discussion board sooner. This is my my second time applying for the green to gold program, but this time I am am applying for the ADO. My packet is almost done and I have submitted most of my forms already, I am just waiting for a few more signatures. The due date for this packet is Feb 1 so I was hoping you could answer a few of my question before then. First, I never could find an example of the Statement of Eligibility memorandum. The example on the cadet command web page was not a good one. Do you still have an example of what this form looks like? Also I have a 3.9 GPA, a 300 PT score and many awards, but what I am worried about is the fact that I only have 60 credits. When I filled out the CC Form 104-R I had to take classes in the summer as well in order to fulfill my ROTC classes. I know that I will have to go to LDAC the summer of my junior year, so do you think I will still have time to take classes some time in the summer? If you have anymore last minute pointers you could give me before the due date I would really appreciate it.
  • SGT Jeremy Schlieve
    2/4/2013 10:15 PM
    CDT Tennant,

    Thanks for posting some great information on this site. I've submitted my ADO application last month and I'm currently playing the waiting game. I've noticed quite a bit of questions concerning OCS and recruiters. I haven't read every question and response, but I feel inclined to offer some helpful advice, including tips for ADO applicants.

    I've been an Army Recruiter for the past two and a half years and have had the pleasure to help process eight or nine OCS applications. All of the hints I will give are in reference to those applicants being selected as non-Prior Service select for OCS, or 09S.

    The first thing I recommend is to ensure your essay, or personal statement, is written properly. Stating why you want to commission, or to be an Army Officer, is important to the Board Members. Many blogs, forums, or other informational sites state that this is just a formality, WRONG! Cadet Command, or Recruiting Command, Board Members are not only interested in how well you communicate, but also your sincerity level and desire to do what they are currently doing. Don't just write, "I want to be an Officer because blah!" Take the time and put some thought into Army Leadership and what it means to you. Include some key words, such as, Honor, Loyalty, Duty, Courage, and Self Respect; Army values and Warrior Ethos go a long way. For any current or former NCO's, there should be mention of mentorship and it's importance for the proper development of subordinates, etc.

    Double and triple check all of the necessary documents for completeness. It's important to pay attention to detail, when either applying for ADO, OCS, WOFT, and other programs. Common errors and possible non-selects come from lack of attention to detail. Review the CC104R for accuracy; someone at Cadet Command reviews this information (the same goes for the applicant to OCS and WOFT), don't just think that because it's your tentative class schedule that someone won't review it for accuracy.

    There is information released to ROTC Commands about the board results, a type of AAR for that specific board. This information is confidential but if you're really concerned, contact the ROTC program you're applying to about any statistic on previous selection board, the same goes for OCS/WOFT. They might be able to review your application before you submit it to determine your chances.

    One last thing about your overall packet, submit only what is asked for. Like any E-7 and higher board, every packet is reviewed, placed in sequential order based specific criteria, and the elimination beings. Your record is reviewed against your "peers" and the board determines the minimum qualification for selection; they also know how many slots they have and need to fill. Records are given another look to determine which packets meet that standard. From what I know, there is three initial categories, something like selectable, possible select, and non-select. This goes round and round, until the slots have been filled. There might be an applicant that has a 3.8 GPA, 300 APFT Score (300+ doesn't exist, so review TC 3-22.20, appendix A if there is confusion) and not require a waiver, but isn't selected do to ERB incompleteness (including uniform errors or awards not appearing on ERB but are indicated on the uniform), recommendations from the applicants CO and BN CO not being strong enough (for anyone that has had to write an NCOER or award, officers and experienced NCOs can write in such a way that on the surface seems strong, but in essence is indicates weakness), and other paper work errors. I don't say this to deter anyone, but waiver's aren't that challenging for the board and don't mean that you don't stand a chance, either does an outstanding APFT Score. For NCO's applying, I would suspect that if you've ever had a 1059 that indicated Commandant's List or Leadership Awardee, etc, you stand just as good a chance as any.

    If anyone has any question that they have for OCS, ADO, or WOFT please shoot me an email I'm only on recruiting for a few more months but would be happy to help anyone that needs it.

    SGT Schlieve
  • SGT Schlieve
    2/4/2013 10:25 PM
    I should caveat my previous post with, I don't want, nor do I intend to recruit anyone by giving them the above information. But for those currently serving in the Army (Active, Reserve, or NG) that need help with an application for ADO, G2G, OCS, or WOFT and have exhausted all avenues of approach, shoot me an email.

    SGT (P) Schlieve
  • Greg
    5/31/2013 6:04 AM
    when doing a green to gold packet where is the board for it usually held at? im asking this because im currently stationed in Italy.
  • Fary
    6/13/2013 9:54 AM
    Does any body knows about the age requirements (or where to find about it) for ADO?

  • SSG Jeremy Schlieve
    6/13/2013 10:16 AM
    It's 30 years old, but age waivers are authorized. You must be able to commission by the age of 34.
  • Andy Tennant
    6/16/2013 12:53 PM

    Thank you for continuing to post and using this board as an avenue to communicate. I'm mostly writing in apology to those of you that have written, to whom I have not replied. This last year has been incredibly busy for me due to both personal and professional reasons...flight school is no joke to those of you planning to branch Aviation. I'm also writing to say that due to these reasons I will not be readily responding to all posts on this board, however I encourage those of you in search of answers and those of you that have answers to use this as a forum. That being said, many of the questions that have been asked are entry level questions (e.g. the information is available on the goarmy site, etc.), and the answers are readily available on multiple sites. If your desire is to become an officer, or any professional for that matter, you MUST do your own research and not rely on others for the answers. Seek out the regulations, READ them, and exhaust all resources (e.g. this blog and other forums). That being said, I am encouraged to see so many people actively seeking this program, and I pray that the Lord's will be fulfilled for you.

    I will continue to check this site periodically. God Bless, and best of luck.
  • Wilson C
    7/7/2013 4:55 AM
    I have read a lot of information regarding the strength of applications to the undergrad program. I seek information/opinion regarding the "ideal" packet for a Masters' application. I am currently putting together my packet for the 2 year Masters ADO and my stats are as follows:
    TIS: 2 years
    Rank: SPC
    Already possess 4-year Bachelor's Degree
    High School GPA: 3.70
    SAT Score: 1980/2400
    College GPA: 2.98 (BSc in Economics, majored in Finance)
    Applying for an MBA (Masters in Business Admin - focussing on Accounting & Finance)
    1 deployment
    2 AAMs, 1 ARCOM
    APFT: 260
    GT Score: 131

    Do I stand a good chance of getting accepted in your opinion?
    Kindly advise.
  • SPC Shafer
    7/14/2013 9:54 AM

    I am in the army now as active duty and I am undergoing the process for ADO. I have a two year degree already in CJ but I am not interested in continuing that major. I was wondering can I just complete another two year degree or does it have to be a BS. Also if I have to transfer credits over and the school does not give me enough for me to complete the degree in two years, will I be DQ if I have to take three years? I know it said ADO was for two more years but I didn't know if they waiver it.
  • PFC Battle
    7/17/2013 4:23 PM
    I've previously been to college for 2 years, my grades were terrible. I admit I've messed up a lot in the past with college. The question I want to ask is, even if I'm maintaining good academic standing now, will my past mistakes prevent me from entering the program?
  • SSG Jeremy Schlieve
    7/18/2013 9:06 AM
    SPC Shafer,

    You will have to apply and be accepted to a College/University, at that time you'll be able to select a degree major. You have to complete a full four year degree for the ADO program. There happen to be a couple options and you'll need to speak to an ROTC MS Professor for options that pertain to your application. In any event, you may not have enough credits for the program due to the fact, as you say, the school not giving credit for all of your classes.

    I hope this answers your question.
    SSG Schlieve

    PFC Battle,

    They can, due you not meeting the GPA minimum for selection. I was in your situtation for the last board and wasn't selected, I was apply for the non-Scholarship option. That being said, I had a 3.0 GPA but didn't have much by way of the SLA.

    I hope this helps!

    SSG Schlieve
    7/26/2013 1:46 PM
    do I should wait to finish my associates degree to start my packet?
    I need one more semester to finish, so I should be done in December...also do the army have any preference for specific degrees?
    do I should contact the ROTC office of the school I want to go?
  • SGT Chambers
    8/12/2013 4:18 PM
    I was curious the GTG program will only accept a Bachelor's degree or would one be able to complete an Associate's and then do continuing education once being back on active duty. My predicament is that I am 30 years old now, I only have 9 credit hours from a community college, and obviously not be able to swing a Bachelor's in 21 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Jonathan
    8/18/2013 7:16 AM

    Quick question. I have been to three different colleges. Do I compute my own CGPA or do I have the college I am transferring to, calculate my CGPA based on the credits they accept towards my degree? Thanks for your time.

  • SSG Jeremy Schlieve
    8/19/2013 9:17 AM

    You want to apply to one college and have them calculate your credits to determine your GPA. Remember, some colleges have a requirement that a transferring student must complete a specific number of credits before a transcript evaluation be completed.

    SSG Schlieve
  • SPC Rodriguez
    8/30/2013 9:14 PM

    I've been in active duty for 2 years and I have a bachelor degree already. Because my GT score is 98 I'll be taking the fast classes this September 2013 to rise it. Other than GT score, I meet all the initial requirements for Green to Gold Active Duty option. Do I have to wait to get the GT score results to start building up the packet for Green to Gold Active Duty option or can I go ahead and get some of the things from the check list? How long could it take get the packet done? I'm stationed in Fort Hood right now. Do I have to PCS to another location if I get selected?
    8/31/2013 3:45 PM
    SPC Rodriguez,

    No, you do not have to wait to get your GT score up prior to building the packet in fact the sooner you get the packet/checklist done the better. I was enlisted as an 11c for 2years and went green to gold using the hip pocket scholarship, awarded by my CG. I can only speak from my personal experience but the entire packet start to finish takes roughly 6 months. Unfortunately there isn't much that you can do to speed this process up there are a lot of fire rings you must jump through it's a big wait game... but in the army we are all use to this. Also and just a FYI you have to have a minimum of 110 GT so take that fast class seriously it's you future!

    PS: I know a lot of this is about G2G ADO however I can answer questions about G2G Hip pocket scholarship... Currently a Senior pursuing my BS in Criminal Justice, then off too commissioning as a 2nd LT.
  • SPC Dumas
    9/3/2013 8:51 AM
    I am currently getting ready to PCS from my unit, and going to another but I have already started to complete my G2G ADO packet. Just wondering what is the earliest that you can submit your packe prior to the deadline? I also would like to know do I need to wait until I get to my gaining unit before I start all of the memos and etc that are required.
  • PV2 Kamara
    10/22/2013 10:11 PM
    Hello. I have recently PCS'd to Hawaii and this is my first duty station. My long-term goal in the military is to become commissioned as an officer. I have been doing much research on the Green-to-Gold Program. What I am not getting a clear answer on though, is whether one still has to go through OCS after completing the Green-to-Gold program.....Or is it a direct commission?
  • Jade
    10/23/2013 7:25 AM
    PV2 Kamara:
    My husband is currently in the G2G program. When your in school your in the ROTC program while your also going to school and getting your degree. So you will not go to OCS. You will graduate and commission basically the same time. My husband graduates the 1st week of may and the next week he will commission!:) hope that answers your question.
  • Robert Mendez
    5/23/2014 3:06 PM
    Hello Sir, I am currently an active duty Sgt 11B 1 deployment 1 arcom, Combat infantry badge and a Ranger tab. I am interested in going Green to Gold but I do not believe I meet all the requirements. I only have one year left on my current contract for one, I have an AS degree but I graduated with an overall gpa of 2.3, and I would have to retake the asvab because I only have a GT score of 104. What are my chances Sir?
  • Pfc Brian avalos
    10/6/2014 8:59 PM
    I've been in the army for 17 months now and I'm considering doing green to gold. My question is. Does the time I spent in college count towards retirement?
  • SGT Gines
    12/5/2014 2:47 PM
    Does ADO need a division level GO approval. Reason being is I have suspense date of 20DEC but in the FRAGO it only is talking about the Scholarship option. Everything I read about ADO is that it requires cadet command approval only.
  • 2LT Climes
    12/8/2014 9:22 AM
    for the G2G ADO, it does not need a GO approval. It is great to have a reccomendation from a General officer, but as long as your company/battery/troop commander (CPT level and above) reccomendation, then you are fine. Once you submit the packet that is on the page for G2G ADO, and submit online. You will be fine. A board convines and then you will be notified withine 4-6 months. Check back periododically with the website, but be cautious if you have to talk to the liason. she can be very short answered and easily tempered. Happy hunting, and if you need any more help please contact me by email.

    2LT James Climes
    Executive Officer
  • SGT Colón
    12/8/2014 8:07 PM
    How is everyone doing? I have a few soldiers asking questions regarding how Green to Gold works
    and if they can apply. Some of the soldiers have Permanent Profiles of no running, would that affect their process?

    Thank you for your time.
  • 2LT Ray
    12/8/2014 8:38 PM
    SGT Colon,
    To put it simply, they will not be able to compete. I feel as if they should know this already. Not sure of their situation but I'd suggest they do research into alternative methods. Green to gold will not work for them.
  • SSG Schlieve
    12/9/2014 9:14 AM
    SGT Colon,

    They could compete for acceptance, but those accepted will usually be without a profile. Simply put, they can try alternate methods, such as OCS, but they will do the same thing. If your Soldiers have degrees, B.A. or B.S., they would probably be picked up for the Masters Degree Green to Gold.

  • SSG Merchan
    12/29/2014 2:52 AM
    Hello I want to apply for the active duty option, but I Have a couple of questions?

    1. I have a GPA of 3.67 but I only have 68 credits (this is including credits from parts and jst, I only have 46 towards my associete degree in business) do you think this is enough to submit an application?
  • 2LT Andre
    12/29/2014 7:17 PM
    You only need 60 total credits to apply, as long as the school you are pursuing accepts you as a Junior, for the fall semester, upon which you will enter then you will be good. That is all Cadet Command requires from the school, along with acceptance into the ROTC program. Good luck with your packet.
  • SSG Merchan
    12/30/2014 12:24 AM
    2LT Andre,

    Is there an specific format or template for the recommendation letters from the CO and BC, thanks.
  • SSG Merchan
    12/30/2014 3:18 AM
    If I get selected can I use TA to cover some of the tuiton cost???
  • 2LT Andre
    12/30/2014 8:38 AM
    It's just a normal recommendation letter, so whoever writes them should use their office symbol and letterhead, the same ones typically used for memorandum. Also, to answer your other question, you still not be allowed to use TA, just your GI Bill, but you should also file for the Pell Grant to see if you qualify
  • SSG Merchan
    12/31/2014 7:54 PM
    2LT Andre,

    Thank you for all your help,

    1. For the statement of eligibility I have to use the MILPO letter head, which is S-1 right?

    2. How did you submit your official transcripts to the cadet command, specially the Military transcripts?

  • 2LT Andre
    1/1/2015 10:35 AM
    Yes, or your unit. If you can get your s1 to do it for you it would be good but I pretty much follow the examples from the website and did everything myself and just got signatures from those that required it. My s1 wasn't much help. As far as the transcript, I just got an electronic version or you can scan and upload them. They don't want them mailed, as long as it has the official seal on it, you'll be fine
  • SSG Merchan
    1/4/2015 2:08 AM

    My goal is to attend school online, I was wondering if I do that will I be able to live in the same location of the university (same city), and also attend ROTC in the same university,
  • SSG Merchan
    1/4/2015 1:33 PM

    How hard was to get in aviation?
  • 2LT Andre
    1/4/2015 10:01 PM
    I don't know if you will be able to do attend a straight online academic school and just do ROTC elsewhere. I know last year they were trying to get kids to do take more traditional classes. I don't think there will be problem attending the same school for academic and ROTC in the same city.
  • SSG Merchan
    1/4/2015 11:28 PM
    I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself too well. I applied for an online degree at Florida International University and I also applied for the ROTC at Florida International University. Both will be taking place at the same university. However instead of taking campus courses, I want to do online courses. Is that possible? Can I do the FIU online college and attend ROTC at FIU or do I need to do the on campus courses?
  • SSG Narvaiz
    1/13/2015 3:25 PM
    I uploaded all required documentation to the goarmy website for the green to gold active duty option. Is there any contact number that I can utilize to find out if everything was submitted correctly? I have yet to get an answer on any number I have called.
  • 2LT Andre
    1/13/2015 10:05 PM
    SSG Merchan,

    It all depends on what your PMS says so you should ask the HR personnel at FIU and see if it matters or not.

    SSG Narvaiz,
    Mrs Pringle and Ms Slaven are the ones you need to find the contact for at CC.
  • SPC Schaffer
    1/14/2015 1:19 PM
    I have been active duty for 2 and a half years and want to do the Green to Gold Active Duty Option.I already have an Associates Degree from my previous college but I also have 121 credit/semester hours which I was told was equivalent to the amount of hours for a Bachelors Degree. I was wondering if someone could tell if this is correct?
  • SSG Merchan
    1/16/2015 7:48 PM
    2LT Andre,

    If I'm doing gtg ado. After finishing my bachelor I will become an officer at what point do you know if you go active duty or reserve. Also for BOLC when do you get school dates?
  • 2LT Andre
    1/16/2015 8:04 PM
    With G2G ADO, you will automatically get active because you owe the Army. As far as BOLC school date goes, you should know your branch during the later part of the fall term of your senior year, we found out in November, we didn't get duty station and BOLC dates until late March/early April.

    SPC Shaffer, I would read prior messages on this board for additional answers you may need. You are correct, a Bachelors is usually 120-144 CH, depending on the degree. If I were you I would find a school that would accept you into their Masters program, because you have too many CH to do for the undergrad. Good luck
  • SSG Merchan
    1/17/2015 12:05 PM
    2LT Andre,

    Oh ok, so what are you doing during those 5 months while waiting for duty station and BOLC dates?
  • 2LT Andre
    1/17/2015 12:22 PM
    Finishing your senior year or last year of grad school...conducting ROTC operations. The ado program is 20 months of school so at you are accepted to start this fall. You will be in school from Aug '15-May '17. During your senior year you will be tasked with running day to day ROTC operations, ftx, honor guard, etc.
  • SSG Merchan
    1/17/2015 12:38 PM
    Thanks for the help. So during that time I will be having a 0-1 pay grade? Or continue with my E-6 pay grade
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  • SPC Hannon
    1/23/2015 3:35 PM
    Hi I apologize if this question has been asked already. I plan to drop a green to gold packet to start school Next spring (2016), I am currently supposed to PCS in March of (2016) can I still drop a green to gold packet or would my new unit have to agree to let me go to school first?
  • SPC Jallah
    1/27/2015 11:14 AM
    I'm seeking the hip pocket scholarship opportunity. Are there any moderators that have completed this or are familiar?
    I want to know what a typical class profile looks like. I believe I am competitive but I am finishing my undergrad this year and will be applying for graduate school in fall of 2016. Is there any information you can provide as to how much higher than the cutoff I should be scoring?
  • SPC Jallah
    1/27/2015 4:31 PM
    I meant the Active Duty Option ROTC. The Hip Pocket Scholarship is my alternate plan of action. I want to know what the competition is like for applying for ROTC as en enlisted soldier.
  • SSG Merchan
    2/2/2015 1:07 AM
    Does anybody know what to do after uploading all the forms into the application? I don't see any submit link. How can you verify that the entire packet or all the forms were received by cadet command?
  • SSG Fahey
    2/25/2015 11:08 PM
    No comment.
  • SSG Fahey
    2/25/2015 11:11 PM
    SSG Merchan

    Yeah, so I messed that up before, disregard my "no comment" post... Anyway, I asked the same question about the uploaded documents to Cadet Command a couple days ago, they emailed me back saying they were starting the process of going through packets today, looking for discrepancies and such. I would assume that if all is good they will let us no, and same for if anything needs to be fixed... Does the link to check your application status work for anyone on the website?
  • SGT Galluzzi
    2/28/2015 6:44 PM
    SSGs Fahey amd Merchan,
    I'm not having any luck with the 'Check Your Application Status' link either. I submitted my final document yesterday and am anxiously waiting for a response from CC. Please post about any activity with your application, and I will be sure to do the same. Fingers crossed!
  • 2LT Andre
    2/28/2015 7:05 PM
    Hey guys, once the packets are in for review you won't find anything out until late May early June. But if there's something they need from you they'll give you a call or email so hopefully you provided a good contact info. I wouldn't stress it, it's no longer in your hands, just pray and hopefully you all get it. Best of luck to you all.
    3/5/2015 1:33 PM
    I am patiently waiting. submitted mine on the 27 Feb.15 Will be praying for everyone and you do the same.
  • SSG Merchan
    3/7/2015 9:53 AM

    The link to check the status of the packet doesn't work. Did you guys click the submit button on step 2 of the check list. When I talked to Mr. black, he said to upload all forms to your application and that's all. Did you guys did anything extra in order to submit the packet, I hope mine was received
  • SSG Merchan
    3/7/2015 9:55 AM
    Did you guys received an email saying your packet was reviewed already?
  • SGT Kuehne
    3/9/2015 7:17 PM
    First off good luck to everyone. So I submitted my paperwork in full on 25 FEB 2015, however when I spoke to my ROTC rep at my school (Xavier University) he said that he could not find my name on the list of applicants for this year in their portal. From previous posts I see that many of you are having trouble with the "check the status of your application" link, I am as well. I have also not been able to reach CC/ROTC/HRC to verify my application was received; does anyone have any advice or input to verifying that an application was properly submitted and received? (I too spoke to Mr Black on 25 FEB who stated that uploads and the Step 2 submission button we're all that was needed.)
    3/9/2015 8:23 PM
    Hey SGT KUENE. If you send an email to the link underneath the check my application status link on the ROTC website someone should get back to you. I sent an email to that link a few days ago asking if my packet was received. Today, I got an email back stating that all my document were received and they would notify me of any deficincies or missing docs. Hope that helps and good luck to you too.
  • SSG Merchan
    3/9/2015 8:37 PM
    SSG Fahey, thank you for that info I just sent the email to see if they received my application. All I did was hit the submit buttom on step 2 in order to generate the cc form 174-r and upload all forms into step 4 of the checklist.
  • SSG Merchan
    3/11/2015 12:34 AM

    I received an email today saying that my packet was received and I had a small correction, which I already send to them. They also stated in the email that anybody with corrections on their packet must fix it and turn in before march 20, 2015 and the selection board will take effect on or around April 06, 2015.
  • SGT Ramirez
    3/16/2015 2:54 PM
    Can anyone please tell me how they submitted their official JST transcript? I submitted my packet this year, and just received an email that I have until 23 March to submit an official JST (previously submitted an unofficial one because I couldn't find an official).
  • SSG Merchan
    3/16/2015 2:57 PM
    Downloaded from the JSt website and send it
  • SGT Ramirez
    3/16/2015 4:49 PM
    SSG Merchan,

    Thank you for the reply. That is how I originally submitted it. I'll have to call Mr. Black and see if it's just an oversight, or they might not have received it. I've already had a problem with them not receiving a waiver request that I sent in months ago. Good Luck on selection!
    3/20/2015 11:50 PM
    I too received word back from CC about a deficiency with my Transcripts. They gave me a 26 MAR revision date. However, it was easily correctable. Out of curiosity, what are your stats for those who applied ADO? Sorry if this comes off douchey, just want to know where I stand. Mine: 3.68 GPA w/ Bachelors degree, 119 GT, currently NCO of the Year, previously Brigade Soldier of the Quarter, promotable (570pts w/o ALC), WLC CL grad, 300+ APFT, Air Assault badge, 4 AAM, 3 ARCOM.

    If anyone finds out word of acceptance please post POC as I will as soon as I hear anything.

    SGT Davidson
  • SGT Casey
    3/23/2015 10:06 AM
    I was wondering if anyone else heard that you lose all of your schools if you go Green-to-Gold, ie Airborne? Does anyone know where this information is?

    SGT Casey
  • SSG Merchan
    3/23/2015 10:19 AM
    No, you will keep your awards and schools. They can't take your achievements away
  • SGT Ramirez
    3/23/2015 5:04 PM
    SGT Davidson, my awards are the same, but I have an Associate's with a 3.87 GPA, 300+ APFT, airborne, 112 GT, NCO of the Quarter, also promotable but with 554 points without ALC.
  • SPC Gonzales
    3/24/2015 3:49 PM
    Can you begin the Green to Gold Program this coming Spring 2016 on a Masters program or it has to be a Fall beginning? I am going for the Green To Gold Non-Scholarship.
  • Joe Kuehne
    3/25/2015 9:10 PM
    I was wondering if anyone has received confirmation on when the results of the board will be posted? I have seen two different dates; NLT 30May15 and NLT 30June15. Just trying to plan ahead like I'm sure many of you are. Thanks in advance.
  • Merchan
    3/26/2015 2:45 AM
    Your Green to Gold application is now complete (pending any waiver requests)
    and is scheduled to be reviewed by the selection board (o/a 6-10 Apr 2015).
    You will be notified of any pending waiver decision upon receipt (if
    applicable). Winners will be notified no later than 30 Jun 2015. Do not
    hesitate to email or call if you have any questions. You may submit any
    letters of recommendation to your file.
  • PFC Han
    3/27/2015 9:37 AM
    So on March 12, I received an email saying 'I have the minimum documents to review your packet. You will be notified of deficiencies' from Mr. Tilburg. Then, few days later he sent me those deficiencies and I sent the documents back. He said that he will extend my due date until the 25th, but I didn't hear anything back from him confirming that he has all the required documents since although I sent him like 4 emails asking whether I am missing anything.

    I have 81 credits and 3.81 GPA majoring Biology, 2220 SAT Score, 128 GT score, 348 APFT, Dentac Korea Best Warrior/ Soldier of the Year, Pacific Regional Dental Command Best Warrior/ Soldier of the Year, Dental Command Best Warrior/ Soldier of the Year, and will compete in Medical Command Best Warrior COmpetition in May, BUT I have to get two waivers which are Time-in-Service and Training Service Obligation.. Will the waivers significantly decrease my chance of getting accpeted?

    This is making me super worried not hearing anything from him.. I mean he is very very slow with his email and never answer a phone call. Should I just wait? Please help me out!! Thank you so much!

  • SGT Galluzzi
    3/27/2015 10:16 AM
    I'm also tracking that we will be notified no later than 30 June, although I haven't received confirmation that my packet is complete like SSG Merchan has. It seems like most of the candidates that have been accepted have heard some time around the beginning of June.

    SPC Gonzales,
    You have to begin your program in the Fall so that it lines up with the ROTC program requirements you have to complete.

    PFC Han,
    Go back and read Mr. Tilburg's e-mail identifying your deficiencies. It should contain instructions on how to submit your corrections. As long as you followed his instructions, you should be in good shape. You can always submit your corrections a second time through an alternate means if it would make you feel better. I wouldn't stress out over it; you sound like a great candidate, and I wish you the best of luck!
  • PFC Brown
    4/8/2015 5:27 PM
    Real quick. I am a 3 year scholarship applicant
    GPA: 3.4
    PT: 261 (I was coming off a profile when i got this score, previous 2 scores were 288 and 286 respectively)
    Recommendation letters from a COL, LTC, and MAJ (all personal and well written)
    Strong recommendations from my CO and BC
    Dont have many awards since ive barely been in 2 years but i do have a MOVSM and a couple coins
    Waiver already approved by DODMERB, and I have one waiver request for Training Service Obligation

    All in all Im trying to figure out my competitiveness and any insights as to how 3 year scholarship awardees are considered, Ive only been able to judge by the ADO
  • PFC Brown
    4/8/2015 5:40 PM
    Oh forgot to mention, I am pursuing a degree Biochemistry. I think that should help my application a little right? haha.
  • PFC Brown
    4/8/2015 6:13 PM
    Eh, might as well go for a 3rd post
    I understand SAL is no longer required but mine was already submitted prior to the announcement.

    I have been on a committee that oversees changes in the unit
    I run PT for my section to include NCOs' and Officers'
    Was team CPT 2 years in Varsity football as well as Position leader for 3 years on the Varsity
    Earned A's in classes while on active duty so far
    Over 100 hours this past year in Volunteer work with Big Brother Big Sister (this was mentioned in some of my Letters of recommendation

    *As a side note, on my reason for why i should be an officer, I didnt use any extra paper or space like it said I could. I kept it clear, short and concise, filling the box given, but nothing more. Will that hurt or help?

    Sorry for the abundance of posts, didn't know if all this extra stuff I mentioned would help shed light on my chances. I promise this is all.
  • Joe Kuehne
    4/14/2015 2:46 PM
    So today in the Mail I recieved an email from DoDMERB indicating that they have received and reviewed my medical exam, however they are requesting further documentation as to a permanent profile I have for very minor hearing loss. Does anyone know if this means that I passed the initial review and this is the next step in the acceptance process? Or is the medical done at the same time as the actual packet review? Furthermore, my contact at my university told me that my status in their monitoring system indicates that I am "eligible", again does anyone have any insight to what this may mean? Thanks in advance and as always good luck to you all. -SGT K
  • SGT Davidson
    4/14/2015 6:13 PM
    SGT Kuehne - You won't be considered "qualified" until DoDMERB sends you a letter notifying you of such. (Alternate option is logging into your account of the webpage, I found out sooner through that avenue). I too had to provide further documentation for a surgery I had a few years back. Provide them with the information they asked for so that it can answer any doubts they may have. Otherwise, it may delay the process even more if they have to ask for even more documentation. Obtain inpatient/outpatient records pertaining to the hearing loss/profile. I recommend you fax and email your information, then hit them with a courtesy call for good measure. I did that and I feel like it expedited the process because I received a "Qualified" letter the following week. Best of luck to you. Hopefully we hear word back soon about how the board went.

    SGT Davidson
  • SPC Lorona
    4/16/2015 4:54 PM
    I am also an applicant for the ADO program. Recently I logged into the DODMERB and also had a remedial action need. Instead of waiting for the letter or email to arrive, I emailed them directly at the address provided. They responded very quickly told me what I needed to fix. They said they would process it ASAP. Just like many of you, I am also very anxious for a notification. I am currently on orders to go to Korea on 10 Jun and would like to cancel my orders before making my way over their. Good luck to all of you. -Spc Lorona
    4/26/2015 7:11 AM
    Hello CDT Tennant
    This Is PFC XUE, I am currently serving in the U.S Military Army Branch
    acitve duty, station in South Korea. I am very interested in Green To Gold Two Year Program since I already have an associates degree in Business Administration. I don't know which of the four options in G2G two-year program that I am best suited. I am seeking for your advice.
    Here is a bit of my background.
    Enlisted date : 03042014.
    PCS to next duty station( Naples, ITALY ) :07302015
    ETS : 03042018(4 years contracts end)
    current GT SCORE 100, I will re-take ASVAB as soon as possible.
    MY DOB is 1988,09,09 .
    U.S citizen.
    Never been committed of domestic violence crimes .
    A.S degree in Business admintration with GPA 3.985
    PT Score 295
    Favorable Clearance level
    No Medical issue
    Single with no kids.
    no record of violation.

    here are some of the question that I have regarding to this program
    am i eligible for G2G two year program ? does an associate degree meet the requirement ?

    1. which of the four option that fits my situation the most in Green To gold two year program ?
    A; 2year active duty option ; B, 2 years scholarship option ; C 2 years non scholarship option. D.Commander's Green To Gold Hip Pocket Scholarship Program , 2 years.

    2. minimum 2 year active, so the earliest time i could apply need to be after 03042016 since i enlisted date is 03042014. Should i aim for fall 2016 admission in G2G two year program?
    3. what are the courses under "G2G two- year program" i need to take in order to graduate?

    4. How many years in service i am obligated to serve upon graduation from G2G two year program.

    5. Can I become a reserve officer ?

    6. Do i have a chance to choose the filed of branch that i intend to serve ? like finance branch,

    Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible
  • SGT Galluzzi
    4/26/2015 9:19 AM
    PFC Xue,

    We don't need all of your dates, especially your DOB. Please take that off of your post (it's PII).

    The important thing about your associates degree is that when you develop your four year degree plan, it allows you to complete your bachelors in exactly two years. Make sure this is the case. If you are transferring credits to a different institution, they may not translate.

    You can start working on your GTG packet now for the Fall 2016 school year.

    Your course schedule will depend on your chosen major.

    If you are selected for the Active Duty Option, the current service obligation is 4 years active duty.

    You will stay active duty, you can't go reserves if you get the ADO.

    You will be able influence your branch; any officer will be to go into detail about how that works.

    It sounds like you just started looking into the green to gold program. Do some more research and speak with some of the officers in your unit. They will be able to answer a lot of your questions and give you a little insight into what ROTC is like. Spend some time learning about what distinguishes the different GTG program options from each other.

    Don't stop taking college courses, and keep working on your writing skills.

    Hope this helps.
    5/2/2015 2:34 AM
    LT Tennant,

    Thank you for creating this blog. It's been very insightful.

    I have a question for you.

    If you did not receive the Green to Gold Active Duty option. Would you have re-enlisted and continue your career as a future NCO in active duty to keep the BAH, BAS, active duty pay, and Tricare Prime for you and your family. Or would you leave the service?
  • G2G Air Assault
    5/16/2015 11:59 AM
    I got accepted as of 13 May 15 to the G2G ADO. Did anyone else get awarded yet?
    5/16/2015 1:45 PM
    I was accepted 13 May as well, and already returned my award letter.
  • G2G Air Assault
    5/16/2015 3:22 PM
    Congrats GTG SSG. What school will you be attending? I'm going to UCCS. Do you have to reenlist with an RCP Exception to policy?
  • SGT G
    5/17/2015 4:08 AM
    Congrats to you both! How did you find out, email?
    5/17/2015 4:36 AM
    G2G Air Assault and G2G SSG, what were your APFT scores, GT scores, and how many letters of recommendations did you have on your G2G ADO packet? What do you think gave you guys the edge over the other hundreds of rejected Joes?

    5/17/2015 4:38 AM
    Also, would you guys have reenlist in the U.S. Army if you guys did not get the G2G ADO or pop smoke?

    Cheers and congrats to you guys both on winning this lottery.
  • G2G Air Assault
    5/17/2015 2:52 PM
    SGT Tong -- It is a mystery to many of us how CC chooses its candidates. In my personal opinion, I think that they are looking for Soldiers with potential and drive. LDAC Leader Development and Assesment course assesses future officers and helps the ARMY decide who is going to get the branch they want. I say this because even though some candidates have great GPA and lots of awards, they were not selected. In my case, I had no awards or deployments when I applied. Also, I think that they are looking for specific degrees in STEM. I think CC is looking for individuals that go the extra mile to stand out from their peers and demonstrate potential. Again, this is only my personal opinion. If anyone else has anything to add or correct me on, please do so.
    SPC (P)
    TIS 4 Years
    Air Assault Badge
    GAFPB (Gold)
    Expert marksmanship (M16)
    300 PT Score (Took a PT Test every month for 5 months until I achieved it, lowest was 271)
    GT 117
    Recommendation from COL and CPT
    No deployments
    Associates Network administration, pursuing Information Technology

    I encourage other Accepted ADO Soldiers and NCOs to post their personal thoughts to help future applicants.

    Here is another great forum.

    5/17/2015 3:45 PM
    I found out via email to my commander with the award packet on 13 May. I am going to Troy University. My GT was only 112, with 300 APFT, and a 3.8 GPA. I only had the 2 required recommendations. I heard that there were only 75 selectees this year vs. 150-200 in previous years. I'm not sure what exactly they were looking for, because I only have normal awards. GTG Air Assault, I thought that was only for too much TIS for rank? All I know is when I talked to retention, he said I'm not quite in my reenlistment window, but getting approval back shouldn't take more than a week. SGT Tong, I was not planning on reenlisting if I was not accepted. I would have ets'd next year and attended ROTC while using my GI bill
  • GTG Air Assault
    5/17/2015 4:02 PM
    GTG SSG, When I returned my acceptance letter I received an email from HRC with instructions to reenlist for 48 months after the start of my school year. From what the email said and my calculations, the reason why one reenlist is that if one falls out of the program before the two years then the Army will at least get their two years back. Now when one commissions, the contract is discarded and an Officer contract begins. That is the minimum 3 years active duty and the remaining 5 on reserves if one decides to get out of active duty. I am also not in my reenlistment window neither. However, when I showed retention my email they didn't hesitate to start the process.
    5/17/2015 4:26 PM
    G2G Air Assault and G2G SSG,

    I expected this year's G2G ADO selectees to be low with all the budget cuts. If you were one of the 75 soldiers awarded this life changing opportunity from the thousands of soldiers that apply, then congratulations!

    What I am getting here it seems is that the Army tends to award G2G ADO to soldiers that score close to 300 APFT, GT score 110 minimum, GPA 3.5+, STEM majors, basically being an all-around high speed soldier with all the above.

    I appreciate you guys for giving me some insight on your experiences. I was honorably and medically discharged from the Army in 2011 after serving 6 years, however my wife is interested in OCS or G2G ADO and since we have a family, I don't think it's wise for her to ETS if she does not get accepted to both because we will lose BAH, BAS, and Tricare Prime. ROTC does not guarantee any cadets an active duty slot as these highly coveted slots are competed for nationally across all ROTC units. I heard from ROTC commanders telling me only half of cadets gets active duty from every graduating class. For our family, not being in active duty under any circumstances will be detrimental to our financial well-being as the National Guard and Army Reserves does not give active duty salary, BAH, BAS, and Tricare Prime benefits unless they are activated for deployments.

    I want to thank you both very much for your insight. I will share this to my wife.



  • 2LT Climes
    5/18/2015 6:02 AM
    To SGT Tong,

    I am a recipiant of the Green to Gold active duty option. I applied while I was stationed in Japan. I got accepted and I wasnt the typical high speed 300' Soldier that people assume you need to be. What it comes to is other credentials that the Army seeks. In a nutshell, The Army needs adaptive leaders, leaders that can improve every time. If your NCOER shows stellar every time, then it doesn't show a adaptive leader, just another check the block NCO, and who knows how or how strong their mettle is?! The point is that as long as your wife shows that she can lead at any level, can think and adapt quickly, and her GT, NCOER's (if she is a NCO) and other areas are on point, then she can get the ADO like I did. I'm living proof that people will tell you you cant get to places in life, but I started out as a 68W PFC, moved up as a SSG, and then switched over due to the G2G ADO. I'm a soon to be 34 year old (by that time 1LT) with 14 years TIS. If I can make it, yourr wife can too. If you need any assistance with the ADO for your wife, by all means send a response and I will send my outlook email, and we can go from there. Best of luck to you and your family!!

    Supporting Victory!!!

    2LT James Climes
    Echo Company 1-61 Executive Officer
    Ft. Jackson, S.C
  • G2GHopeful
    5/27/2015 11:50 AM
    I'm actually in a waiting pattern for Active Federal Service and Age. I've been notified that my ADO packet was approved pending waiver approval by the Cadet Command CG. So I nervously have my fingers crossed for this one. As far as stats, I put in my packet for ADO to complete my Master's Degree. I had a 3.59 GPA for my bachelor's degree with a 292 APFT score, as 112 GT score. I currently have 12 years TIS and I'm 32 years old and currently a SFC with 4 years TIG. So "fingers crossed" hopefully I hear something soon
    5/27/2015 5:00 PM
    2LT Climes, thank you and I'm happy to hear that from you.

    G2G Hopeful, would you stay still stay in active duty and compete your 20 years as NCO if you don't get accepted to G2G? Also, have you applied for OCS since you already have a bachelors degree? Is OCS harder to get a slot than G2G ADO?

    With the Army's downsizing and budget cuts, I miss the good old days when I was in 2005-2011.
  • G2GHopeful
    5/27/2015 5:50 PM
    SGT Tong, unfortunately I wouldn't have a choice but to stay active duty, I've already reenlisted indef.... I attempted to get into ADO 3 years ago, but I was too close to graduating so the PMS wouldn't accept me so I had to finish my degree before I applied again.... At this time, my age would make OCS tough especially since they've lowered the age to 28 I believe, however, they haven't been able to fill all the slots for OCS classes for the past two years and I know some people that have gotten in with an age waiver even though the site says theres no age waivers... I prefer to take the ADO route because my big goal was to complete my Master's degree and I also wanted a better chance at being able to get my branch if I was ranked high enough... Historically, OCS gets the last remaining leftover branch allocations, so getting the branch you want is pretty tough to do compared to ROTC... As far as green to gold, from what I've heard it has gotten extremely competitive... 5 years ago, they didn't have enough applicants to fill all the slots and now there's a high number of applicants and hardly any slots.... I actually spoke with someone from Cadet Command and they did confirm that only 75 packets were selected this year... So, I'm hoping that the waiver process is merely a formality, but we shall see... It would be pretty damn disappointment to get a congratulations letter then turn around to hear that my waivers were denied...... But we'll see what happens... I'll keep you posted
    5/27/2015 6:05 PM
    G2G Hopeful,

    Thank you for your reply. I sincerely hope that you get accepted to G2G ADO.

    Worst case scenario, do another 8 years to retire and make $100,000/ yr. as defense contractor.

    Keep us posted about your status in G2G and good luck bro.
    5/27/2015 7:31 PM
    GTG Hopeful, Congratulations! I know that they are working on waivers. I had my dependency waiver approved on the 12th. Mr. Wildhagen is great about putting you on assignment as soon as everything is a go. SGT Tong, I can definitely understand how getting out would not be a good option without having a job lined up, and the uncertainty of getting active duty upon ROTCROTC completion. GTG ADO was a lot more selective this year, but is still obtainable with hard work. Good luck to your wife, and good looking out! I did a lot of research the past 3 years before I was able to apply and be accepted.
    5/28/2015 6:40 AM
    G2GHopeful: I'm currently in the same boat as you. I received a congratulations email the end of April but was told I wouldn't receive an offer until my conviction waiver is approved (mind you it's for speeding tickets I recieved before my enlistment). This delay in receipt of this amazing opportunity has been rather nerve racking especially with waiverless applicants already gaining offers. Did they tell you where your waiver is sitting right now? I got word that mine was with G1 and was sent to Legal for review. Not too familiar with the whole approval process, just hope it fares well. Best wishes to you and hopefully we have some positive news to share with this board within the next few days.
  • G2GHopeful
    5/28/2015 9:45 AM
    SGT Davidson, I know that feeling.... I'm damn near a nervous wreck about this.... Quick story about how I found out... I called a week ago because I hadn't heard anything so the person I spoke with so "I sorry, your packet wasn't selected", so I went on and started to figure out a plan B... The very next morning, I get an e-mail from the exact same person I talked to the day before stating that my packet was selected and my AFS waiver is awaiting CG approval. I called and sure enough, my packet was selected and the person I spoke with kept apologizing and had even went into an explanation as to why they may have given me inaccurate info. So now, after the big let down of being told I wasn't accepted, to being told my packet is approved but wait again has become a very tense experience... So we'll see what happens from here but this whole process really does lack transparency and is very nerve wrecking...

    GTG SSG, Congratulations... Where are you attending ROTC at?
  • GTG Air Assault
    5/28/2015 12:02 PM
    Congrats to current winners, and to those still waiting just keep holding on tight. I know it is a long process but I'm sure it will be worth the wait at the end. Has anyone gotten their orders? What's your report date and when is your class start date. I'm still awaiting an RCP exception to policy approval from HRC before I can reenlist and get my orders. Any attendees to UCCS ROTC?
  • SSGMaybe
    5/31/2015 12:36 PM
    Mine has been approved but going through the waivers process. I have 300 PT score, 117 GT Score and 5 years TIS. Hope to hear back from them soon with good news.
  • SSG Merchan
    5/31/2015 1:20 PM
    I'm also waiting on 1 waiver!!!!!!!
  • Getting ready
    5/31/2015 5:05 PM
    So I tried to do Green to Gold last year and fell sort in get accepted to a school as a junior for the ADO option. Now Im getting a jump start on my packet for this upcoming board and I've been accepted as a junior at the school I want to attend (just have to change the term to Fall 2016 when it opens). I have a couple questions:

    1. What format do the letters of recommendations need to being i.e. memo, form? and do they expire after a certain point (wanting to get them now)

    2. Im really confused with the whole DoDMERB and process, seems lengthy; what does in entail ( Im a recruiter right now and not close to any normal "Forts")

    Well thats all the questions I have of now.. thank you for any responses!
  • G2GHopeful
    6/1/2015 10:44 AM
    Fingers Crossed!! Anybody hear anything about their waivers? I just got to work today and looked at my ERB and my AEA code has changed to an X, which is the ROTC code with a date of June 2017... So it looks like I got in, however, I called the Cadet Command POCs and they haven't received my paperwork back yet, so hopefully this isn't a cruel joke... I called last week and spoke to someone about the waivers and apparently there is an 8 step waiver process and as of last Friday, my waiver was sitting at step 6 of eight, then this morning, I came in a saw that my AEA code on my ERB had changed. I'm not celebrating until I received some kind of official confirmation though...

    Getting Ready,

    I had a buddy that was in a similar situation that you were in, they drove to the nearest base which was 3 hours away at the time... However, I'm pretty sure that you can go to a civilian clinic or hospital and get the exam done, you'll just have to print off the forms and take them with you. If you're active duty, Tricare will cover the costs of the exams, but it does take a while to get it all done. As far as recommendation letters, this year the packets changed, so the letters weren't necessarily a requirement, but I'm sure as long as your recommendations are in regular Army writing style, that should be fine.

    Where is everyone going to attend ROTC at? I'm going to St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX
  • G2GHopeful
    6/1/2015 11:54 AM
    So the wait still goes on.... So now after seeing the change on my ERB, I get an email stating that its a precautionary change that HRC does to avoid any orders being generated prior to the packets being accepted and if the waivers aren't approved, the code gets removed!!! This whole process is ridiculously stressful and agonizing!!! This is almost like some sort of cruel joke!!!!
  • G2G 2015
    6/1/2015 3:22 PM
    Yeah this is ridiculous!
    6/1/2015 4:16 PM
    GTG Hopeful, it is Troy University but ROTC host school is Auburn University in Alabama. I was stationed at Rucker and the colleges down there accepted all of my credits towards a Bachelor's in Economics. Good luck to everyone waiting on waivers and congratulations for making it this far! I'm leaving Alaska in 30 days and my classes start 12 August. I hope to see all of you at LDAC next summer
  • G2G 2015
    6/1/2015 4:30 PM
    G2g hopeful.. Who gave you the wrong info? I think it happened to me too
  • G2GHopeful
    6/1/2015 5:16 PM
    G2G, I got my bad info from a Mrs. Barnes.... I was first told I didn't make it then told the next day after receiving an email saying about my packet pending waivers that it was accepted. Then I look at my ERB today and the AEA code on my ERB is changed to an X which is the ROTC stabilization code, then I call, and they don't have my packet on hand and say its still with the CG's staff, then I get an email that the ERB code is just precautionary, which pretty much pointless to do, seeing as I just PCS'ed here and Im dual military, so there was virtually no risk of me being placed on assignment. As of last Friday, my ERB did not have that code, but sometime between Friday and today it changed, so I'm at a loss for how this whole process works.... Its far from the process of a centralized board where the packets go up and a list is generated... Needless to say I'm a bit irritated with the rollercoaster ride of this whole process.... Ok off my soap box....

    G2G 2015,

    Good stuff... I'm stationed at Fort Sam Houston and trying to go to St. Mary's University for ROTC, but my academic portion will be at the University of the Incarnate Word for my Master's degree, I tried to make the transition as painless as possible for my family since my wife is active duty and is stationed at Fort Sam as well, so it would just be a simple local PCS for me right down the interstate... Congrats!! Hopefully I'll see everyone at LDAC
  • G2G 2015
    6/1/2015 5:37 PM
    Yeah it is pretty bad. I am already losing hope. I have no idea what is going on and they never answer their phones. This has been the most unorganized process I have ever been through. If I don't get selected I don't even know if I would wang to reapply next year. It has been that bad for me....
  • G2GHopeful
    6/1/2015 7:14 PM
    Well, Im pretty late in my career with 12 years, so the prospect of me getting selected keeps decreasing as each year passes... I couldn't get in a few years back because I was too close to completing my bachelor's degree, so I finished my degree and applied this year.... Just this year in October the age requirement went down from 35 to 30, so that forced me to need an age waiver as well as an AFS waiver.... Unfortunately, I've reenlisted indefinitely so I'll be forced to finish out my 20 on the enlisted side, something Im not looking forward to doing at all... I'll have my fingers crossed thats not the case though
  • G2G 2015
    6/1/2015 7:38 PM
    That's not too late. This girl I knew applied 2 years ago and she had 14 years and she got accepted. I hope you do too. I only have 8 years but need AFS waiver because I will be one month over the 10 year mark when I graduate. If I don't get accepted I seriously don't know what else I could do to make my packet any stronger. I have always worked in the next higher position. I have strong NCOERS, pt test always high 290, nco of the year, NCO of the quarter, DHG ALC, jumpmaster, and I play softball and I am the coach for my battalion softball team. I don't know what else they would want.
  • G2G 2015
    6/1/2015 7:44 PM
    Oh and 115 GT and 3.4 gpa.
  • G2GHopeful
    6/1/2015 7:51 PM
    Yeah.. I know the feeling... Sitting 12 years in 112 GT score Bachelor's degree with 3.59 GPA, 292 PT score... Audie Murphy and SGT Morales Club, 4 deployments... Been a PSG and OC, Air Assault, Great NCOERs and all that good stuff... At commissioning, I'd be 14 years 2 months TIS and 34 years old.
  • G2G 2015
    6/1/2015 7:58 PM
    Yeah see so I don't know. I saw the stats for the guys who did make it and we are about the same with them. Except we need waivers. One guy with a waiver got approved he had 10 yr 8 months. I guess we just have to wait. I just think it's absolutely ridiculous.
  • SSG Merchan
    6/2/2015 11:52 AM
    I'm sitting on the same boat, my erb has a code x but I'm still waiting for a final answer.
  • Getting ready
    6/2/2015 4:10 PM
    Hello all,

    So it doesnt matter what format the letters of recomendation are in? I have some that are done now in standard Army memo format and want to make sure the those and future ones are good to go. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
    6/2/2015 7:25 PM
    G2GHopeful - I shockingly received a signed approval memo just as I was about to sign off for the day today. My processor is Mr Tilburg and communication with him majority of the time was rather difficult. He also CC'd me in a message addressed to Mrs Barnes asking her to generate my acceptance letter. This is such a relief as I was already initiating a direct commission packet and wasn't looking forward to go through the wait game all over again. Let me know when you hear back and once again best wishes on gaining the "approval". I'm sure you should find out shortly if not already.
  • SSG Maybe
    6/2/2015 8:10 PM
    SGT Davidson, congrats!!! I called the ROTC recruiter at the college I want to attend and was told that the only thing they are waiting for is a signature from cadet command. I will call Mrs. Barnes in the morning to see if I can find out anything else. I really hope I can get that acceptance memo.Goodluck everyone!
  • SSG Merchan
    6/3/2015 11:16 AM
    Does anybody has any information aboit the waivers?
    6/3/2015 11:45 AM
    SSG Maybe - Thank you! I just received my acceptance letter this morning. They don't waste any time once that waiver is approved. Call/email your processor and checking with Mrs Barnes won't hurt either.

    SSG Merchan - the status of your waiver should be able to be looked up by your ROO at your ROTC program or the person processing your packet. My waiver had to go to G1 then to Legal then back to G1 for final approval.
  • G2G 2015
    6/3/2015 5:06 PM
    G2G hopeful.. I'm still waiting.... Anything new for you? Or same boat? I was told mine was in the queue for review..
  • G2GHopeful
    6/3/2015 5:13 PM
    G2G 2015... Another day of hopelessly staring at my computer screen waiting to receive a message.. I was told the same thing... Guess we'll be going through another day of torture waiting to find out... Where are you stationed and where are you trying to go to for ROTC?
  • SSG Merchan
    6/3/2015 5:41 PM
    Guys, we will get an answer sooner than later. My POC at CC said all waivers are working their way through the CGs staff.
  • G2G 2015
    6/3/2015 9:51 PM
    I know I constantly check my computer screen for updates... I am stationed at Fort Meade and going to University of Maryland.
    SSG Merchan I have heard that since the beginning of May lol
  • SGT G
    6/4/2015 2:52 AM
    I would definitely recommend contacting mr. Tilburg or mrs. Barnes if you havent heard anything yet. I got my acceptance letter yesterday after I spoke with mrs. B. It turns out they emailed my commander a week ago but he hadn't passed it along yet. My AEA code hasn't changed to 'X', so I wouldn't rely on that as a solid indicator for anything if you have yet to hear. Congrats to all of you who have already been accepted, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the guys still waiting on waivers etc!
  • SSG Merchan
    6/4/2015 8:31 AM
    I don't have Mrs. Barnes number, can yoou please post it?

    My POC at CC is Mr. Sedlak
  • G2G 2015
    6/4/2015 5:52 PM
    G2G hopeful.. Another day :( still nothing
  • SSGMaybe
    6/4/2015 9:07 PM
    I am still waiting too. The person who can give me information about my medical waiver is on leave until Monday. So until then, I don't think I will know anything else. Keep your head up, Hopeful!
  • G2G 2015
    6/5/2015 4:33 PM
    G2G hopeful, I got the news today. My waiver was approved and I'm getting put on assignment. Have you heard anything?
  • SSG Merchan
    6/5/2015 4:36 PM
    Congrats man, what was your waiver for? And who notified you.
  • G2G 2015
    6/6/2015 7:28 AM
    SSG Merchan,
    My waiver was for TIS. I will have 10 years and 1 month when I commission. My command was notified. Also I am a female.. What waivers do you need?
  • G2G Applicant
    6/6/2015 10:42 AM
    Is there anyway to know if all recipients have been notified?
  • SSG Merchan
    6/6/2015 11:05 AM
    G2G 2015,
    Sorry about that, I need an age waiver, I will be 32 the day I commissioned. Which school are you going?
  • G2GHopeful
    6/8/2015 10:25 AM
    I just called Cadet Command this morning and found out my AFS and Age waivers have been approved!
  • SSG Merchan
    6/8/2015 10:56 AM
    I received an email with my waiver approved, they said my chain of command will be notify about your application.

    Congrats G2G hopeful
  • GTG Air Assault
    6/8/2015 1:41 PM
    Congratulations G2G Hopefull, SSG Merchan, and all other winners! Make sure that you triple-check your notification letter and orders. There have been many errors and typos, including mine. HRC had my school, state and school start date wrong. Is anyone going to UCCS ROTC?
  • G2GHopeful
    6/8/2015 3:10 PM
    Congrats SSG Merchan and G2G 2015!!

    G2G Air Assault, I'll be at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX for ROTC, Academic portion is at the University of the Incarnate Word
  • chihiroso
    6/15/2015 1:21 PM
    Did anyone apply for the hip-pocket scholarship?
  • SSG Hankins
    6/17/2015 4:06 PM
    I have not heard anything from anyone yet. I applied for ADO. Has anyone received results yet?
  • G2GHopeful
    6/17/2015 4:49 PM
    SSG Hankins,

    I know myself and a few other people on here have received our official notifications and offers... From what I was told, the day that I found out (almost two weeks ago) the last of all the waivers had been signed off and all candidate should have been notified and people are starting to receive their orders. However, I could be wrong because most people I've seen on here received at least an email notifying them that they were or weren't selected. I would call cadet command and see if you can get a good answer as to the status of your packet. Try 502-624-7371... That is the contact info for Ms. Barnes.... Good luck... Hopefully they'll have some good news for you
  • G2G Air Assault
    6/18/2015 3:26 PM
    Who else here has received am email with the in processing packet. On the TO line there is 76 recipients. (Yes I counted that's that mean that those are all the winners, since there was only 75 slots +1 I guess.
  • G2GHopeful
    6/18/2015 7:16 PM
    G2G Air Assault, I caught that too.. lol... I received my inprocessing packet two days ago... I'm pretty sure that email contained all the winners
  • SSG Merchan
    6/18/2015 7:35 PM
    I'm glad to be in that email also. Congrats to everyone who made it, I will see you at LDAC.
  • SGT Curious
    6/23/2015 2:01 PM
    What is a typical schedule like for ADO? non scholarship cadets? Is there a formation daily? Do you do unit PT? Is everyone the same? I'm curious to see how it works. Please let me know. Thank you!
  • SSG Maybe
    6/23/2015 3:49 PM
    I received the inprocessing packet. Still waiting on the final say so on my medical waiver. Ms. Thomas said it got approved though. I just need one last signature. I hope I get my orders soon though. School starts in August and I just found out I have to reenlisting before I go. They said reenlisting is mandatory for all. did anyone else have to reenlist?
  • G2GHopeful
    6/23/2015 5:57 PM
    SGT Curious,

    It varies with the ROTC program... Some have to do PT 2-3 days a week, my program has the luxury of PT 5 days a week (sarcasm).... As far as class schedule, you pretty much dictate your schedule with the exception of you mandatory military science courses and labs... For me, my MS classes meet Monday and Wednesday at noon for 75 minutes and the lab once a week on Wednesday afternoon for 2 hours. The rest of the days are up to you depending on how you set up your class schedule. Some people even have an online option... I'm going to class on campus on tuesdays and thursday nights, just to give you an idea of how much flexibility you have with your schedule... So there is plenty of free time to do what you gotta do to be successful.

    SSG Maybe,

    I'm old... Didn't have to reenlist, I'm indef already... lol
  • SGT Curious
    6/23/2015 6:13 PM
    Thank you for the info, now another question for you. Which ROTC program r u at? If I went to the school do you think someone would be willing to talk me? I have tried to go through the school contacts here on Bragg and I'm just getting tossed around to different people all different answers. Also, as long as you have credits to get you into your junior year you don't need your associates degree the school I'm in now. I have enough credits but applied to my "degree program" I need 2 credit hours..... Which, I found out mid semester after being told I would graduate this semester. So my plan of starting my packet will have to be pushed to the right until I get these last 2 credit hours or if I have enough to transfer now it won't matter...? This is the only place I have gotten any type of answers and I want to thank you for that!!
  • G2GHopeful
    6/23/2015 7:03 PM
    Sgt Curious,

    I will be attending ROTC at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX. First step is to find an school with an ROTC program that has your desired degree program, because inevitably, that institution will be evaluating all your credits and will let you know how much you have left to complete your degree and they will give you a cumulative GPA that will factor into how competitive you will be compared to other applicants. I believe Fayetteville State has a ROTC program out there or at least has an agreement with a University out there that has a ROTC program. Once you apply to the school you want to attend and you get accepted, then you will have an idea of how many classes you have to finish your degree, but as long as you are academically a junior at the school you want to attend, you should be fine and you are correct, an associates degree is not a requirement, but a good GPA is key to get into the program. For starters from my experience, there won't be too many people on base that will be extremely helpful when it comes to ROTC, the best people to talk to are the ROTC recruiters that work for the college ROTC programs on the campus... Most of the school sites have an ROTC link with contact information for the people that work there. I'd start there because they'll be the ones helping you to complete your packet... You can start getting things together to complete your packet now even though the packets can't normally be submitted until around Nov-Dec timeframe. You can start talking to people to get letters of recommendation, start applying to schools and getting your transcripts evaluated and get accepted into a school with an ROTC program, brush up on PT if you need to, start talking with the ROTC program recruiter at the school you want to attend because you will need a letter of acceptance from the ROTC Professor of Military Science, and in the next couple of months you may want to start your DODMERB physical, that will also take some time to be completed. If you get an early start, you'll be fine, but just to put it in perspective, in ROTC you will get 4 semesters to complete your degree, make sure that you're able to maintain at least 12 hours per semester which will also include 1 military science course worth 3 semester hours that you have to take each semester as well. Also, look at what you want to do, non scholarship option, active duty option, hip-pocket scholarship.... These are all avenues of approach to get into ROTC with different benefits to each one
    7/9/2015 8:39 PM
    So I have a couple questions and maybe someone know the answer.
    1. When does one officially become a cadet?
    2. Does the rank show up on you ERB or do we get an ORB?
    3. Can you get an updated ID card with the rank?
  • G2GHopeful
    7/10/2015 1:12 AM
    G2G Air Assault,

    You're officially a cadet when you report to your ROTC battalion. The rank of cadet won't show on your ERB, you'll just have the assignment to the Ft. Jackson student detachment on there and an X AEA code. You'll keep the ID card with your current rank until you officially commission. Once you commission, you'll also get an ORB as opposed to the ERB and it will reflect your 2LT rank
  • 1LT Tennant
    7/26/2015 9:50 PM

    I just want to say that It's awesome that this forum has continued to be used to share information regarding this program. As I mentioned several years ago, I won't be checking this often, and as such will not be responding as I have in the past. I am very happy to see that this place is a resource for soldiers helping soldiers.

    If you didn't get picked up this year, don't lose hope. Getting selected for this program was the best thing that has happened for my career and I encourage you to continue working hard.

    God Bless you all, and perhaps I'll see you out and about.

    Kind regards,

    1LT Tennant
  • Wajahat Mohiuddin
    7/27/2015 9:10 AM
    I just found out about the Green to Gold program.
    I have been at my unit for 1 month now, after getting done with Basic Training and AIT.
    I have a GT score of 126 and also I have an Associate's Degree, GPA of 3.8
    My MOS is 74D, and my question is that can I be approved for a TIS waiver or do you recommend for me to serve 2 years first then submit my packet?
    I will also be willing to go the non-scholarship route.
  • 2LT Climes
    7/27/2015 9:40 AM
    To Mouhiuddin,

    You must have completed at least two years of active federal service, but less than ten years of active federal service (AFS) at the time of commission (waiverable). That is the only thing that is waiverable.
  • Mohiuddin
    7/27/2015 4:03 PM
    2LT Climes, so that means if I start working on my packet now instead of serving 2 years, I have a chance of getting a waiver?
  • 2LT Climes
    7/30/2015 8:48 AM
    Mohiuddin, there are no waivers for minimum time in service. I repeat you must have 24 months Time In service before consideration for G2G ADO. I would reccomend working on your packet and continue to update that so that when you hit that major requirement you will be good to go. I suggest that you work on some college courses so that you will not have to spend a long time in school granted that you are accepted into the program.
  • Early start
    8/3/2015 6:57 PM
    There hasn't been a direct answer in regards to the format the letters of recommendation needs to be in for the G2G packet. I have a good amount of individuals ready to write them but I keep getting asked the format i.e. memo or form number?
    Any help would be great, thank you.
  • G2GHopeful
    8/3/2015 7:05 PM
    Early Start,

    There's no specific format that the letters of recommendation need to be in. Most people I've known used the memo format. I can only speak from my experience, but I didn't even have letters of recommendation and still got into the program, so one or two letters should be enough. Some of the documents will have input from your commanders to write on your behalf. The letters aren't even a requirement anymore (at least that was the case from this most recent board). Honestly, what seems to be the major focus is your GPA and APFT scores. They seem to places a large amount of focus on those areas. If you're an NCO, your NCOERs will probably way more effective than the letters or recommendation. Good luck to you
  • aQ
    8/11/2015 1:20 PM
    Hi everyone
    I am wondering if it is even possible to get 2 waivers? I am 34 now and have 4 kids, thats the only waivers I would need.
    Thanks in advance
  • New Cadet
    8/11/2015 1:25 PM

    Yes. I had a waiver for age, dependents, active federal service, 2 criminal, and 3 medical. I was accepted and am starting next week! Don't let the waiver requests stop you, they are available for a reason!
  • aQ
    8/11/2015 1:36 PM
    Congrats!!! Thanks for your quick response. Do I have to submit the waivers first? or do I submit it with my packet?
  • New Cadet
    8/11/2015 1:47 PM
    My recruiter told me that its best to have waivers in by the end of November in order to keep the process smotter. I thonk its a good idea since I waited until the last second and wasn't aftually rligable tonparticipate until about 2 weeks ago. Luckily I am not PCSing. Also, not to start any crazy rumors, but I figure I might as well give all the applicants hope, last year they only picked up 76 applicants. Ive heard from a very reliable source that this will cause a dramatic influx in acceptances this year. As he put it, "if their was ever a time to put in for G2G ADO, this is the year to do it." So, do uour best to squate your packets away and don't quick when it gets hard, because it will....
  • St. Mary's Cadet
    8/11/2015 3:58 PM

    Yes, it is very possible to get multiple waivers approved. I received 3 waivers, age (Im 32), Time in Service (I have 12 years, 14 at commissioning), and medical (past PTSD from deployments). So I'd definitely put the packet in. New Cadet is right about only 76 applicants being selected this past year, it was very competitive. But just make sure you're competitive as far as GPA and APFT as those will be probably the most important part of your packet. The process to get the packet complete takes a while and you'll run into some hiccups here and there, but don't let that discourage you. At this point, the worst possible thing that could happen if you put the packet in is they don't accept you. But, you'll never get accepted if you never apply... Just get an early jump on your packet, especially the DODMERB physical... Thats what will take the longest to complete.... Good luck
  • aQ
    8/11/2015 6:28 PM
    Thank you so much for your responses and advises, I am studying for GRE and hoping to take it in October. As far as I understood I need to get accepted to the school first, then ROTC, and then start the packet?
  • St Mary's Cadet
    8/11/2015 6:33 PM
    For your packet to be complete you need a letter from the college giving you full unconditional acceptance. I did the Master's option as well
  • aQ
    8/11/2015 6:46 PM
    Yes trying to go for masters, my GPA is 3.24, pt 281, ARCOM, 3 AAMS, MOVSM, JAM.
    Age and dependents waiver, TIS 27 months, e5.
    My first step is GRE and acceptance, the college I am trying to go has a lot of competition as well.
  • Mark
    8/18/2015 10:34 AM
    I am a little confused with age waiver, do I submit 4187 or the Memo?
    Thanks in advance
  • SGT G2G
    8/19/2015 1:22 PM
    I have some confusion about the endorsement recommending approval from the Army ROTC Battalion and Brigade Commanders that is required for the age waiver. Is this the same thing as a recommendation and should it be from my Commander in memo format? Anyone that has completed the waiver have insight into this? Thank you in advance.
  • CDT Dan
    8/19/2015 6:05 PM
    So, when I did my waivers last year they alwere all in the same format, using a 4187 with unit commander signature. In comments, make sure to put that you are requesting whatever spwcific waiver for whatever specific reason, i.e. SM is requesting an AGE waiver for acceptance to the Green to Gold ADO program. SM will be 32 at time of commissioning. I am hearing that they really want to get all waivers in by the end of Nov this year, so do your best to get them in early! Trust me, you don't want to be waiting on waiver approval after you find out your packet was accepted... Its painful and leaves you no time for PCSing...
  • SGT G2G
    8/24/2015 5:41 AM
    Maybe there has been a change to the waiver procedure this year. A 4187 is still required but in addition to an endorsement recommending approval from the Army ROTC Battalion and Brigade Commanders. I would like to know the format of the endorsement and if it should come from myself or my CO?
  • CDT Dan
    8/24/2015 8:41 AM

    The 4187 should be filled out by yourself and you commander. When I did my packet, my PMS letter included approval for the things I neesed waived. It stated: "SSG has been approved to participate in the ROTC program. Age, dependency, civil conviction and AFS have been approved. SSG understands Cadet Command still must approve these waivers..." Sonething like that. So, I am pretty sure all you donis get the 4187s done, get your PMS letter and submit. Cadet Command completes the waivers themselves and if they require any more information about them, they will contact you. Your best bet is to call Cadet Command yourself and ask, but I am pretty sure this ia the process.
  • Mark
    8/24/2015 2:17 PM
    Just talked to school ROTC I am applying to, asked them about the waiver and 4187 for my age waiver. The rep told me that I need to upload all the documents and then request a waiver, I was under impression that you submit a request for a waiver, then complete your packet. Anyone?
  • Age and Service waiver for G2G
    9/5/2015 5:43 PM
    Hello all,

    I was hoping someone could send me their waivers as an example to build my own for this years selection. I need an age wavier (for a whole 42 days over 30 at time of commission) and an active federal service waiver ( I'll have 12 years in at the time of commissioning). Also did anyone not have their DoDMERB physical done not at a federal installation, what was that process?



  • Spc wyland
    9/7/2015 9:30 PM
    Quick question, I've been in 3 years now with 3 years left on my contract as a 15B. I don't have any schooling past high school. I'm on a P3 permanent profile (push-ups) only. I know my GT score is going to have to go up before I get accepted. My question is would being on a P3 profile make me ineligible or could I still possibly get accected? My PT scores used to be above 270 every time, 0 arcoms, 2AAMs, 1 COA, 1GCM, expert weapons qual...
    Thanks in advance.
  • St. Mary's Cadet
    9/7/2015 9:45 PM
    SPC Wyland,

    You would need a medical waiver and its all depending on what your condition may be and is it waiverable... I'd check the DODMERB site and see what conditions are disqualifying... I'm pretty sure you're gonna need to be able to complete the full APFT to get in the program as that is one of the determining factors in the ROTC OML... I may be wrong, but I have yet to see a cadet get by without being able to take the full APFT... Good luck
  • Cadet Whit
    9/9/2015 7:17 PM
    SPC Wyland, I would have to agree with St. Mary. If you cannot complete a full APFT, I highly doubt you will be accepted :-( BUT I could be wrong. See if you can do more research on it. Goodluck!
  • SPC Kosh
    9/12/2015 5:22 PM
    Hello everybody,

    I am applying for G2G ADO 2016 enrollment (MPA program). Having been in the Army for only 1.5 years, I have not obtained a lot of military leadership experience which, as I understand, is a very attractive attribute of a G2G candidate. I was SL and PG in basic training (not documented), and SL in AIT (documented through COA). Unfortunately, no official leadership responsibility in my unit so far, where I have been only for a year. However, I have a great deal of civilian (collegiate and ecclesiastical) leadership experience (not documented, but proof can be acquired). Would my civilian leadership be pertinent to G2G application. If yes, would you recommend to just attach those proof documents to my application, or do it differently?

    Thank you very much in advance!
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  • Katerina
    10/18/2015 10:02 PM
    Hi everyone!
    I am asking this question for my husband. He is applying for G2G ADO for Fall 2016, but his unit "might" deploy in February 2016. If he gets accepted, does he need to finish his deployment before he can start with the G2G program?
    Thank you!
  • CDT Merchan,
    10/18/2015 10:12 PM
    Yes he will have to finish his rotation. But the difficult part will be to change his orders to start ROTC after his deployment it's over.
  • CDT Smith
    10/18/2015 10:52 PM
    Actually, that is incorrect.... Katerina, your husband may still apply for G2G ADO even if his unit deploys... If he is accepted during the deployment, the unit can release him... Deployment does not stop a Soldier from applying for G2G... The only disqualifying assignments are drill sergeant and recruiter obligations. I've had a Soldier in the past that received G2G ADO orders almost halfway into our deployment. By all means do not stop the packet if this is something your husband wants to really do... Let the army tell him he can't, not one of us in some forum... Good Luck to him
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  • CDT Merchan
    10/18/2015 11:07 PM
    I never said that he can't apply. Yes he can but he will not start on the fall unless he finish his deployment. Off course if his unit release him before that better but that is very difficult. This happen to me I was deploy when I applied for G2G ADO. If he gets accepted and he still deploy. He will have to change his report date to the university, thats all but it is possible.
  • Katerina
    10/19/2015 9:33 PM
    Thank you, CDT Smith! We'll give it a shot. There's no harm in trying, I guess.
  • SPC
    10/21/2015 6:05 AM
    It says in the requirement that you need a recommendation from your immediate commander which is my company commander, and a field grade officer. Does it have to be my battalion commander, or can I ask other field grade officers if my battalion commander isn't available?
  • Galluzzi
    10/21/2015 8:17 AM

    Good luck to you and your husband! He´ll need your support to get this monster packet completed. Your husband will be able to leave mid'deployment IF his commander releases him. I would recommend he speaks with his commander about it. That way you´ll know where your commander stands, and he won´t get blindsided by losing a presumably outstanding soldier mid deployment.

    On the 174'R Green to Gold Application Form, it specifies that the O5 is your BN CDR. Depending on how desperate the situation is, you could try for another O5, but you have months to get your BC´s signature.
  • CDT AirAssault
    10/23/2015 9:21 AM

    Personal experience: I was on orders to go to Korea I was already on leave and had the plane ticket and everything. I found out I was accepted the day after I went on leave and by the following day my orders to Korea where cancelled by HRC and everything was reverted. I went back to my unit for another month until my orders were recreated. I was also told by my ROTC recruiter that if I had deployed I would be pulled back to attend school. G2G supersedes anything else that is going on basically. Have you husband talk to his ROTC school personnel they are there to help him answer any questions.
  • FY16 Applicant
    11/9/2015 6:43 PM
    If you're already receiving BAH on active duty and going to be an ADO cadet. Its my understanding that you're MGIB pays for you're college, which also comes with a BAH of its own. So...will you receive two BAH's while in the program?
  • Cdt air assault
    11/9/2015 6:54 PM
    Fy16 applicant, unfortunately you cannot double dip ob the bah. I was very disappointed when I found this out. Also the gi bill will only cover for your tuition only so don't expect to make money off it. Let me know if you have any more questions. Good luck
  • LovingG2G
    11/9/2015 9:05 PM
    Fy16 applicant, you will also get a textbook stipend on top of the GI Bill covering tuition. You get $41.00 per credit hour. This helps a lot because some classes have cheap books or you can rent books on your kindle for a low fee. I ended up getting about $700.00 this semester alone on books and I know I did not spend nearly that much. Every little counts :-)
  • LOR
    11/16/2015 6:43 AM
    I am having a hard time catching my BN CDR. He is usually out either in the field or somewhere. I am a bit worried that I may not get a letter from him or if I get one, it may not be a strong one since there's almost no chance of me working with him or proving myself. Will that be a huge factor in getting accepted to the program? That's pretty much all I have left.
  • CDT M
    11/16/2015 7:37 AM
    You need to get your CO involve on that. And between you and your CO can type the letter, and all your BN commander needs to do its signed. He doesn't have the time to write a letter and like you said he doesn't know you very much. And yes this could be a huge factor.

    Use your CO to approach him. In my case my CO took me over there and after that was pretty easy.
  • G2G Air Assault
    11/16/2015 9:53 AM
    When I was applying I told my CO that I needed the BC LOR. He said to do a write up of why I want to be an officer. I used this write up also for the "Why I want to become an officer" section on the main application. Then he made an appointment with the BC and went with me. When I went in he saw my whole packet and was able to measure my performance by it. He hand wrote his recommendation and asked me to type it up and return it to him for a signature.
  • Mark
    11/16/2015 10:14 AM
    I thought LOR from BN commander wasnt part of the package. I guess I was wrong. Where do you get that information from?
  • CDT Galluzzi
    11/16/2015 10:44 AM
    I second CDT M's advice. Don't be afraid to draft one for him, and use your CO.
    At minimum, you need the BN CDR to complete the evaluation/recommendation portion of the 174-r for your packet. Of course, I doubt it wouldn't hurt to have a separate rec letter from him if you want to try to swing it. If you are helping draft letters, try to make them sound as different from each other as possible. Don't write about all of your accomplishments and strengths in each one; I imagine the board members would get a little 'board' if you did that. haha
  • FY16 hopeful
    11/29/2015 1:14 PM
    With the new system on the Green to Gold portal you no longer need an actual LOR memorandum. Instead your Company and Battalion commanders have to fill out performance and recommendation sections on the 174-R that can be generated once all your personal and military demographics are filled out.

    I wondered the same thing so I contacted cadet command and that’s what they told me. I have LOR’s from other field grade officers that I will just be uploading as “other” and LOR into my portal.
  • Mark
    11/29/2015 5:12 PM
    Hi everyone
    I was wondering if anyone could help me with this, I am applying for ADO for 2 year Masters program, how do you fill out 104-r form, I am completely lost, since I am not getting any help from local ROTC recruiting team.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated
  • St. Mary's Cadet
    11/29/2015 11:21 PM
    On your 104-r, you just need to fill out your schedule of classes you plan on taking for your master's program. It can be changed but you have to be able to complete all coursework within the 21 month timeframe. Not sure about your specific program, but my program I enrolled in was cohort based and all our classes follow a very specific schedule. Simply put, just plan out on the form the schedule of your courses over the 2 year ADO period,
  • Mark
    11/30/2015 5:08 PM
    Thank you very much for your response.
    12/4/2015 4:52 AM
    So, I know its pretty late to start working on an application packet for GTG but I just recently realized that it was the best course of action to take. Looking for some commentary on my overall "qualifications" and any advice to expedite the process if possible.

    4 Years 8 Months TIS
    11 Months TIG
    129 GT
    102 DLAB
    267 PT Score (added a minute to my run since getting to Korea)
    38 Weapons Qual
    87 Total Credits (69 applicable to my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree plan) (planning on enrolling for 12 more this upcoming semester)
    Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certified
    Good Credit, No Criminal Background, Married w/ 3 children

    Where are ya'll going to submit the applications and upload paperwork. I have tried the GoArmy account but it wont recognize me as Active Duty or let me access the Green To Gold application. I have contacted the recruiter for the school I want to go to (which is luckily in the same school system as my current university). What else can I do to make sure I get everything done in time?

    12/5/2015 1:35 AM
    I am a infantry SSG but serving as a detailed recruiter working on applying to the ADO program and have the support of my COC. I have not been able to find a SME on what (or how) I start the packet. I have started the online packet where I upload documents but am running into a wall with how to get everything filled out to submit. I think my next step is to contact my intended college and have them accept my transfer credits and fill out my intended degree plan and I think I go through thier ROTC department to stary that but I'm not sure. I'm fully qualified other than needing TIS and age waivers (12 years TIS at commissioning time and 31 at commissioning time) if you still maintain this blog and can offer advice I would be grateful. I plan on going to university of Akron for ROTC, and I'd like to do my academic schooling at Balden Walace if the army supports that I know the Air Force does.
  • 2LT Climes
    12/5/2015 6:12 AM
    SSG Hammar,
    You are trying to go to Akron but do your schooling at Balden Walace. The only way that would be possible is of Balden Walace doesn't have a ROTC program. The process is tedious but can be accomplished. You must apply to the college, get accepted, apply to the ROTC program, and get accepted. So in turn, you must apply to both colleges. Akron you must apply and get accepted, and in turn apply for the ROTC program as well. You should contact their secretary so that you can get a memorandum that states acceptance into the program. When you apply to Balden Walace, you need to get accepted, and show a matriculation of classes that will show the path to your fulfillment of requirements to commission. This will be tough only because of bouncing between two schools. If you are accepted into the program, you have to participate in labs that will often require most of the day depending on the lab. Since you're infantry, you will benefit from the squad tactics. Much has changed from when I commissioned, but ensure you know what you want a a degree in, fill out the 104-R so that you know where you stand as in getting semester hours for your classes, as well as the Military Science classes (ROTC) The good thing is that with your time in service as and being a SSG, you most likely will only have to do MS III and MS IV, you will have to complete Cadet Leaders Course (CLC) formerly known as Leaders Development Assessment Course (LDAC). If you have any more questions or would like me to go in depth with the process, feel free to e-mail me at Good Luck

    2LT Climes
    QM, Executive Officer
    E Co 1-61 In Rgt
    Ft Jackson, S.C
  • Hopeful Specialist
    12/5/2015 5:37 PM
    Whoever can help,
    I am finishing up my ADO packet and when I finished my medical exam, my BN physician gave me DD Forms 2807 and 2808. I want to know if anyone has submitted these forms to Cadet Command and had them accepted.
  • St. Mary's Cadet
    12/5/2015 6:10 PM
    Hopeful Specialist,

    The forms you will need for the DODMERB physical are DD forms 2351 and 2492.... These forms will need to be faxed over to the DODMERB physical board office in Colorado Springs at the air force Academy.... If you go to, it has all the info you need pertaining to the DODMERB physical.... The medical forms do not need to go in your packet, but you must be medically qualified through the DODMERB board prior to the start of rotc... This process takes a bit of time to go through so those forms need to be completed sooner than later.... Not sure what forms you used, but for ROTC, those forms won't work
  • St. Mary's Cadet
    12/5/2015 6:22 PM
    SSG Hammar,

    From a bit of research, Baldwin Wallace does not have an agreement with the University of Akron.... In order to attend ROTC with Baldwin Wallace, you'd have to go to the ROTC program at John Carroll University, I would give their ROTC program a call and they can walk you through what you need to do and also you would get your rotc acceptance letter from their PMS... Good luck
  • Mark
    12/7/2015 10:09 AM
    St. Mary's Cadet
    I have the right forms but I uploaded them to G2G website, do I need to fax the forms to DODMERB?
    Thank you
  • St. Mary's Cadet
    12/7/2015 10:12 AM

    They have to go to DODMERB.... Cadet command isn't the medical approval authority and cannot clear you until the DODMERB board personnel at the air force academy do so
  • Mark
    12/7/2015 10:31 AM
    Thanks again
  • Mark
    12/17/2015 8:05 PM
    Good evening everyone
    This question might be silly for some of you but:
    On the G2G application page they require CC form 103r for DA photo, I have downloaded the form but how do I insert my DA photo? Or Visual Studio personnel needs to do it for me?
    Thank you very much
  • CDT Galluzzi
    12/18/2015 12:29 AM
    Mark, I took the printed photo given to me by the studio, placed it on the form then scanned it in. You should be able to find a digital sender around somewhere.
  • Mark
    12/18/2015 12:32 AM
    Great, just wanted to double check if some1 else have done it before.
    Thank you very much
  • G2G2016
    12/18/2015 1:17 PM
    Filling our the memorandum for dependency waiver, I have 3 kids, do I put I have 4 dependents, do I count my spouse as my dependent as well?
    Thank you
  • G2G Air Assault
    12/19/2015 8:51 PM

    Yes, your will need add your spouse as your fourth dependent. I had the exact same waiver for 4 dependents. The only reason why they ask for a waiver like this one is I'd your where going to do the scholarship or non-scholarship option to see if you would be able to live simply on that. For ADO you don't have to worry about your pay. Mine was approved right away. I also believe that your school PMS has to approve it first, mine did.Good luck.
  • Anthony
    12/28/2015 2:07 AM
    Hi I just want to ask if can use the GI bill on the G2G ADO?
  • St. Mary's Cadet
    12/28/2015 9:35 AM

    Yes... You are allowed to use your G.I. Bill for ADO.... You just won't be allowed to receive the housing stipend since you'll still be getting BAH.... You will get tuition and the book stipend using the post 9-11 G.I. Bil
  • Anthony
    12/29/2015 5:51 PM
    St. Mary's Cadet,

    Thank you
  • antsy applicant
    1/3/2016 1:51 PM
    WOW... I just made a new account on the green to gold portal (just to be nosey) and it was the 1665th application ID, thats a lot of competition. Even accounting for double accounts and those who started an application but didn't finish.

    27 days left
  • GreentoGold App
    1/3/2016 5:28 PM
    Do I need a waiver if I will be 31 years of age on the date of the projected graduation and commission?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Wilkerson2
    1/4/2016 4:09 AM
    I have a couple of questions re guarding my application,

    1. On my 174-R application it is not allowing me or my commander to
    digitally sign it, is it ok to just sign it by hand and upload?
    2. Also on my 174-R in section 4 when it generated my personal statement it
    did not generate the entire statement, does that matter or do I need to
    attach something with the rest of my statement.
    3. On the 174-R it says favorable NACLC and the info must be on the ERB it
    has a date my security clearance was completed is that sufficient for a
    favorable one?
    4. My commanders have German numbers and when I try to input it onto the
    174-R it shows up with commas for the 14 digit number. Is this an issue? EX:
    049-637-194-644-125 shows up as 046,637,194,644,125
    5. I do not have a Service School Report so do I need to upload my last 3
    6. My commander is writing a memo to verify my PT card, is this acceptable?
    7. I have not failed HT and WT so I do not have a Body Fat Worksheet, do I
    still need to provide one?

    P.S I know some of the requirements for Scholarship option are different for ADO, I am applying for the scholarship option
  • Mark
    1/5/2016 3:56 PM
    ANother question
    Regarding the form 104R, I have already completed it and digitally signed, but my ROTC department still havent given me an acceptance, so they want me to get that form signed by the school representative, but the form still will need to be signed PMS, how do I do it?
    I mean I will digitally sign it, then print it take to school then scan and forward to ROTC department?
    Any of you had to do it?
    Thank you very much in advance
  • ROTC Pride
    1/5/2016 9:08 PM
    I got the acceptance letter before filling out that form. I coordinated with the school's ROTC head recruiter. I told him what I needed and he made sure it got done. If I were you, I'd call and email that recruiter person at your school and let them know where you are in the process (via email and call) and what you need to finish it. He or she should make it happen for you and/or help you figure out the best route to get everything done. Without the help of this recruiter, I would not have been able to get everything done in time.
  • Mark
    1/5/2016 9:36 PM
    Hi ROTC pride thanks for your response, I am dealing with 2 ROTC Offices and 2 recruiting offices, they are so different like day and night. One is extremely helpful in submitting required documents, providing assistance and answering all the questions. The second one is a little different, I guess the location makes a huge difference. The only reason I am asking this question is because I cant get a response from other ROTC department.
    Thanks again
  • Mark
    1/7/2016 1:18 PM
    Thanks a lot for your response.
    now have another question, maybe you guys can help me out as well.
    I am filling out form CC 228R Financial Statement, what do you put for Part 4 if you are applying for ADO?
    Thank you very much in advance again.
  • ROTC Pride
    1/7/2016 1:55 PM
    Hey Mark,
    If possible, I would just stick with the ROTC/recruiting office that's determined to help you. It shows that they will be dependable when you get accepted into the program. I can't help much with the financial statement issue. That document was not part of my packet when I applied… and I just applied in 2015. See if you can call someone at Cadet Command to make sure it is still necessary to submit that one. Sometimes they put it online as a necessary document, but when you call they're all like "No, that document is no longer necessary."
  • Mark
    1/7/2016 2:07 PM
    The thing is I have been accepted into the program I wanted, still waiting for the decision on the other one, but running out of time. I emailed cadet command and they said I need to talk to ROTC cadre, so kinda stuck right now, was just hoping someone had filled the same form in the past.
    Thanks again ROTC Pride
    1/7/2016 2:53 PM
    Mark, I understand your rush. I was accepted this last year on ADO. I sent up my packet with the 228-r before they changed the requirements. See if this helps for part 4.
    22. no
    23. 0
    24. 0
    25. 0
    26. 0 unless you receive a student loan
    27. 0 unless you will use ch 33 then its $1000 per year / the amount of months you go to school per year.
    28. Your base pay plus bah if you get it and food allowance etc....
    29. The amount per month from GI bill. I get full tuition so I would put your tuition /the lenght of your classes. EX. tuition $4700 / 4 month courses = $1175 a month
    30. Your spouse's monthly salary if any
    31. 0 you are not eligible for the kicker while ADO
    32. FAFSA if any, total / number of months in school EX $5700 / 9 = $633
    33. 0
    34. 0
    35. Add all the blocks
    You should not need the form. My ROTC recruiter told me that they really only look at it if you are going the scholarship way. They want to see if you will be financially stable and be able to focus in school. Good Luck
  • Mark
    1/7/2016 3:14 PM
    Thank you so much G2G AIR ASSAULT, will try to submit the form like you suggested. Will see what happens.
    Thanks again.
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  • Darius
    1/17/2016 9:47 AM
    With the ADO I notice that there's no tuition assitance and I'll have to use the G.I. Bill. If I want to pursue a master's degree will I have to pay out of pocket or is there another educational benefit provided one I commission. I'm concerned about using up the G.I. Bill and not having enough to complete my Master's Degree. I'm currently using TA and trying to save the G.I. Bill.
  • Jason
    1/21/2016 4:19 PM
    I've heard through the grapevine that if you haven't completed your packet yet you might as well not submit it. They are overloaded this year and are only handing out 50 or so ADO contracts.
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  • SSG Taylor
    1/26/2016 2:34 PM
    I came across this thread months ago, but figured it was outdated because of the dates on the first couple of posts. I had no idea how current it actually is. For those that have been selected in previous years... I need your advice. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard not to throughout this process. I just completely finished my packet yesterday, and I'm wondering how competitive I may be when compared to everyone else. I'm a SSG with 5.5 years TIS (made 6 in 4), 118 GT, SAMC, DHG in AIT, commandants in WLC, finished my AA degree with over 3.5 GPA, previous NCOY for BDE and DIV, all 1/1 NCOERs, all kinds of awards (8 AAMs, 3 ARCOMs, 1 MSM) highest recommendations from CDRs (to include my BDE CDR), and (wait for it) a lousy 269 APFT. Lol I usually score much higher, but i let myself down. I'm 26 y/o with a wife, and kiddo on the way. I have an approved medical waiver, and also submitted waiver request for civil conviction infractions as a civilian. (Littering and trespassing). What do you guys think my chances are for selection? Oh and I have. 3.4 GPA in the Univesity I applied for. Thanks for any advice!
    1/29/2016 9:07 AM
    I am working on my packet currently, looking to utilize the Hip-Pocket Scholarship. Does anyone who has been accepted into Green to Gold (or anyone really) have their packet and wouldn't mind sharing? I'm fresh from Afghanistan and my unit is disbanding, so while overtaxed with work during the duty day, I am looking to get a little research in during my off time. Good luck to everyone applying this year.
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  • SPC U
    2/3/2016 6:31 AM
    Good luck to everyone applying this year.
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  • SGT D
    2/5/2016 1:03 PM
    First off, good luck to all applicants!

    I hope I'm not the only one refreshing the file upload page every hour. Lol I was just in there and noticed something that caught me off guard. All my documents were uploaded well before the 1 FEB deadline and are now being validated. However, most of them that are still pending show a new "uploaded date." Some of which are 2 or 3 FEB. Is anyone else getting this? I just don't want it to seem like I didn't upload on time and maybe just something on Cadet Command's end when they view documents. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

    SGT D
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  • SPC U
    2/6/2016 12:50 PM
    @SGT D When did you upload your last required doc? Mine was Dec 30 but I haven't seen any movement on my file upload page yet. Everything looks the same so far
  • Kocka
    2/10/2016 10:39 AM
    Funny, 'Hopeful Specialist', I was in the exact same boat (same place too): I went through medicals first thing, then right before submission it turns out that they filled out the wrong forms - even though I emphasized what the medicals were for! Sigh. I would like to warn people about this: don't just trust the medical team blindly - always double check that they fill out the right form for you (check those form numbers)! Sometimes they don't have a clue....

    Another thing I didn't know and learned it the hard way: although it wasn't mentioned before, you need security clearance to qualify. So start working on that ASAP if you don't have it yet.
  • Kocka
    2/10/2016 10:41 AM
    I apologize for double posting - please do remove it. (The website kept giving me an error so I never saw it posted before now.)
  • SGT D
    2/11/2016 2:36 AM
    @SPC U, I uploaded the last doc the end of Jan. CC got back to me and said it wasn't an issue and my packet has been validated. Hope you see some movement as well. Thanks and good luck!
  • SPC U
    2/11/2016 2:45 AM
    @SGT D That's great news. I hope they get to my packet soon. So did your file upload status change to "Complete" and "Eligible"?
  • SGT D
    2/11/2016 3:43 AM
    @SPC U, it changed to "eligible." I'm sure they're working to close them all out and you'll see movement soon.
  • Kocka
    2/11/2016 2:48 PM
    Just to add info to the previous: I also uploaded my last files on the last days (that Fall semester transcript update made everything last minute!), and have not had any change on the portal yet. I'm sure they don't look at them by 'finishing order', but more likely there is an alphabetical order or something.
  • SSG V
    2/16/2016 11:28 AM
    Each packet is assigned to an individual at HRC, based on the first letter of your last name. E.G. the person in charge of my packet handles V-Z. They are more than willing to help, you just have to reach out to them. I am in constant contact. As soon as I uploaded a file, I would email/call her and she would validate it on the spot. Saved me a lot of pain during the process.
  • Kocka
    2/16/2016 12:23 PM
    Thanks SSG V, that's some useful info. How do you know who is in charge of your group/their contact info? Whenever I had doubts, I just emailed the 'contact us' on the portal. I thought there's not much point in bothering them through there anymore, as they might be super busy with all the packets. The last message I received said that if my packet doesn't get verified by end of Feb, then I should contact them.

    By the way, I just saw this article about expanding officer candidate numbers in OCS to 150. Do you think this might happen for GtG as well? Or am I just being too positive? :)
  • SSG V
    2/16/2016 12:31 PM
    I don't ever venture to guess what the Army is thinking as a whole. That's a dangerous beast. The first time I called them, I asked them who was in charge of my packet, and they gave me her contact info. I would recommend doing the same. It was extremely helpful as most people I know have never done this type of packet before. She was able to walk me through a lot of paperwork that normally gets kicked back, and as a result the majority of my files were accepted the first time. I was 100% verified back in Dec. It just depends on who your POC is and how fast they are working. I would not stress not be verified yet. The board does not convene until April 1st. board results will be published NLT May 18 according to HRC
  • Kocka
    2/22/2016 5:37 PM
    My assigned POC got to my packet - name starts with K.
    I already thought this might be an issue: university acceptance letter has to state 'junior' status. I contacted my university about this MONTHS ago, but all I got from the admissions contact was 'we only send out these generic letters.' Any recommendation whom I should contact with such an issue if admissions is useless?
  • SSG V
    2/23/2016 9:46 AM

    I ran into the same issue, and the Admissions department was less than helpful. like seriously, horrible. you need to contact the head of veterans affairs at your college/university, and explain your situation. Those guys/gals have been at their respective colleges for a while. When I contacted my guy, he reached out directly to the assistant dean of the college, and she herself wrote my letter and emailed it to personally. Remember, if you don't like the answer that you are getting, ask someone else!
  • Kocka
    2/23/2016 2:12 PM
    That's great advice! Thank you SSG V! I'll look right into it.
  • Kocka
    2/26/2016 3:27 PM
    Just for the moral of the story:
    I contacted my academic advisor asking about the letter of acceptance issue - since she was the one who did my worksheet, she really is aware of my academic status. She advised me to contact admissions again, now they should do it as my updated transcripts shows more transfer credits. I did so - no reply from them. And so, taking SSG V's advice, I also contacted veterans affairs at my university. A few days later I get an email seeing that my original email was forwarded to the person who has been assisting me with GtG/PMS issues and supervised my packet, who asked my academic advisor to write me a letter. Hahaha. So in the end, she did write one herself after asking admissions for it and getting denied. Crazy stuff.
  • Army dream
    3/2/2016 4:10 PM
    @ Kocka what is the status of your application now? Mine still shows ineligible because I had to redo one of my uploaded files.
  • Kocka
    3/4/2016 12:19 PM
    Mine is the same -incomplete/ineligible-: I actually had to re-upload four different things, all documents that others had to prep for me (uni acceptance letter, medicals, worksheet, and my commander forgot to check a tiny little 'No' on her part of the application....). People tend to forget to fill out things when it's not their own. :) So the uploaded documents still say 'rejected' - I assume we're waiting for a second wave of review.
  • SPC U
    3/4/2016 1:27 PM
    @Kocka my POC informed me that once you upload a corrected document, the 'reason' for rejection right under the rejected button goes away so it's just blank when you click 'reason'. That is how they know you have uploaded your corrected doc. So check that for the docs you uploaded. Another POC emailed me today to say "we will be moving from the high school side back to Green to Gold on the 7th". While I don't fully understand what that means, I'm hopefully that some time next week my corrected doc will be validated.
  • Army dream
    3/4/2016 8:34 PM
    @Kocha, I had to delete the file that was rejected before uploading a new document.

    My status shows eligible now..........
    3/4/2016 10:52 PM
    @ SPC U This may help;

    Soldiers applying for the Commanders 2-, 3-, and 4-year Hip Pocket Scholarship can continue to create applications in the portal up to 1 Apr, 11:59 pm EST.

    They need to make sure that all eligible G2G application is board ready for next month.
  • SGT D
    3/5/2016 1:54 AM
    @Kocka I had the same issue after uploaded the updated document, where it still had the red 'Rejected' status which I thought was an error on my end. I just logged out and logged back in and it went away. It may just be a glitch in the system. If that doesn't work, I'd contact them again.

    I hope this helps, everyone! The wait begins... Good Luck, all!
  • Kocka
    3/5/2016 2:29 PM
    @Army dream - Yes, my application turned 'eligible' now too, though my files are still 'incomplete'.

    As SPC U said above, the rejection reason disappears when I upload a new updated file - but it won't turn 'unrejected' just yet. They will definitely have to review it again, before it gets validated. SGT D, maybe you were lucky enough and they validated your newly uploaded file right away, that's why by the time you logged back in it was normal. :)

    Anyway, now the waiting game begins - till May. Good luck to all of you!
    3/8/2016 8:00 AM
    Is everyone on this forum applying to Green to Gold active duty option? I was tracking March 1st as the deadline for all minimum packet requirements. I am also hearing from different online forums that they will be selected close to 200 people for ADO this year while only 75 people were selected last year.

    Also, I believe the application ID online to be a very inaccurate indication of how many people applied this year. Application IDs are kept for every account established. I applied last year and kept the same ID for this year. I think that number is based on all applicant that have applied throughout the past years...
  • Army dream
    3/8/2016 3:13 PM
    To all applicants:
    What's your current application status on the portal? Some of my friends now have "Board Ready" on their status.

    How do i contact my POC?
    3/8/2016 3:36 PM
    @Army dream, my status has been board ready since March 3, 2016. I applied last year, so it was fairly simple to re-apply this year. I needed little corrections here and there which were squared away in January. You can use the portal to contact your Cadet Command POC. They distribute POCs by last name so depending on where you fall in the alphabet determines who your POC is.

    Also, please note that you need to give Cadet Command 3-5 days to validate your documents. I would think they are fairly busy especially around this time of year. Your POC will contact you before April 1st if they do not have what they need to make your packet board ready.
    3/8/2016 3:41 PM

    Green to Gold Application Selection Status:

    Ineligible: Your application is ineligible due to one of the following reasons: 1) Your documents have not been reviewed and validated. Please wait 3-5 working days; 2) Insufficient reported application information

    Eligible: Your application has been validated and meets the minimum eligibility criteria to appear before the Selection Board.

    Disqualified: Your application has been disqualified due to disqualifying reported applicant information, or because a waiver has not yet been granted or has been denied.

    Board Ready: Your application is complete. A board of officers’ will review and identify your potential for participation in the AROTC program by evaluating your attributes and qualification based on the Scholar-Athlete-Leader model and your ability to complete college and AROTC Training.

    Boarded: A board of officers’ has reviewed your application for potential participation in the AROTC program. Your Company Commander will be notified of your final status no later than 30 June.

    Offer: You have been selected to participate in the Green to Gold Program. Notification has been sent to your Company Commander along with Information and Instructions. You must return the Notification of Intent to participate or your offer will be withdrawn. If your award is CONDITIONAL – Medical or Administrative or Both please contact your processing Human Resources Specialist for further guidance.
  • Army dream
    3/8/2016 3:50 PM
  • Spc foroughi
    3/9/2016 1:20 PM
    Hi, i was wondering if i can get an age waiver for green to gold active duty program? I am 30 years old right now and I've been in the army for more than 3years.
    3/9/2016 1:24 PM
    You should be able to. I am 29 and have mine 50% approved for this years application. When you initiate your application online, it will inform you of what you can and cannot apply for.
  • jones
    3/14/2016 4:42 PM
    Anyone know when the results generally come in?
  • G2G air assault
    3/14/2016 5:48 PM
    Jones, once you have submitted your packet it is a waiting game, quite a long one. I got my notification on 6 may 2015,'s little over 2 months after the deadline. Being patient is the only thing you can do at this point. Which schools are you all applying for, any UCCS in Colorado?
    3/14/2016 6:07 PM
    @G2G air assault,

    You were accepted last year? What were your stats if you don't mind me asking?
  • G2G air assault
    3/14/2016 6:23 PM
    Sgt inspire,
    Yes, I am going to clc this summer. My stats when I applied where
    SPC (P)
    TIS 4 Years
    Air Assault Badge
    GAFPB (Gold)
    Expert marksmanship (M16)
    300 PT Score (Took a PT Test every month for 5 months until I achieved it, lowest was 271)
    GT 117
    Recommendation from COL and CPT
    No deployments
    Associates Network administration, pursuing Information Technology
    3/14/2016 6:26 PM
    G2G air assault,

    Wow! So you were one of the 75 selectees thats made it! It was tough for me last year when I found out I was not selected. That is awesome for you though! What was you CGPA? How do you like cadet life so far?
  • SPC U
    3/14/2016 6:27 PM
    @G2G air assault what was your GPA?
  • G2G air assault
    3/14/2016 6:49 PM
    You know, compared to some of the cadets that where selected the year before me, I felt pretty average with my stats. I'm actually the lowest ranking in my class. Some of the ncos where nco out the year, drill sgts, E-6 and above. My GPA was 3.47.
    3/14/2016 6:53 PM
    Yeah I know, based on your experience what do you think set your packet apart to get selected?
  • Jones
    3/14/2016 6:59 PM
    I'm applying to Texas A&M to get my Masters in Criminal Justice.
    I have my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I'm 22 with 4 years TIS.
    My apft is a 287. My GT is 121. & my gpa is 3.76.
    I'm just worried cause I have an ait date for April 29 and I need to get it deferred in case I get accepted.
    3/14/2016 7:06 PM
    Jones, I am in a similar situation. Got pulled for recruiting by HRC. Hoping we find out we made it by May like last year. The portal is actually working this year which should help us find out our status earlier.
  • G2G air assault
    3/14/2016 7:16 PM
    I was actually supposed to report to Korea by May 20 already had my plane ticket and had cleared the installation, I even have housing my 30 day notice; I was sweating bullets for a couple days.As soon as I got my acceptance letter they canceled my order and returned me to my unit for the next 30 days until I had to leave for the green to gold. The Army won't stop their plans until you get the letter of acceptance. Trust
    3/15/2016 10:03 AM
    I found out officially that I was accepted last year on 13 May. I had just called my CC poc the week prior, as my unit was trying to send me to Nepal. He told me that he could not confirm or deny, but that I had not been eliminated at that time. I told my commander, and he received the email stating that I was accepted a few days later.
  • Jones
    3/15/2016 10:21 AM
    Damn I guess I have to go with plan B until Plan A works out. I feel like the chances are so low but since their accepting 200 packets this year I feel more optimistic.
  • SSG V
    3/15/2016 10:29 AM
    I keep seeing everyone posting that they are taking more cadets this year (150-200). Where is everyone getting that information from? Just curious.
    3/15/2016 12:17 PM
    Yes SSG V, I keep seeing the same number too but I contacted my Cadet Command POC and he said that information has not been told to him yet. However, he did confirm only 75 were accepted last year.

    I do know for a fact that they are recruiting more Officers through the OCS route this year. I am just hoping that they will apply the same increase to Green to Gold recruitment as well.
  • Army dream
    3/15/2016 2:59 PM
    This is a good year to apply, either I make the list or not.

    Statistically speaking, they cannot go below the 75 threshold from all historical data and events that occurred recently.
  • SSG T
    3/15/2016 5:37 PM
    Does anyone know how much waivers play a factor into your selection or competitiveness? Maybe one of those that have been selected in the past can shed some light? After talking to my analyst, it almost sounded like waivers weren't even looked at when the board convenes, and it's a separate administrative process that takes place concurrently? Personally, I have an approved medical waiver and a pending civil conviction waiver (ticket for littering and one for trespassing prior to military). I feel as though I max the categories of SAL, and wonder how much these waivers will affect my chances. Thanks for any feedback
  • Kocka
    3/15/2016 8:43 PM
    UCCS here too :)
  • Cadet@2015
    3/17/2016 5:38 AM
    SSG T, when I applied last year, I had a waiver for dependency, age, AFS, two civil convictions (one including a drug charge), and three medical (one of then for a surgery I had done just a month before the board). I would not stress the waivers much, however, do ensure they are processed properly. Cadet Command may not get it done in time for you to start if selected, which could ultimately mean you get deffered to spring, or even a cancelled contract, if going for ADO. Call up your reo every now an then to ensure the waivers are good to go, and double check the DODMERB website to make sure it says they are processed and accepted. Good luck!
    3/17/2016 8:42 AM
    Cadet@2015, were all your waivers approved? If so, were they approved prior to the board or after? Were you given an offer last year? If so, what were your stats, if you don't mind me asking?
  • Mark
    3/20/2016 6:41 PM
    Did anyone was instructed to scan and upload your DA174R application along with the LORs? So the board members dont have to look for them?
    Thank you
    3/20/2016 6:48 PM

    I was not instructed to do that. Who instructed you to do that? How many LORs do you have?
  • Mark
    3/20/2016 8:51 PM
    My POC at Cadet Command, I have 3 LORs. Do you guys think 3 is enough? I have seen people say 4-8 LORs. I think that might be too many.
    Thanks again
  • G2G air assault
    3/20/2016 9:03 PM
    Mark, I only had 2 LORs, CPT, COL. As long as they talk about your potential and are not just generic you should be fine.
  • 11bis4me
    3/21/2016 10:23 AM
    Hey all, gonna throw my stats out there and see where I stand. I am applying for cal state sacramento ADO.
    6 years TIS
    SSG 2.5 years TIG
    NCO of the Year Brigade and Batt
    1st place Batt physical competition
    NCOERs 5 of 1/1
    Distinguished Leader grad WLC
    #39 of 219 ALC
    1/1 Recruiting NCOER (1.5 years through detail)
    299 PT score
    118 GT
    Lord from an LTG and a COL
    3/21/2016 1:30 PM

    Good stats! What is your major? Are you pursuing your Masters Degree?

    Has anyone heard the number of slots for ADO this year?
    3/21/2016 1:33 PM

    Also, they can pull you off your recruiting obligation early? I was under the impression that you had to serve at least 3 years minimum on the recruiting broadening assignment....
  • 11bis4me
    3/21/2016 8:42 PM

    Thank you! I am majoring in Government. I was actually nominated initially by my COC for hip pocket, but decided to pursue ADO. They are fully supportive of this, so no problem leaving early, from what I am being told at least.
    3/21/2016 10:53 PM
    I commend you for that action you are taking. You have to take risks in this world in order to achieve greatness. I was going to transfer to the 25D Cyber Network Defender when it became open for applications but I did not since I would have been disqualified if I had an AIT date scheduled. Very glad I turned it down and doing this instead. Great luck and your stats look great.
  • 11bis4me
    3/22/2016 12:07 AM
    G2G AIR ASSAULT, thank you! I am wondering what everyone else's stats look like? I am rather worried about not making the ADO and having passed up on the scholarship, id feel like I shot myself in the foot.

    It is very difficult to see what they are actually looking for. Some are selected with what seems like a smaller packet/ less achievements, so maybe we are putting emphasis on things that are not necessarily being taken into consideration?

    What are the main contributing factors to a selection??
  • SSG T
    3/22/2016 1:05 AM
    I agree that your stats make you competitive, and I'm in the same boat as you; I'm not sure what the board is looking for. Since you're asking, my stats are as follows.
    SSG w/ 5.5 years TIS (made 6 in 4)
    All 1/1 NCOERs (to include the new NCOER)
    MSM, 3 ARCOMs, 7 AAMs, Air Assault
    294 APFT
    37/40 M16
    Commandants in WLC
    DHG in AIT
    Associates Degree
    NCOY for BDE and Division
    LOR from BDE CDR
    118 GT
    3.4 GPA

    I hope we hear the results in May rather than June (just like last year). Good luck to everyone!!
  • dwilk
    3/22/2016 3:39 AM
    Is it harder to get the ADO than the scholarship option?
    3/22/2016 5:17 AM
    Well this is just from my experience of researching Green to Gold statistics...

    My hypothesis more from a business perspective, is that the board is looking for people that the Army will be able to get the most out of, someone who will definately graduate and excel at college and at being an Officer. It is more valuable for the Army to have someone who will serve because they absolutely passionate about being an Officer than someone just going for the next achievement.

    This is why I beleive that the board pays a lot of attention to our personal statements. Throughout the years people have been accepted with varying stats (high GPA, low GPA, no leadership experience, much leadership experience, etc.). It is not one specific set of stats they are looking for. They are more so looking for the people that are well rounded candidates. For instance, additional LORs are not required for the ADO packet and the board may very well not even look at them. However, it took initiative, ambition and resourcefullness for each of you to acquire them.... All good characteristics of an Officer.

    We also do not know how they weigh certain stats... like GPA, GT, APFT... I do know they give you points for each stat in order to develop a ranked list (ex. OML). I think this weight designated for each stat changes throughout the years though. You are placed on this list based on how they ranked you at the end of the board.... I believe I was on the conditional list last year. A list that they think you have potential and you may be given an offer if all waivers are approved and/or someone else cannot take a offer for whatever reasons.
  • SGT DT
    3/23/2016 1:23 PM
    @SGT INSPIRE do you think they also take into consideration the budget? As we've all seen, selections have varied as far as stats. Therefore were not really able to pin point trends.

    I was thinking that maybe they consider where you're currently stationed and where you've applied to attend. When thinking of money, would it make more sense to accept a Soldier from Ft. Bragg to attend school in Alaska opposed to someone applying for a school within the state they're currently at? Just another perspective.

    On another note, @SSG T and @11bis4me, the stats you guys have posted are outstanding! In my eyes you'd be a no-brainer choice for selection. My packet doesn't stand a chance side by side. Lol
    Good luck to you all!
  • Kocka
    3/23/2016 5:26 PM
    @SGT DT

    You brought up some very interesting point. However, I don't get the part where you say "would it make more sense to accept a Soldier from Ft. Bragg to attend school in Alaska opposed to someone applying for a school within the state they're currently at". The moment you mentioned budgeting, I thought exactly the opposite, as there would be no PCSing involved if the person stays in the same city, let's say.
  • SGT DT
    3/23/2016 9:39 PM
    @Kocka lol yeah sorry, that's what I was meaning to say. "NOT accepting a Soldier from Ft. Bragg to Alaska." Lol

    I also wonder if each region/school gets a certain number of slots? Does anyone know if this is the case?

    3/23/2016 9:44 PM
    @SGT DT,
    What are your stats?
    Also that may very well be considered as well; however, this is all just speculation. I think the budget is already established as we entered this fiscal year last October 2015. I think school location in relation to your current duty station has the potential to be used as a deciding factor especially if you are low on the list. Keep in mind, I have seen many people get accepted from deployment tours, from NC to Hawaii, from Korea to CONUS, etc..... so my overall point was just that the board looks at many different factors besides the stats we list here on this forum. Who knows... they may also be able to see when documents were submitted to see who was prepared well in advance and who submitted information late or right before the deadline.
    3/23/2016 9:54 PM
    Seems like the portal is down as well... Maybe preparing for the board in another week!!
    3/24/2016 8:30 PM
    @SGT DT, I'm almost certain that they don't take into account where you are going to school vs. where you are stationed. I was selected last year. I was stationed in Alaska and am currently going to school in lower Alabama, basically in Florida. They pcs'd me over 3,500 miles. I don't think the budget concern is really considered. I was actually pretty surprised that I was accepted last year, after I heard that there were only 75 chosen. I had a 300 apft and a 3.86 gpa, but nothing outstanding besides that. My two NCOER's were both 2/2 (I got my first 1/1 right after I submitted my application), normal awards, my gt was only 112, etc. Just from my own personal theory, I think they mainly look at gpa, apft score, and your degree. My major is economics, which isn't common for cadets, and I know a few guys who were accepted to get Master's degrees. I assume that they prefer STEM degrees, possibly some business degrees, and Master's degrees. Who knows though, they don't publicize how they weight the different categories. Good luck, everyone!!
  • Mark
    3/26/2016 5:21 AM
    SSG T
    I am wondering how you made E6 in 4 years, I thought TIS for E6 was 48 months. And if I am not mistaken 11bis4me made E6 in 3.5.
    Thank you
  • SSG T
    3/26/2016 10:28 AM
    @Mark- you're correct per AR 600-8-19 promotion to SSG in secondary can occur as early as 48M TIS and 7M TIG. 12monthsX4= 48. I came into the Army Jun 2010, and pinned SSG on 1 Jul 2014. To be technical I had 4 years 23 days TIS. @ G2G SSG thanks for your insight. I imagined that the type of major you're pursuing also weighed heavily. I hope we find out in May, bc I think ppl were notified in May last year? From all the knowledge contained within this thread, I think that we all have a good chance at getting selected. It's hard to predict what the board is looking for, and I don't think anyone should lose hope if they feel as though they may not "stack-up" against others, bc you never know what can happen. As long as we've all walked away feeling like we've submitted our best possible packet at this point in our career; that's all that matters. I'll admit though... I'm anxious to see the results!! Good luck everyone
    3/26/2016 10:43 AM
    SSG T,
    Well said.

    I do wish they publisized how they weigh different categories though. The board convenes in another week then we will hopefully see all our online application status as boarded. I am very curious to see how many people applied this year and how many they plan to accept.
  • DDW
    3/28/2016 4:52 AM
    SSG T,
    I was just emailed by Mrs. Pennyman and she told me I am required to have a training service obligation (TSO) Waiver and I was wondering if anyone knew how to how I can aquire this and how come I need it?
  • SPC U
    3/28/2016 6:47 AM
    @DDW What is your TIS? Did you reclass? How long ago did you graduate from AIT and how long was that training? In addition to the 2 year TIS requirement,you need 3 months for every month of AIT between the time you graduated till when you report to school if you get selected. That is my understanding. Any other candidate or cadet with better knowledge should please shed more light.
  • DDW
    3/28/2016 7:25 AM
    SPC U ,

    My TIS is 32 Months, I have not re classed and I graduated from AIT 24 months ago, and it was 16 weeks long. I looked on the chart that was on AE 614-200 Table 4-1 and it said my # of months service obligation was 14 which is why I was confused because I have 24 months.
  • DDW
    3/28/2016 7:27 AM
    I meant AR 614-200 not AE!
  • Army dream
    3/28/2016 10:22 AM
    DDW, I think you are good, the G2G portal would have indicated all the waivers required.
    Kindly email her back for further instruction, what's is your status on the website?
  • DDW
    3/28/2016 10:28 AM
    My status on the website says board ready since about mid march but she emailed me Friday and told me that I needed the TSO waiver.
  • Weak Body
    3/28/2016 10:32 AM
    I was wondering if anybody had a low PT score or knows of someone that had a low PT score and got accepted, not low as in 260's or higher either, like a 240 PT score. I am applying for the scholarship option so hopefully it won't kill my chances even though I scored so low. Everything else its great though, including my GPA and reccomendations from my Commander and my LOR.
  • Army dream
    3/28/2016 11:19 AM
    @ weak body.........the minimum requirement is 60 in each event, they know that there is room for improvement, I think someone got accepted with 253 or something, so keep your fingers crossed because of those high speed soldiers.
    @DDW........please contact your ROTC recruiter immediately, I don't think you need that waiver, something is wrong somewhere, try to fix it ASAP
  • 11bis4me
    3/28/2016 10:58 PM
    Hey all

    This waiting is killing me. The stats posted have all been really competitive. Does anyone know the process? Obviously the board is the first week of April, but what all has to happen? Just trying to get a better idea of what the process is.
    3/29/2016 5:12 AM

    HAHA!! The waiting has just begun... The intense part is when they already have chosen who they have selected but won't release board results. The overall process is rather simple. They have a board the first week of April. They compose some sort of ranked list of people who they think have the potential for Commission. We wait the entire month of April until finally in the first two weeks of May Cadet Command start to tell Commanders via Army email. I know of others who recieved notification by calling Cadet Command or even by HRC via email. The latest you can be notified is NLT June 30. Last year there were many people notified directly after the board that they did not make it through an email from Cadet Command. I found out in June last year that I didnt make it because I was on the conditional list. Longest wait EVER!
  • DDW
    3/29/2016 5:21 AM
    SGT INSPIRE, what is the conditional list?
    3/29/2016 5:44 AM

    From my knowledge about this list it is a list which contains people who could possibly be given an offer. I called and emailed my POC in Cadet Command times after the board last year and received the same response. He told me that Commanders would be notified NLT June. However, many people who did not make it after the board were immediately told that they were disqualified from the competition. Many of us had to keep waiting. I do not know exactly what the conditional list is or if they even call it that at Cadet Command but I do know my status changed long after the board had ended. My POC didn't tell me until mid June that I didn't make it even though I was in constant communication with him throughout April, May and June.
  • DDW
    3/29/2016 7:12 AM
    SGT INSPIRE: Did they let you know why you were not chosen?
  • Army dream
    3/29/2016 8:11 AM
    @ Sgt Inspire, if you made the "conditional list" last year, I think you can obtain a better offer this year.........Last year was rough and tough..........Good luck to all
  • Kocka
    3/29/2016 10:41 AM
    Yes, it sounds like they create a buffer zone, a conditional list in case some selected soldiers reject their offer or cannot get some of their waivers approved. They probably wait until June to see if they will need to pull anyone from their conditional list, and if not, they send out your rejection email at the end of the waiting game. It would make sense, wouldn't it. This is all just specualtion from my part though.

    The board is close! Good luck everyone!
    3/29/2016 11:03 AM

    Well yes and no. On the phone after reviewing my records, my CC POC told me that of the applications he saw last year (certain part of the alphabet) my application had the potential to be competitive except for one thing he noticed. My PT score was a 258. He told me that if being an Officer was truly my dream, then I should continue to pursue it after raising my PT score. SO, I did just that.

    Like SSG T put it though, I have submitted the absolute best packet I could possibly put together at this point in my career.
    3/29/2016 11:12 AM
    I said yes and no because I believe CC POC's only can tell information from their perspective. I do not believe they sit in on the actual board so their speculation of why I wasn't accepted could just be a guess based on what they have seen from their portion of the alphabet and not an entirely accurate reason for non selection. The only way you would get a clear answer on why you did or didn't make the cut would be to ask an actual board member.... which is a bunch of unannounced Officers (basically impossible unless u got the connects) lol
  • 11bis4me
    3/29/2016 7:22 PM
    Well, who here is putting their records together for the SFC board as well? I am starting to review my records and just realized that this year falls under the new STEP promotion process. This aparently means that after selection to SFC, you must attend SLC IOT to pin 7. I wonder if we pick up 7 and get selected for ADO, what will happen? I am wondering if it is worth taking the "P" status as the boards should come out around the same time, correct?
    3/29/2016 7:29 PM

    A lot of people were in similar situations last year. In my opinion it is a no brainer which option I would choose. It is ultimately your choice which option you want to pursue .... if you are given a Green to Gold offer, you do not have to accept it. If you are given a sequence number to SFC and you are not fully passionate about becoming a Commissioned Officer, then I would highly recommend you leave the Green to Gold slot open to someone who is passionate about pursueing Commission. Just my thoughts...
  • 11bis4me
    3/29/2016 7:38 PM
    I did not mean for that to come out as an SFC vs Commissioned officer discussion, I purely meant would it be possible to take the promotion while on ADO. I would never pass an ADO slot to stay enlisted, this has been a goal of mine for some time. I am just getting my sfc board file in case I do no get selected for ADO, and am confused what to do if selected for both.
    3/29/2016 7:44 PM
    If you pin on before recieving orders to PCS to your school for ROTC then you would get paid as E7 on ADO. But if you just recieve a sequence number without actually promoting then you would just make E6 pay during ADO.
  • SSG Carrender ADO 2017
    4/1/2016 1:29 PM
    Starting my long road ahead for the 2017 ADO board and love seeing all this useful information. As I can see people don't have issues with AFS or age. Only issue is I have been diagnost with asthma but it's sports induced l mainly just from allergies. I was waivered for ranger school so I am hopefully I can get this for DoDMERB.
  • G2G Air Assault
    4/3/2016 12:33 PM
    SSG Carrender ADO 2017. Great choice on pursuing this career path. At my school, we have cadets that had age waivers. This year one cadet was waivered for his asthma. If your packet is competitive, cadet command seems to waiver such things. Great luck.
  • TJ
    4/4/2016 4:52 PM
    So, I'm sitting here with my heart racing while I'm reading all the posts on here. I think everyone feels the same way right about now due to the uncertainty of the CC formula of choosing who will be selected. It's an uneasy feeling, But goodluck to everyone. This next month will probably be one of the slowest ones, but at the end of the day, we are all trying to become a better soldier and improve. Quick question though, I know I will have to register for classes here in a few days for the fall semester, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pay for my classes later with my GI Bill "if accepted" or if I would have to pay up front another way? Usually I used TA to pay for the classes, but now I'm not sure. I assume you just choose your courses you need for your degree, then if selected you draw your GI Bill and pay for them that way.
  • 11bis4me
    4/6/2016 5:24 PM
    Does anyone know if they have started reviewing board packets or how many ago have actually applied?
  • kocka
    4/6/2016 6:30 PM
    To those of you who are already using your GI Bills. If you start in the fall semester, what would be the 'deadline' for applying (online) for the GI Bill? How quickly did they process yours, and when did you apply? Also, if you're doing ROTC, which GI Bill did you choose and why?
  • G2G Air Assault
    4/6/2016 10:43 PM
    Kocka, those are great questions you have there. When activated my Gi bill it took a couple weeks to process. Sometimes they go through busy weeks and take longer than usual to process anything, the VA system is far from perfect. I applied in the middle of May and received my letter of verification June 2. My TA was put on hold the day after I started school on Aug 26. Be prepared to pay up front for your classes if the VA decides to take their sweet time. Some universities will drop you from courses if they are not paid in time, others are more understanding. I use the Ch 30 where they pay me the total amount of the courses evenly over the length of the courses every month, if that makes sense. Others use Ch 33 where the VA pays the school directly. Just an FYI, you cannot double dip on the BAH and while on active duty the GI bill will only pay for the amount they are billed by your school. The only way to pocket money is if you receive an additional scholarship or FAFSA.
  • Jones
    4/7/2016 7:12 AM
    Has anyone heard anything? I'm pretty sure the boards are complete. I'm just so impatient because I'm still waiting on my deferment for my AIT on the 29 of April. I highly doubt well know the results by then but I'm keeping optimistic.
    4/7/2016 8:45 AM

    I do not think that the board has convened. It usually takes place in the first week in April but I have not seen any notifications. They usually send out some sort of notification or change in online status. Could possibly be shifted to the right, slightly behind schedule this year. I highly recommend you ask your CC POC if you really want a definitive answer.
    4/7/2016 10:03 AM
    All ADO Applicants,
    The board is currently in session now. Just received an email from my CC telling me my Command will be notified.
  • Army dream
    4/7/2016 10:34 AM
  • kocka
    4/7/2016 10:42 AM
    @G2G Air Assault Thanks for the answer! You said 'Be prepared to pay up front for your classes if the VA decides to take their sweet time.' Are you referring to only Ch 30 by this? Like, the VA still pays you for the classes, even if they are slow, right? If you take Ch 33, and they also take their sweet time - do you also have to pay out of your pocket (and thus not be reinbursed for it)? Or how does that work?

    Yes I'm aware of the housing allowance thing - this is why it's a bit tricky to decide which one to go with in case I was accepted for ADO. I chose a public university, but I'm still afraid that some hidden fees pop up and Ch 30 won't cover my whole university expenses. (If I understood it right: Ch 30 works as follows: you get a set amount of money every month, which is not defined by what school you go to but rather what the VA/government decided on. Last year it was something like $1700...? Is this correct?)

    And well, Ch 33 still gives you the $1000 for books, even if there is no BAH. So I am trying to figure out the EXACT numbers that I would have to pay with the Ch 30, to see if it would cover things, or if it would be short.
  • 11bis4me
    4/7/2016 10:47 AM
    Sgt inspire,

    I just checked my email and recieved nothing. I wonder if they are intending on running the whole board starting now or what's going on? I have had zero contact with my cc contact besides file upload. I've been speaking to a Mrs b., not sure who you are talking about? Any other details?

    Also, concerning the payment of school, I haven't dove in to give bill stuff, it would be awesome if we could get some guidance on what prior year selected did to utilize the best benefit programs?
    4/7/2016 10:53 AM
    I contacted my POC directly and asked when the board was happening. He told me they are in session right now and my Command will be notified. You won't get a notification if you don't ask. I believe the board runs for several days and should be done this week if not early next week at the latest. We wont see results for some time according to previous years sequence of events. Although you never know ...Cadet Command seem a bit more organized this year.
  • Army dream
    4/7/2016 11:06 AM
    Moment of truth.
    I agree that they are more organized now, even the application website is way better this year.
    I think getting a reply is more paramount now than any other information, if selected, I think every other thing will naturally fall in place.........
  • Jones
    4/7/2016 1:02 PM
    Wow, I just sent an email to my poc. Hopefully I hear something soon. It's hard to think we may be waiting two more months.
  • DDW
    4/7/2016 1:52 PM
    Does the ADO and the 4 year scholarship board go at the same time? And would it count for the number of awards? Like for last year for the 75 that got it, was that including the 4 year scholarship options too?
    4/7/2016 2:27 PM
    The board for Scholarship option is not at the same time as ADO. It states that on the login window to the G2G access portal the difference in timelines. The number of ADO slots is not combined with any other G2G option. There is a maximum of 200 slots per year for ADO. I am not sure about the other options but I believe for the scholarship hip pocket, each division is given a certain amount of slots for their respective Soldier population.

    Also, something I noticed, the online portal was not operational during the board and after last year. Now it is fully functional. I mention this because I predict that they will be actually updating our website status once the board for ADO is concluded unlike last year.
  • Jones
    4/7/2016 3:54 PM
    Hmmm...It's not working for me. I was emailed by my Poc around 2 letting me know they were still conducting the board and that we would be notified by mid to late May.
    4/7/2016 4:21 PM
    Good, we are all getting consistent information then.
  • DDW
    4/7/2016 4:22 PM
    The scholarship option and hip pocket are two different ones. It had the same timeline as the ADO
  • DDW
    4/7/2016 4:41 PM
    There is a 2,3 and 4 year scholarship application and a 2,3, and 4 year hip pocket scholarship. I applied for the first one.
  • DDW
    4/7/2016 5:47 PM
    My age was working like for 15 min then I logged out and logged back on and it now says no login creditials now so hopefully they are boarding the packets!
    4/7/2016 7:16 PM
    I hope this helps: I chose to use the Post 9/11 (Ch. 33) GI Bill. They pay for my total tuition costs directly to my school. I receive the book stipend directly in my bank account, which for me has been about $500 a semester. I had to come out of pocket for an online class this semester, but that is just because my VA rep filled out something on his end wrong. He said he didn't know I was taking a class online in addition to all of the classes I took on campus. I think the Post 9/11 is great even without the BAH. It doesn't pay until after tuition is due but my school just has a note on my account that the GI Bill will be paying because they know the money is coming. Make sure you have applied to the FAFSA as well. I was able to get approved for the pell grant. Hope this helps everyone.
  • kocka
    4/7/2016 11:27 PM
    Thanks for all the info on the GI Bill guys! You helped a great deal!
  • kocka
    4/7/2016 11:33 PM
    Oh that's right! I just remembered, I also wanted to ask the following about the GI Bill - post 9/11:
    do they also cover ALL university fees as well? Not just the usual semester fees (my uni asks for like $700 - I found it ridiculous as I don't even use/participate in anything on campus), but also curious about one time fees, such as registration, orientation etc. (TA doesn't cover ANY fees, which I find a letdown if you want to take classes at a 4-year university, as their fees are really high.)
    4/8/2016 8:51 AM
    I got an email from my cc poc this morning and he said the board ended yesterday. But my status has not changed from -board ready- in the portal. It is what it is now! Hopefully we get notified sooner than later.
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  • Army dream
    4/8/2016 10:42 AM
    Board ended already.................Outstanding
    I hope they start notifying us soon.
    Fingers crossed.
  • 11bis4me
    4/8/2016 10:46 AM
    Wow you guys must have some good connections, I've sent two emails with no response this week. Does anyone know what else our packets have to go through after being selected? I got my letter from dodmerb clearing me already.
    4/8/2016 7:32 PM
    Yeah got my DODMERB qualification letter last year. After your selected they send instructions to your Command. Pretty much need to be put on orders from HRC to PCS to your school. You will need to reenlist or extend in order to have atleast four years left on your contract. Once any waivers are approved and orders are cut, you clear post and PCS like normal. I have a feeling that we will be notified much sooner than we expect. Just from my experience from applying last year, this year was a much more organized process. Still had to jump through a billion hoops with my school but it was rather painless in comparison to last years circus of events.
    4/8/2016 7:44 PM
    Last year the board ended on 9 April 2015. Their target date to start notifications was 5 May 2015. From what I know, the earliest someone was notified that they did not make it was 6 May 2015, only after asking their CC POC. The tricky thing is they usually do not tell you if you do not make it unless you make contact. From my knowledge, the latest someone found out they had made it was 7 June 2015 due to prolonged (AFS, Medical, Age waivers) process.
  • All in 2016
    4/9/2016 5:20 PM
    Historically most have been notified around May 13th from what I know from friends that have made it and this thread.

    I thought it was wild that when I called my POC at CC to update my GPA before the board, he said that he would take care of it and not to worry too much because all they'll be looking at is a spreadsheet of GPAs and PT scores... A spread sheet haha. I hope my update made me a bit more competitive.

    Good luck to everyone and when you find out yay or nay, let us know on here.
  • 11bis4me
    4/9/2016 5:32 PM
    Has anyone else heard from mrs. B? I'm unsure why I can't get an email returned? You guys seem to have a bunch of updated info, I have no clue what's going on?

    Spreadsheets of gpa and pt scores I suppose that's good lol
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/10/2016 9:22 AM
    To confuse everyone even more, some of my documents that had still been listed as pending since January/February were changed to verified yesterday (Saturday). A few weeks ago, I asked about them being pending so close to the board and was told not to worry about them and that they would be approved if/when required. It's strange to still see some documents change to verified after some have posted here that the board may have already wrapped up.
    4/10/2016 10:39 AM
    All in 2016,
    Why did he say not to worry bc they would only look at a spreadsheet? What was your GPA and PT score? For many that would cause them to worry lol.

    Just based on everyones updates, it sounds like they probably initially openend up the board by eliminating applicant who didnt have a certain GPA and APFT score. They had no need to look at the rest of the application unless you made the first cut....
  • kocka
    4/10/2016 4:13 PM
    Well, that's TERRIBLE! I absolutely don't have a chance if they just look at numbers like that. My previous college GPA back from ten years (stupid kid period) obviously destroys my current 4.0 at a different institute (mature adult trying to prove a point), so even though I am a good student as of now, they wouldn't even have an idea of that, just looking at numbers. :( That just made me feel terrible. I was told in an email a while back that they look at 'the person as a whole,' but if there really is just a spreadsheet, then it's all really unfair.
  • Army dream
    4/10/2016 4:35 PM
    @ Kocka.........i will not worry about spreadsheet of GPA's and PT scores alone, what is the essence of other documents submitted if all they technically look at is just GPA and PT?
    4/10/2016 5:30 PM
    DO NOT WORRY. This is all just speculation. None of us have sat on the board.

    What I do know is that after I did not make it last year, I wanted to raise my GPA for the next application. Already having my bachelors, I asked my CC POC if I started my Masters Degree and achieved a higher GPA, could I use that current Masters GPA on my application. He told me no... that I would have to use my CGPA from my bachelors degree. Therefore, I did not begin to pursue my masters degree because there would be no point for this application. Did anyone else get different information in reference to this type of situation?

    Just like centralized promotion boards and officer promotion boards, they use the same strategy.... In order to use time as effciently as possible, they have to set up an intitial screening tool in order to minimize the list of possible applicants. Last years officer promotion boards required the competing Majors to have a specific level of military education in order to pass the intitial screening for LTC.... kinda like SLC or ALC for the centralized boards. Im saying this because it is very normal for Army boards to shrink the list by using this technique. However, I am sure they did not have us create this huge application just to look at a spreadsheet. The Officer Corps would be in a very poor state if they were solely concerned with "quick" recruitment boards. I really would not worry about the whole spreadsheet... probably just one of them many tools they used to spend their time a bit more wisely.
  • Army dream
    4/10/2016 6:49 PM
    @SGT inspire, I think starting the masters and getting a good grade will make some positive impact because it will clearly show the board what you are capable of now, proactive and innovative, I think that's why they specifically ask for all the classes( past and current)............this is just my view.
    In between I started mine.
    4/10/2016 6:59 PM
    Army dream,
    Definately couldn't hurt to have a high current GPA. But what I am talking about is the actual GPA they allow you to put on your application. They asked to submit all your grades from your transcripts but for the 174-R they want your CGPA for your Bachelors if you are going for your Masters.
  • kocka
    4/10/2016 8:18 PM
    Very interesting question, SGT Inspire. I would think that CGPA is ALL institutes (as they keep emphasizing in the application) - which would also include anything that you gain under your masters. Interestingly, in my case I wish they didn't ask for old records - in your case, the question is if they would count new records. Logically seeing it, I'd think they want ALL grades, no matter if old or new, one institute or another, one degree or another.
  • kocka
    4/10/2016 8:27 PM
    This reminds me of another question that came to mind while running after paperwork for the application: what age range/rank is most desirable for ROTC ADO? You see, there is the age limit they pose, which restricts rank quite a bit. I know there is an age waiver, but why set a limit so low, if most mature soldiers with great background would have to apply for a waiver anyways? Are they looking for fresh, young people? But most soldiers won't get to a high rank (i.e. leadership position with lots of accomplishments) if they have 2 years of college behind them before enlistment, right? I mean, it's doable, but not the average, is it? I usually see two extremes around me: soldiers enlisted right out of high school, in which case they can be higher ranked at a very young age; or soldiers who have education behind them, such as a BA, but usually at a more mature age. So what exactly are they looking for for ROTC ADO, I wonder. Why set an age limit to 27ish (finishing your degree before 30)?
    4/10/2016 8:36 PM
    Yes, you are correct they want to see all your grades, current and old GPA through your transcripts. However, what I am refering to is specifically Part IV of the 174R where it asks for your CGPA. What I was told from CC was that if applying for my Masters degree, then I would need to put my CGPA from my Bachelors degree. For instance, if I were to say complete two courses toward my Masters degree and get two A's... I would essentially have a current CGPA of 4.0. That is not as accurate of an assessment of my academic strength as my entire academic record for my previous degree consisting of all my grades throughout many more years of study. This is why they will take your current GPA into consideration; however, for that "spreadsheet" mentioned earlier they would be looking at your GPA for your completed degree if you have already completed one.
  • G2G Air Assault
    4/10/2016 8:54 PM
    Hello all, I like the conversation you all got going on here. I would like to add in some personal knowledge if Imay. The rank requirement was not really a big issue when I applied in 2015, I got accepted as an SPC with no leadership experience. The CGPA is something that we all have to embrace, whatever good or bad grades we have are ours and we have to own them. My GPA was a 3.46 since I've been in the program I have maintained a 4.0. This I will say and I hear it all the time....if you get accepted as an ADO you do not have to compete for active duty like the progressive cadets. Meaning that all the regular college kids in ROTC must maintain high grades and high pt scores in order to get a contract. This only gives them an opportunity to go to CLC previously know as LDAC where they will be evaluated and only about half of those who request active duty slots get them. The only thing that you will be competing for is your branch of choice which if you do great while you are in you are a junior in the program you usually get one of you top choices. You can only worry about the things you can control, such as your future grades and PT score. I know exactly how you all feel right not, the anxiety and anticipation. It is brutal but at the end it will be worth it.
  • Army dream
    4/10/2016 9:01 PM
    Do you have cadets in masters program in your ROTC class?
    Do you know if they started taking classes before ADO acceptance or afterwards?
    Thank you
  • G2G Air Assault
    4/10/2016 9:13 PM
    @Army Dream,
    We did have one from the year before,the cadet graduated this last winter. The cadet started school later in the spring term after peers due to a delayed waiver. I don't know if they took classes before acceptance but I do know that you can graduate early and start in a masters program if your ROTC administration and school allows you to. The intention being that you stay enrolled full-time for the whole two years.
  • Army dream
    4/10/2016 9:29 PM
    Ok thanks.
    I hope notification trickles in soonest.
    Moving ahead.........
  • DDW
    4/11/2016 9:17 AM
    MY APPLICATION SAYS BOARDED NOW! Hopefully the results come in soon!
  • Army dream
    4/11/2016 9:53 AM
    @ DDW you are absolutely right, i just checked mine too and it shows boarded but that funny because i didn't get any notification via email and text message...........i wonder
  • SPC U
    4/11/2016 9:53 AM
    Mine too. They are on it.
  • DDW
    4/11/2016 9:56 AM
    Ok, that's good that others say it too because I was starting to worry that they had already denied mine!
  • Jones
    4/11/2016 10:01 AM
    What is your opinion when it comes to age and rank? I'm a 22 year old SPC and I've been worried that it will look bad that I've been in for four years but I'm not a SGT yet. I'm in a leadership position but my points are so high in my current mos that I would have to reclass to even be promoted. Also, I have my Bachelots and am hoping to pursue my Masters through green to gold ADO.
  • Jones
    4/11/2016 10:02 AM
    That I'm not a SGT yet*
  • Army dream
    4/11/2016 10:11 AM
    @ Jones at 22yrs with a bachelors and pursuing masters, i think i give you an offer.
    Don't worry you will be alright........i am hoping i will be alright too.
    what was your major and what are you pursing for masters?
  • SPC U
    4/11/2016 10:13 AM
    @Jones, I think you will be alright.. what do your PT and GPA look like?
  • Jones
    4/11/2016 10:38 AM
    My major is Criminal Justice both for my Bachelors and Masters degree. My gpa is a 3.8 and my highest apft is 287 with my most recent being a 280. My major goal is to work in CID and be involved in SHARP cases.
    4/11/2016 10:46 AM
    Oh snap! Mine says "BOARDED" as well! They seem to be crazy organized this year. Night and day in comparison to last year!

    It is interesting though... did not receive any email for status change like usual either. I wonder if they will send email notification to our Commands if accepted or update the website with "OFFER" status. It would be cool if we found out first. Lol
  • 11bis4me
    4/11/2016 10:51 AM
    Mine says boarsed as well. Anyone planning on calling in?

    Sgt inspire, what time last year did they update the portal and how long after that did they notify you?
  • Army dream
    4/11/2016 10:52 AM
    @ Jones, You will be fine.

    @ Sgt Inspire, That same thought crossed my mind. if we get the notification first before the commanders do, I guess it will be all smiles when they finally try to break the good news to you. haha
  • Jones
    4/11/2016 11:07 AM
    I just checked mine, it says boarded. This wait have me on edge lol. I really hope we find out before our commanders. Knowing mine he'll probably play with my head haha
    4/11/2016 11:19 AM
    11bis4me, the portal was non-operational last year after the board.... there was no status system like this year. Completely new look of the online portal as well. They fixed a lot. It is actually quite amazing to see something that says our current status. Last year I did a lot of emailing and calling only to get a rough estimate of board notifications. I found out May 18, 2015, that I was not accepted only by calling my POC at CC.
  • Jones
    4/11/2016 11:26 AM
    Hmmm I really want to call my POC since I'm supposed to leave for ait on the 28th. It would be awesome to know my status before to at least save me the trip to Ft Gordon! Hopefully the results come in sooner than later.
    4/11/2016 11:42 AM
    Yeah, I would. It cannot hurt to ask.... What are they gonna do deny your packet bc you called? lol Nah but they will most likely tell you that notifications will come from your Command NLT June 30. I can't tell you how many time I have heard that default response from Cadet Command. The next thing I expect to see is waiver statuses change online if you all have any pending...
  • 11bis4me
    4/11/2016 5:47 PM
    Well I contacted cc today and was told the board had convened and they should know sooner than last year, but no date quite yet. Anyone else hear anything today?
    4/12/2016 9:26 AM
    Woohoo!! I hope very soon. I wonder why the change in operations... Everything is so much smoother this year. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we hear something....
    4/12/2016 12:48 PM
    This is taken directly from the online application. It refers to the GPA issue I mentioned earlier about how graduate applicants must use their CGPA from their bachelors degree:

    "Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5, on a scale of 4.0. Two-, and three-year applicants, provide your current unweighted cumulative grade point average (CGPA) from all previous college. Graduate applicants, provide your unweighted CGPA from your bachelors degree. Four-year applicants, provide your unweighted CGPA from high school."
    4/13/2016 8:07 AM
    Someone needs to ask their CC POC how many ADO slots they have this year. I have already asked mine too many questions lol.
  • Jones
    4/13/2016 8:12 AM
    One of my POC's emailed me this yesterday, "In the past the prospect's found out before we did!!! Some type of letter goes to your BN CDR! Some get an email!!!". Its crazy how this process seems to vary every year. I keep checking my status on the portal hoping I will find out early lol
    4/13/2016 2:00 PM
    I was wondering if anyone have had trouble contacting MS, Barnes, I'm trying to find some information on how does the notification process works if the phone number I have is out of country?
    4/13/2016 2:20 PM
    One of your POCs?! How many do you have Jones?
  • CDT M
    4/13/2016 2:44 PM

    You will be notify about 2-3 weeks after the board for selected. If you are a non-select you will find out right after the board is over. The way they send notifications is via email from your point of contact. If you are pending waiver after the board that means you were partially selected, so you will received your selection notification after your waiver gets approved (that was my case). I didn't know that I need it a waiver until the board convine and I received an email saying that I have to produce the paperwork to fulfill a waiver requirement (age waiver). Tge first email you will receive is from the person that will put you on orders, after that you will get one from your point of contact.
  • Jones
    4/13/2016 3:27 PM
    @SGT INSPIRE I have 2 POC's. One generally replies faster than the other and does not give me the generic answers so I usually go to him first.

    @CDT M No one has posted about being denied as of yet. Is your experience based on last years system?
    4/13/2016 3:29 PM
    CDT M,
    I was not told that I did not make the cut until May 18, 2015 last year. The board was over April 9, 2015. I understand that was the way that it worked when you were selected but I believe it varies greatly from year to year from POC to POC. It seems much more organized this year; however, there is still no uniform "dress-right-dress" method of communication. Even this year I am hearing all different variations of information depending on which POC you may have.
    4/13/2016 3:36 PM
    How do you know your POC? My status is "BOARDED".
  • SSG
    4/13/2016 5:04 PM
    How does one go about finding his POC.
  • Jones
    4/13/2016 6:58 PM
    My POC emailed me shortly after I submitted my packet. If you never got an email I suggest going to the portal and using the help section (I'm not sure of the exact name).
  • DDW
    4/14/2016 1:38 AM
    SSG the POC's are assigned by last name. My last name starts with W so my POC is Mrs. Pennyman. If you ever sent a question on the portal the person who sent you the email answering your question is your POC. I have a number for my POC if you would like to call her, then mabey she could point you in the right direction to your POC.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/14/2016 1:55 AM
    Unless there is a legitimate concern--such as submitting documentation for a recent change in commander--maybe everyone should stop bothering their POCs for status updates. Let them do their job; if trends of previous boards are any indication, we shouldn't be expecting results this early anyway. We're all waiting, and we all want to know now, but informing every ADO and scholarship applicant of their status every five minutes is not the only thing the POCs are concerned with.
  • Jones
    4/14/2016 10:05 AM
    Since people have found out through their POCs in the past I'm going to continue emailing them every couple of weeks. Knowing how the army is one of us may know a week before another just cause we asked lol
  • Army dream
    4/14/2016 10:44 AM
    Hello all, if you applied for an age waiver what is the status of your waiver at the online portal?
    Mine shows conditional
    4/14/2016 10:51 AM
    I applied for an age waiver but for my age waiver, the approval authority was the ROTC Brigade Commander which was already approved. However, in the online portal it does not say anything new for me....
    My AFS on the other must be approved by Cadet Command CG....
  • 11bis4me
    4/14/2016 10:52 AM
    Your waiver or your entire packet shows conditional?
    4/14/2016 10:54 AM
    @Army dream,
    Where does is show conditional on the online portal?
  • Army dream
    4/14/2016 11:00 AM
    After you sign in, click on boarded or selection status, go all the way to the bottom of the page, you will see all waiver status.
    Waiver Type Waiver Status
    Age Conditional
    4/14/2016 11:05 AM
    @Army dream OH I see it!... it says required still for me... Did you verbiage change recently?
  • Army dream
    4/14/2016 11:12 AM
    @Inspire, it changed like 2 weeks ago, i think Cadet Command needs to approve it too.
    4/14/2016 11:14 AM
    @Army dream, how old will be upon commissioning?
  • Army dream
    4/14/2016 11:20 AM
  • Army dream
    4/14/2016 11:24 AM
    An approved waiver from the Army ROTC Brigade Commander, if you will be 30 - 32 years old on 30 June of year you’re eligible for commissioning
    An endorsement recommending approval from the Army ROTC Battalion and Brigade Commanders, if you will be 33 - 42 years old on 30 June of the year you’re eligible for commissioning
    4/14/2016 11:25 AM
    Yup, your age waiver approval authority is the CG since you will be over 32. The only thing that sucks for us waiver applicants is that if we get selected we will usually wait a bit longer than other applicants to find out. Last year someone waited on AFS and Age waiver until June 2015!! I highly doubt this year will come to that though. Last year the Army was in a huge reduction in forces... this year it is more so maintaining the force which should effect the amount of ADO slots available in comparison to last year.
  • SPC Jackson
    4/14/2016 2:16 PM
    Does anyone have Mr.Sedlak as a POC?
  • CDT Merchan
    4/14/2016 2:52 PM
    He was my POC last year!!! He is awesome!!!
    4/14/2016 5:09 PM
    Where is everyone going to scoop and rotc? I will be attending Armstrong State in Savannah and GA Southern rotc. Just trying to keep everyone busy instead of stressing like we already do about results
  • SSG g2g
    4/14/2016 5:37 PM
    SSG ADO - Savannah is a great city! Are you already there? What are your application stats?
    4/14/2016 5:47 PM
    @SSG g2g
    I'm here stationed at Ft Stewart. Starting August 2016 Masters in Professional Communication and Leadership.
    TIS 7 years
    Tig 3 years
    5 1/1 NCOERS 2 COR (pcs)
    SSG IN 4 years
    2 deployments Afghanistan and Iraq
    294 pt
    3.6 gpa in intelligence studies
    121 gt
    Platoon Sergeant time
    Commandants list Blc or WLC when I went
    Distinguished honor grad ALC

    What about your stats

    4/15/2016 9:25 AM
    Good stats!! MOS 11B?
    4/15/2016 10:48 AM
    I will be going to Marshall University. Anyone else?
  • SSG V
    4/15/2016 11:01 AM
    if I get selected I will be attending the University of Albany in Upstate New York.
  • SGT B
    4/15/2016 12:00 PM
    If I am accepted into G2G, I will be attending Scidler College of Business for a Master's Degree and the University of Hawaii at Manoa for ROTC. However, my stats don't seem to stack up against everyone who has posted theirs other than GT score which I don't think matters all that much.

    TIS 41 months
    TIG 14 months
    289 APFT
    3.1 GPA in Business Administration (Accounting concentration)
    134 GT
    Commandants list at WLC
    Air assault, Expert Field Medical Badge
  • SGT B
    4/15/2016 12:02 PM
    Make that Shidler College of Business. I just hope there are plenty of slots this year or it will be a Warrant packet when promotable (can't attend the board until October). Good luck to everyone.
    4/15/2016 1:08 PM
    Damn!! That is a high GT score! You are a genius... I wonder what the highest GT score is.
    4/15/2016 1:45 PM
    I will be attending Armstrong State in Savannah, GA under GA Southern's ROTC. Going for my Bachelor's in Liberal Studies.

    SSG w/ 9 years TIS, 3 years TIG - up for my first look this summer
    3.9 Associate's GPA
    297 APFT
    115 GT
    8 SpecOp deployments
    Ranger Tab, Jumpmaster w/ star, Air Assault, CIB, EIB
    Distinguished Honor Grad at ALC
    LORs - 1SG, CO, BN CSM, BC, COL & LTG

    Applied with three waivers - age, dependency, TIS
  • G2G 2016
    4/15/2016 2:51 PM
    Awesome Stats, Mine doesn't even come close to any stats posted.
  • kocka
    4/15/2016 5:31 PM
    @G2G 2016 lol don't worry, mine don't either. I'm just hoping that all the people posting are like the top 20 XD because think about it. I'm not posting my stats as they don't compare! There must be other average joes like me out there! Hahaha. I'm a simple SPC with good GT and PT scores. My weakness is the chosen major (not STEM), and the official number shown as GPA (below 3 :p I had a crazy teenage period where I dropped out of classes instead of withdrawing). As mentioned above, my current GPA is 4.0, but that doesn't count for much, as they are asking for CGPA. My strenght: my personal statement (battalion commander really liked it). - So this is why I am so worried about the whole spreadsheet idea!
    4/15/2016 8:56 PM
    @Sgt inspire 13R. Field artillery radar operator.
    4/16/2016 9:30 AM
    @kocka dont worry about it .... You submitted the best application you could have submitted. I think we will all be surprised to see the number of Active Duty Option slots available this year. Be proud of your packet... your journey up to this point is what made you who you are. I think the board members are intellegent enough to understand that when selecting.
  • 11bis4me
    4/16/2016 1:14 PM
    Happy Saturday everyone!

    I noticed one of my LOR (from the LTG) was missing from my packet after it said boarded, has this happened to anyone else? Also, the application is off-line today... weird. Is this going on for anyone else,

    G2G RGR when did you go to ALC? was it in January of 14?
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/16/2016 1:32 PM
    @11bis4me-- mine says offline too. While my letters of recommendation didn't ever disappear, their status did not change from "pending" to "validated" until AFTER the board convened, which I thought was odd.
  • G2G RGR
    4/16/2016 2:55 PM
    11bis4me - I went to ALC in April 2014.
    4/16/2016 6:23 PM
    That is weird. I submitted overkill on LORs and other supporting documents in my application (over 20). Mine took a couple of days to state validated but they stayed that for a month before the board and after. I think this really relies on your CC POC. They are in control of validated the documents you uploaded. I would not worry though. My CC POC told me that all our documents were easily accessed during the board via a drop down menu in the application. Even if they were not validated, they were still seen.
  • Army dream
    4/17/2016 4:46 PM
    Hoping for something new this week.
  • Jones
    4/17/2016 6:12 PM
    Wow my POC told me to not even bother with LORs. Hopefully it won't hurt me that I didn't submit any. I'm anxious as well. I rather not find out in AIT whether I'm accepted or not.
    4/18/2016 5:41 AM
    @Jones, Yeah but it couldn't hurt to your packet to include others attesting to your leadership. I do doubt they even looked at them though. I think they will dig deeper into someones packet only if they are a close tie with someone esle and they need a deciding factor. I could see that happening when someone is lower on the list and there are very few ADO slots available. Can you imagine them reading all LORs for everyones packets... boards would end up taking a couple of weeks rather than a couple of days.
  • Army dream
    4/18/2016 8:52 AM
    Does having clearance ( secret, top secret) matters or not?
    4/18/2016 9:21 AM
    I know at the time of commission it matters. For G2G application requirements, you are supposed to have proof of a favorable National Agency Check or one being processed.
  • 11bis4me
    4/18/2016 10:43 AM
    Army Dream, I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if they are doing background screenings and that is why it takes so long after the board?? There has to be some more background work besides just the board.
  • SPC Jackson
    4/18/2016 11:28 AM
    Anyone know what the status will say if I am not accepted? All I see online is offer for those who are accepted.
    4/18/2016 1:44 PM
    "Disqualified" ....but I think that they will contact your Commander before they update the website for the selected applicants.
  • kocka
    4/18/2016 2:24 PM
    "Disqualified" is such a cruel word lol. They could go softer on us and write "not selected" instead! :) (j/k, trying to have fun while we wait)
  • Army dream
    4/18/2016 2:44 PM
    @ SGT inspire, How were you notified last year? what kind of verbiage was used?
    4/18/2016 2:50 PM
    LOL @Kocka! yeah I know right.
    @Army dream, the only way I found out was through calling in to my CC POC to ask if I was selected. He started to reply by using the word "unfortunately" ....and all I remember was blah blah blah after that lol but he did encourage me to apply again afterwards.
  • Army dream
    4/18/2016 2:59 PM
    I think instead of disqualified, they may just use NOT SELECTED or NO OFFER.
    Disqualified is if you did not meet the basic requirements or erroneous information submitted ( integrity issue) according to the description on the portal.
  • Army dream
    4/18/2016 3:01 PM
    Disqualified: Your application has been disqualified due to disqualifying reported applicant information.
  • Army dream
    4/18/2016 3:38 PM
    I think the last person on the acceptance list is the real hero...........Just a random thought.
    For last year, the 75th applicant who made the list is the most fortunate of all........i wish they publish the result like most boards.
    4/18/2016 3:50 PM
    Yes. I was also thinking that it would be great to see where you ranked even if you are a non-select. I also agree that the last person to be selected is a something (maybe not a hero). I'm waiting to be pulled into my commanders office after the results and be told some story about something "I did." Then be told the truth right as I walk out of his office.
    4/18/2016 3:53 PM
    How do you know how many people were selected last year? Any idea of how many will be selected this year?
    4/18/2016 3:55 PM
    Yeah then maybe they wont even let you know if you are not selected like they did me last year lol.
    It is so weird because they let many people know shortly after the board that they did not make it via email but not me. :(
    4/18/2016 4:02 PM
    So maybe not hearing anything yet is a good thing?
    4/18/2016 4:06 PM
    No idea how many ADO slots they have this year but I do speculate that it will be more than 75. My hypothesis is based on implications from increased OCS recruitment this year, increased rate of promotion for Officers (MAJ to LTC), and a slow down in overall Army troop draw-down. Just my theory...
  • Army dream
    4/18/2016 4:08 PM
    I don't think anyone has received any kind of news yet.
    4/18/2016 4:10 PM
    Nah when we past the first week of May and others have found out that they did not make it, then that could be a good thing... especially if you see your waiver status change in the portal (ie. "pending approval" or "awaiting adjudication" or something along those lines).
    4/18/2016 4:14 PM
    No not yet. The earliest we can expect to see any type of news is late next week....
  • 11bis4me
    4/20/2016 1:26 AM
    This wait is killing me haha. Im really hoping to hear something before the end of the month! Anyone else going to school in California?
    4/20/2016 9:01 AM
    OMG who you telling!?! This is my second time waiting and it is worst
    4/20/2016 9:03 AM
    OMG who you telling!?! This is my second time and waiting this time is worst than last time!! I am going to school in California. What school you going to?
  • G2G 2016
    4/20/2016 11:48 AM
    A lot of soldiers did not make the list. They are not approving a lot of packets.

    I am equally preparing for non scholarship option now........The list is ready, good luck to all that made it.
  • Jones
    4/20/2016 12:08 PM
    Where is the list? Im dying to know!
    4/20/2016 12:17 PM
    YES! Where is the list?
  • G2G 2016
    4/20/2016 12:35 PM
    The list is at Cadet Command, I am not trying to give you all bad news or create some kind of sensation.

    As of this moment that all I know.
    4/20/2016 12:41 PM
    Can you tell us how many they selected for GTG ADO?
  • G2G 2016
    4/20/2016 12:48 PM
    @ GTG CPL, Unfortunately I cannot because I don't know.........
  • SPC Little Guy
    4/20/2016 12:56 PM
    This guy is full of crap. Just trying to rile us up. Unless he provides some sort of legitimate information that can be verified, he's just trolling.
    4/20/2016 1:01 PM
    HAHAHAHA!! Yeah and my name is Elvis Presley!! You have to be careful who you listen to on these online forums. I am not losing hope until Cadet Command or my Commander tells me the "unfortunately" word.
  • G2G air assault
    4/20/2016 1:09 PM
    You guys crack me up!!!! Don't start rumors. The anticipation is horrible, no need to mess with everyones emotions. You will get an email from your cc poc or your commander will talk to you when its time.
    What branches are you guys trying to get. I am trying to go cyber or signal.
  • SSG Schlieve
    4/20/2016 1:13 PM
    Be patient! You will probably not hear anything if the list is released today. On the other hand, you might receive a call. When I applied I had to call them to get the results. G2G ADO is the hardest option to be awarded, though not unlikely. When I applied I had too many credits, though I was advised to apply for the Master's Degree.

    Hopefully, those of you that applied had someone outside of your chain of command review your packet to ensure accuracy. I had my BN waiver's analyst review mine in order to ensure everything was good.

    Good luck to you all!
  • G2G 2016
    4/20/2016 1:14 PM
    @ little guy, you are entitled to your opinion of me when you don't even know me

    @ SGT inspire, I am not joking at all, I wasn't even told if i made it or not, so we are all waiting.
  • G2G 2016
    4/20/2016 1:29 PM
    @ G2G air assault, what is your major in school? Do you need certifications for cyber or signal?

    And my post is "100% Legit" I dislike rumours
  • G2G air assault
    4/20/2016 1:32 PM
    Information technology is my major. You don't need certs its just a highly competitive branch. They only gave out around 15-20 slots last year for cyber.
  • SSG Schlieve
    4/20/2016 1:38 PM
    Cyber MOS's, like any other, are usually filled from those "qualified" officers wishing to apply and rebranch. Plus, West Point and current ROTC cadets have priority over G2G and OCS, so that number isn't surprising. Though, I know that the USAR have slots for O-4's looking to switch their branches. Also, MILPER messages exist to help expell any type of rumors, though cadet command doesn't release information that way. Check your status on the website you uploaded your application to.
    4/20/2016 1:57 PM
    @G2G 2016, I dunno if you are joking or trolling; however, I do know you have provided information with no source and no solid numbers. You state "alot of people were not selected." What is new? Every year "a lot" of people do not get selected which is why the ADO is the most competitive. The information you provided is not helpful in any kind of way for anyone on this forum and has no substance.
  • G2G 2016
    4/20/2016 2:05 PM
    @ SGT Inspire, Thank you.....You are 100% right......My source is at cadet command and I stated what I was told.

    Good luck to all.........
  • SGT B
    4/20/2016 2:27 PM
    Trying for medical services corps if I get in.
  • SSG V
    4/20/2016 2:34 PM
    To relieve some of the current tension on this Forum: I just got off the phone with my POC at Cadet Command, Mrs. Pennymen. The results of the board are not back to Cadet Command yet, but should be back to them this week, or early next week. She stated that as this is the first year using the portal, results may be posted as early as next week.
  • Army dream
    4/20/2016 2:39 PM
    @ SSG V, did she mention anything else? Slots available?
  • SSG V
    4/20/2016 2:49 PM
    She was extremely helpful, but purposefully vague. No word on slots, number that picked up, etc. Don't forget that she has a job to do as well, and by skirting the rules up there she could get in trouble. Having said that, just from the tone of the conversation it really sounded like notifications will be made in the next two weeks.
  • SPC U
    4/20/2016 5:38 PM
    Is anyone's school in Florida?
  • 11bis4me
    4/20/2016 7:40 PM
    I leave for one day and look what happens. Has anyone else been able to confirm the list has been compiled? I am going to place a call in tomorrow I suppose.

    SGT Inspire- I am going to Sacramento State with ROTC at UC Davis.
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/20/2016 10:02 PM
    I called last week sometime and my POC told me to call this week and see if anything new has happened, so ill be calling tomorrow. I called because my GPA wasn't updated in my portal with my current 3.9 but rather a 3.8. I may have heard him wrong when he explained it but he said that points for GPA max out at 3.5, so perhaps its a whole point system? Also, Im wondering why they would have told you that you have "too many" credits? The only thing I can think of is that they don't want you to just hang out while on the ADO since your schedule wouldn't be filled. So it seems it could be an array of thing to disqualify you.
  • 520
    4/21/2016 9:01 AM
    Good luck to everyone. Hopefully I am competitive enough this year. Everyone looks pretty good.
    4/21/2016 9:01 AM
    Good information gentlemen!! Thank you all for posting. So when we login we will all see "OFFER" ...I don't even care if it is conditional lol.

    You gotta think about it though.... I estimate the Soldiers interacting on this forum are probably the people that want this the most... because you went out of your way and took initiative to search online for some more relevant information about this program. I would guess that you all here are in the top 30% of applicants... the people that really want to become an Officer. I am just saying all this because I think we will all see some good news in the upcoming weeks. I am assuming your level commitment to becoming an Officer was displayed in your applications. Good luck to all!!
    4/21/2016 9:18 AM
    I just want to say I agree with SGT Inspire. It is not fact that you will not make it because you are not interacting on this forum. Just apparent that the ones doing so are committed to giving everything to find out more information. A necessary quality needed to be an Officer. Good luck to all.
    Armstrong State, Savannah ROTC ADO hopeful.
  • SSG Schlieve
    4/21/2016 9:25 AM
    @2016 hopeful, when applying I had 110 semester hours of college. The ADO option requires that you have a minimum of 60 semester hours, this in order to be considered an academic junior. In reality, I wouldn't have made a good candidate due to the fact that the degree I was applying for was psychology and the semester hours I had already attained were in that degree. So I would have been taking course over again. Having worked in recruiting for the last 6 years, I see OCS candidates apply and those accepted into the Army usually have S.T.E.M. degrees. So, had I changed my degree plan, I'm sure that I would have been accepted at the time. In any event, I'm starting my graduate degree soon, albeit out of pocket since Army T.A. doesn't cover professional degrees.

    Also, the portal has been around for at least 5 years. When I applied I had to use it. Again, good luck to everyone!
    4/21/2016 9:41 AM
    Yes the portal has been around for a long time. But they have made some heavy revisions to it this year. One major revision being the current status categories of your application and a separate status for required waivers. Also, last year the portal was completely offline after the board so there was no way of knowing if the board ended or any other information unless you bothered your POCs.
  • Army dream
    4/21/2016 9:48 AM
    @ssg schlieve I think T.A pays for graduate class or are you referring to something else?
  • SSG Schlieve
    4/21/2016 10:02 AM
    @Army dream, T.A. will only cover undergraduate and graduate degrees, excluding any professional degrees (i.e., medical school, law school, or C.P.A programs). That doesn't mean that the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill wouldn't cover those specific degrees. As it pretains to ADO, those seeking to attend graduate schools for a professional degree should learn more in the senior year of R.O.T.C., and how the Army will pay for them, C.P.A. excluded.
  • 520
    4/21/2016 11:44 AM
    Just curious how my stats are compared to others, Good Luck!
    No waivers
    SSG, TIS 8 yrs
    3.45 GPA
    All 1/1 NCOER
    3 combat deployments
    127 GT score
    300 PT
    Ranger Tab, CIB, BSM
    CL at ALC and WLC
  • LT Ray
    4/21/2016 11:58 AM

    Everything you said looks great, sounds great and you will more than likely be amongst the top candidate who receive the scholarship. The only weird thing is, why is you name "520"? Seems somewhat odd. Also to all of you out there I was on this forum about 4 years ago I'm currently typing this from my hotel room where I'm attending BOLC. Good luck out there men.
  • 520
    4/21/2016 12:01 PM
    haha no reason on the name, just my old infantry battalion, thanks tho and good luck to you at BOLC.
  • LT Ray
    4/21/2016 12:05 PM
    Thanks won't be too tough I came from 11 series to QM VERY INTERESTING transition. Also during the interim time between when you leave to go back to school, suck enlisted for everything it's worth. I wish I would have gone further and done more before I came to the dark side. But sounds to me like you're in a good place. Take care all good luck!!!
  • Army dream
    4/21/2016 12:07 PM
    @ 520 what is your major? awesome stats
  • Jones
    4/21/2016 12:14 PM
    Those stats are great. I hope I can stand a chance lol. Do you guys know if they take your highest apft test or most recent? On my packet I put 280 cause that was my BLC and most recent apft but a month before I had a 287 at battalion level. My gt is 121, my gpa is a 3.8 and I have never deployed during my four years in so I have the basic awards, a AAM, three COAs, as well as AGCM, NDSM, & GWTSM. Also, I have no waivers.
  • LT Ray
    4/21/2016 12:19 PM
    Also, IF some of you don't make it "520" which I doubt will happen. If you truly want to become an officer explore other programs besides ADO I.E. G2G hip pocket-scholarship you compete against soldiers on your post. Higher chance of being accepted and your MG awards it therefore it gets pushed through a lot faster. Just food for thought again good luck guys!
  • 520
    4/21/2016 12:21 PM
    Major is business management.
    I'm not sure on what they take I would think the most recent to the board. But you also have very good stats. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully the results come out soon.
  • SSG Believe
    4/21/2016 12:25 PM
    I have been reading all of the comments on here for about 2 days and I am extremely pumped to see the results of the board. I just emailed my POC yesterday asking about if I need to update some information on my account due to unit changes. Also, I asked if this would affect any of my recommendations to the board. He said that it would not because the board has already concluded and we should be expecting a release of the results by middle or late May16. Just thought I share some information since all of you been sharing yours so good luck to you all.
  • SSG Believe
    4/21/2016 12:26 PM
    I have been reading all of the comments on here for about 2 days and I am extremely pumped to see the results of the board. I just emailed my POC yesterday asking about if I need to update some information on my account due to unit changes. Also, I asked if this would affect any of my recommendations to the board. He said that it would not because the board has already concluded and we should be expecting a release of the results by middle or late May16. Just thought I share some information since all of you been sharing yours so good luck to you all.
  • 520
    4/21/2016 12:35 PM
    LT Ray, I will definitely look into that if I am not selected. Thanks.
  • SSG V
    4/21/2016 2:56 PM
    @LT RAY: How much weight does PT Carry? I have a 277, which is pretty low to what I have seen on here, but I feel like the rest of my stats should help pick up the weight. any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • LT Ray
    4/21/2016 3:17 PM
    Ssg V, I had a 300 when applying however it's not the most important of the determining factors they look at the capablitiy and potetional you have to become a leader. Especially with today and the new army standards they want the best of the best. I would say your GPA, past military experience, and recommendations have the heaviest weight. That's not too say that PT isn't important because you should be getting a 290+ lead from the front. Hope that helps.
  • 11bis4me
    4/21/2016 5:09 PM
    Another day comes and goes, I almost feel like checking the forum is causing more anticipation haha. I was told they haven't posted any offers yet, I'm assuming that means they have them there at cc. Good luck everyone.
    4/21/2016 10:47 PM
    Anyone know why the application (portal) is offline?
  • 11bis4me
    4/22/2016 8:06 AM
    I was hoping that meant they were updating offers. Doubtful we will hear today. Holding strong for Monday though!
    4/22/2016 9:33 AM
    Yeah it has been offline many times. Maybe maintenance.
  • Jones
    4/22/2016 12:51 PM
    Mines been working but it sucks to log in everyday and see the same "boarded" status lol I'm going crazy
    4/22/2016 12:55 PM
    @Jones I agree. This is my first page then I check my status.
    4/22/2016 12:56 PM
    What branch y'all want to commission into?
  • Jones
    4/22/2016 1:20 PM
    I want to eventually work in CID but I think I have to go the mp route first. My Bachelors is in Criminal Justice and it's where I feel I can do best in. I'm currently in engineer land and I hate it lol
    4/23/2016 4:09 PM
    LOL they should keep track of how many times you login per day to check your status.... equate that into points for selection haha..... I would have about 1,282,828,285 points by now. I do hope we see some good news next week. It is hard not to think about this when it is such a critical life changing event in all of our lives. I just want maximum time to prepare for whatever course of action needs to be taken for my family and I.
    4/24/2016 10:20 AM
    Yes. I agree with the time and log ins too. I would say I had a dream but it was more like a nightmare last night. Well it was that I didn't get selected. :(
  • Jones
    4/25/2016 6:47 AM
    Your not the only ones lol I probably check at least three times a day and I've had both nightmares about not getting it and dreams about seeing Offer on my dashboard. I've been wanting this opportunity for a while now so I really hope the board saw that eagerness in my packet.
    4/25/2016 9:15 AM
    Well, another week of dramatic anticipation....
  • 11bis4me
    4/25/2016 11:59 AM
    Yeah, and I am TDY all week, so not being able to check my phone like a mad man is going to kill me lol.

    I wonder what takes so long to release the names if all they do is board our packets?
    4/25/2016 12:16 PM
    Its them saying I know and you don't which is making us suffer.
    4/25/2016 1:41 PM
    Yeah my guess is slots.... That is when they chop the bottom of the list in half and we hope we are as close to the top as possible.
    4/25/2016 1:45 PM
    Haven't heard any news on slots from anyone this year. I asked my POC specifically how many slots were available this year and he didn't even speculate. He was just like, "they haven't given us that information."
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/25/2016 5:09 PM
    Im assuming its like the SFC board (that I have experience in) that perhaps you get a point(s) for each positive attribute. Then they take those with the most points and they're definite selects, below them are most likely, then only if they're are slots still available and then of course...none select. Im hoping the fact that I have a sequence number helps me out, that I'm looking to become an officer and improve myself with the inevitability of being a SFC but I could see it going both ways. Ive heard they're target date is May 3rd but going back the last 2 years its been around May 10th-13th, good luck to everyone!
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/25/2016 5:10 PM
    Their target date*
    4/26/2016 9:42 AM
    2016 hopeful,
    Yup that sums up the gist of how we think this board works if of course it is like any other conventional Army board... But where did you hear that target date from?
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/26/2016 10:33 AM
    Heard that from my POC
    4/26/2016 1:49 PM
    Oh wow... that's next Tuesday!!
  • Kclark3131
    4/26/2016 3:29 PM
    So guys call your scholarship officers at your colleges...........

    I just got my offer via him!!!!!!!
  • 520
    4/26/2016 3:48 PM
    Did you status change on the portal?
  • SGT B
    4/26/2016 4:12 PM
    I'm guessing those of us that applied for ADO wouldn't be able to get that same info since we aren't applying for scholarships?
  • Jones
    4/26/2016 4:26 PM
    I just got off the phone with Mr. Sedlak and he said for ADO its gonna be mid to late May. Im so tired of waiting, this is killing me lol
  • SGT B
    4/26/2016 4:37 PM
    That sucks. The POC's all seem to be giving out different information so I am definitely hoping it's sooner than that. I'm sure if we get accepted into the program we won't care that we had to wait so long to find out but getting denied after such a long wait would truly suck.
  • Kclark3131
    4/26/2016 4:39 PM
    My scholarship officersaid that thru have a portal that gets updated with a notification weeks before the results are published to our chains of commands. I advise you all to contact them. My portal also changed to "offer".
  • Kclark3131
    4/26/2016 4:40 PM
    I'm also an ADO applicant.
  • SPC U
    4/26/2016 4:47 PM
    Congratulations @Kclark3131!! What were your stats?
  • 11bis4me
    4/26/2016 4:58 PM

    I just reached out to my POC at my college and he is unsure of the portal he is suppose to check, can you clarify which portal this may be? I don't understand how the schools can know but they won't update the portal!
    4/26/2016 5:05 PM
    This guy is blowing smoke. I contacted CC and asked if you can apply for the scholarship as well as the ADO and they said you can only submit one packet each mission set. I wouldn't rely on this information.
  • 11bis4me
    4/26/2016 5:09 PM

    I have been granted to authority for both, I guess its all in who you talk to. I originally submitted solely for scholarship as I wanted a sure thing. They talked me into ADO and let me know that if I fail to make it then they will grant me the 2 year scholarship.
    4/26/2016 5:12 PM
    That makes me angry. I could have done the Scholorship and/or even the Hip Pocket. My CoC was trying to get me to do the Hip Pocket because I would have been the only person to try and my division has two slots.
  • 11bis4me
    4/26/2016 5:17 PM
    Dont be frustrated, theres reasons for everything. Just dont discredit people if you dont know the whole story. My POC at the school said there is no portal for them to check scholarships...Im lost lol
    4/26/2016 7:57 PM
    Ok so there is a system that the college ROTC POCs have acces to. I believe it is called CCIM... no idea what it stnads for but I know they have this because I was coordinating with my ROTC POC last year to see if he could use it to tell me any updates. It is an online system that Cadet Command updates which all ROTCs can view. It is possible for them to update that system before they update anything on the portal we use to submit our applications. People last year were using their ROTC POCs to gain information earlier than waiting on Cadet Command. For ADO, I really do not believe they can release names as of yet but I think we will hear news this mid May or at best the end of this week.

    On the first page of the online application, it specifically states that you cannot apply for both scholarship and ADO. That was a policy Cadet Command established a few years ago. However, I have heard of individuals who were not selected for ADO apply for scholarship after the fact. But I am pretty certain you cannot apply for both at the same time only after you are a non select.
    4/26/2016 8:08 PM
    Your ADO application portal states offer? Your online status changed to offer? Do you have any waivers? What are your stats?

    ......I am pretty skeptical considering you are the only one that has seen any updates while Cadet Command is not confirming this at all plus you fail to answer many questions. Cadet Command does not update one individual, they update large groups at a time. This is evident through all past years of communication. No matter how late or early the notifications were, there were always groups of people who found out information at a time not one person.
  • Kclark3131
    4/26/2016 8:45 PM
    My rotc battalion scholarship officers processed my ado application. He has ccim where he can check the status of all his prospective cadets. I am currently in korea and he contacted me via email and told me the good news. I have no reason to lie. Lol I am going to be attending Kansas state.

    If there are any kstate guys in the forum we all made it that applied for ado there were five of us.
  • kclark3131
    4/26/2016 8:56 PM

    What were your stats, GPA, Gt, Pt score things like that?
  • Bama08
    4/26/2016 8:56 PM
    So I have been following this forum for some time now and submitted my ADO packet this year. I am freaking out because I will be attending Kstate and am wondering if this is true. I got an email from my POC at my school but was unable to speak to him today because I was not in the office. I do not want to get my hopes up but am anxiously waiting to call him tomorrow.
  • Army dream
    4/26/2016 9:20 PM
    Good news awaits you. Make that call tomorrow...... I'm sure he wants to hear your excited voice over the phone.
    @Kclark3131........Congrats, I hope we all hear good news soon.
    Enjoy your last days in Korea.
    What's your major in school?
  • 11bis4me
    4/26/2016 9:41 PM

    If you talk to him tomorrow, can you see if he is willing to look up other names on ccimm, I tried logging in from ikrome...couldnt get it to work. My school POC doesnt know what it is lol
  • Kclark3131
    4/26/2016 11:27 PM
    I wouldn't blow smoke up anyone's ass because I've been monitoring this firm myself for a month now and I chose only to speak upon something I knew for certain. Mr James porter my scholarship liason called and gave me the news at my 4 a.m. and emailed me.

    My major is political science my minor is international relations but I had a great qc process on my packet and i didn't hound my poc at cadet command.

    P.s. my GPA wasn't super high. It was only a 3.3. So anyone above that I'm sure u will make it. Best of luck to everyone else!!!!
  • 520
    4/27/2016 8:32 AM
    Kclark, Congrats on the selection. Glad to hear some people are finding out. Good luck with the program!
  • cornelia
    4/27/2016 9:23 AM
    Just got an email from my POC from CC. the board results have just been released as of 0915 today. I am conditionally selected to participate in the GTG ADO program. Now waiting on the waivers. So more waitings... Good luck to you all!
  • DDW
    4/27/2016 9:28 AM
    @Cornelia Did your status change on the website yet?
  • cornelia
    4/27/2016 9:31 AM
    No, it has not yet. And apparently the CoC won't be notified until a candidate becomes fully qualified winner (aka all waivers are approved).
  • DDW
    4/27/2016 9:35 AM
    Ok thanks, who notified you of the conditional status?
  • DDW
    4/27/2016 9:35 AM
    Ok thanks, who notified you of the conditional status?
  • Jones
    4/27/2016 9:36 AM
    Wow I have no waivers but my status hasn't changed yet. It's pretty early in Texas though. Anyone on here going to school in Texas?
  • SPC U
    4/27/2016 9:41 AM
    @cornelia congratulations on your conditional selection. What were your stats like?
  • cornelia
    4/27/2016 10:08 AM
    @DDW POC at CC
    @Jones My status online has not changed yet, so try to call your POC at CC directly.
    @SPC U Thanks!
    TIS 26 months (waiting on TSO waiver)
    currently E-4 (P)
    GT 127
    PT 297 (have a few 300s, but most recent one is 297)
    3 AAM 3 COA
    CL at BLC
    I didn't have any LOR other than the short blurb on the CC-174. I am a loaned manpower who barely works at my own unit, so my company commander and bn commander don't know much about me personally. So the statements they made were very generic but they both gave me "highly recommend" based on the good words my supervisors (O-3 and O-4) put in. When I saw others' stats on the forum, I was very nervous because my lack of LOR and army leadership experiences.
    I think what helped me may be my civilian educations. I have 2 bachelors degree, one in Actuarial Mathematics and one in International Business -Finance. GPA is only 3.67 (I saw a lot higher ones on this forum), but not too low either.
    Good luck to those who are still waiting!
  • SPC U
    4/27/2016 10:20 AM
    @cornelia awesome! Congrats again. I assume you are going for your Master's. What school are you going to and what graduate program?
  • cornelia
    4/27/2016 10:39 AM
    @SPC U I'm going to Columbia University School of Social Work. So I'm getting my master in social work. Going to ROTC program at Fordham University. Anyone else going to NYC?
  • SPC U
    4/27/2016 11:19 AM
    I just got notified by my POC a few minutes ago. I have been selected for G2G ADO!!
  • SPC Little Guy
    4/27/2016 11:21 AM
    Made it. Getting an MBA at a small Georgia university. Ungrad GPA around 3.7. GT 140. Weak pt score. CL at BLC.Recommended by o5 and o3. Age waiver. 2 jsam 2 Sam, no deployments.
  • kocka
    4/27/2016 11:39 AM
    Hi everyone! Hope lots of you are receiving the good news as of now! :) Yes, results have been released. I just contacted my POC at CC as well - unfortunately I didn't make it. Oh well, life goes on.

    For those of you reading this in the future: the two likely reasons were my chosen academic field (not STEM), and my CGPA (lower than 3). I'm fairly sure they didn't take a look at my letters of recommendation or personal statement as that reflected my current GPA (4.0, I worked hard for this). [GT: 121, PT: 298]

    Was a blast everyone! Good luck in your future endeavours!
  • SGT B
    4/27/2016 11:53 AM
    My POC is out of the office until May 2nd. I contacted Ms. Barnes instead but all she could tell me to do was email my POC anyway. I hope I don't have to wait until Monday to hear the news, good or bad.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/27/2016 11:55 AM
    @SGT B...Is your POC Mr. Black?
  • SSG V
    4/27/2016 11:59 AM
    So I just received the good news from my POC and will start school in upstate NY in august, with a major in Political Science.
  • Army dream
    4/27/2016 12:00 PM
    @Kocka..............So sorry to hear, can you try non-scholarship?
  • SSG Barber
    4/27/2016 12:00 PM
    Contacted Mrs. Barnes because my POC is out until May 2nd, but she told me that I had received and offer. Masters in Professional Communication and Leadership. Pt. 294. GT 121 CL@BLC DHG@ALC. 5 1/1 NCOERS. SSG IN 4 YEARS. 7 YEARS TIS May 19.
  • SGT B
    4/27/2016 12:03 PM
    ADO Hopeful,

    Yes mine is Mr. Black. I am guessing since SSG Barber was told by Mrs. Barnes that he made it that I will not be hearing good news but will wait until its official.
    4/27/2016 12:17 PM
    SSG V where in upstate are you going?
  • SSG K
    4/27/2016 12:21 PM
    SSG Barber, where do you find other POCs information at CC? I am curious if they will tell you the status if your POC is not responding
  • 520
    4/27/2016 12:22 PM
    Just got the good news. I will be attending central Texas a&m. Very excited to get started. Congrats to everyone that also found out and good luck!
  • SGT B
    4/27/2016 12:26 PM
    SSG K,

    I am guessing he got her information the same way I did. Our POC's voicemail said to call Mrs. Barnes if we needed assistance before May 2nd and gave us her contact number.
  • Jones
    4/27/2016 12:28 PM
    Congratulations everyone! I'm dying to know I will also be attending Texas A&M central if I get accepted. My POC is not answering his phone rn and my portal is down:O
  • 520
    4/27/2016 12:35 PM
    @jones. I got the news from ms Collier at the College. I would try calling her. Good luck!
    4/27/2016 12:42 PM
    To give everyone a better chance. I was not selected either. Good Luck everyone.
  • Kocka
    4/27/2016 12:54 PM
    @Army dream -- unfortunately I'm one of those guys, who cannot afford non-ADO. My battalion commander actually wanted me to go for hip-pocket, but I couldn't do that. Need to feed a soon to be pregnant wife! ;) hahaha. It's alright, I always had a plan B, so I'm prepared.

    Congrats to the selected!
  • Jones
    4/27/2016 1:24 PM
    I got accepted. However, over the phone she said it was a yes and the email said conditionally selected. Anyone know what that means?
    4/27/2016 1:34 PM
    I made it!! Emailed my CC POC and he said I was selected but to wait for official notification from Commander. The conditional means that you need waivers approved. Same boat I am in.
    4/27/2016 1:36 PM
    Conditional also means DODMERBS exam needs to be good to go.
  • SGT B
    4/27/2016 1:43 PM

    Do you mind me asking what your GPA is?
    4/27/2016 1:54 PM
    Hahahaha SGT B....I really didn't want to release my stats bc they are by no means amazing. But I guess it doesn't matter anymore....

    Soooooooo ..... ummm yeah 3.0 GPA, 129 GT, 300 PT
  • SGT B
    4/27/2016 2:18 PM
    Thank you SGT INSPIRE. Congratulations on making the list. Still struggling to find out if I was accepted or not.
    4/27/2016 2:45 PM
    Thank you. Did you contact your Cadet Command POC? They will be able to tell you. If you have trouble with that I would go on the portal and contact them through there to ask. The official letters are released next week to the Command of the applicant. It is so crazy how early we are finding out this year!! .... Definitely helps to know sooner than later.
  • SGT B
    4/27/2016 3:24 PM
    My POC will not be in the office until May 2nd. His voicemail directed me to Mrs. Barnes who just told me to email my original POC and he will get back to me so just waiting for a response there.
  • SSG V
    4/27/2016 3:49 PM
    I emailed my POC and had an answer back within 2 minutes. To answer the questions people have asked me over the last couple of weeks: I will be attending the University of Albany in Upstate New York with a major in Political Science. My basic stats were nothing to crazy. GPA 3.8 GT 116 APFT: 265, and 277 (so that MUST look at something other than your APFT scores). LOR (minus the required ones) from the Chief of Ordnance ( I am an 89D, otherwise known as EOD). E-6, 7 years TIS, made 6 In four. Battle Staff NCO Course, Battalion level EO and Master Fitness Trainer. Bronze Star Valor, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, 2 ARCOMs.
    4/27/2016 3:52 PM
    That sucks... SGT B isn't it perfect time to be out of office... when board results come back.... -___-
    4/27/2016 3:53 PM
    SSG V, going for your Masters Degree?
  • SSG V
    4/27/2016 3:55 PM
    @ SGT INSPIRE: nope. Bachelor's degree. Just finished my AA using tuition assistance, and I figured what the hell, why not apply.
    4/27/2016 4:01 PM
    Cool! Yeah it is very difficult to understand how they weigh specific factors in our applications (PT, GPA, GT, Personal Statements, Recommendations).
  • TJ M
    4/27/2016 4:32 PM
    Hey everyone, I just got an email from my POC! It states that I am Conditionaly Accepted just awaiting approval from my CoC. I called my POC directly and he stated he is only replying to emails right now. (Mr.Sedlak). I was nervous because I didn't get any notifications, but I sent him an email and he notified me about 10 minutes later. Congrats to everyone who made it. To those who didn't keep your head up and don't give up. Keep on trying other options and if this is something you truly want, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. I wish you all the best of luck.

    My stats were as follows.
    E-5 GPA 3.56 PT Score 300 for last three, GT 111, 1 NCOER 1/1 TIS 4 yrs
    4/27/2016 6:47 PM
    Well said TJ M!! I am a prime example of that... Someone who was told no at first but did not give up...
  • 2016 Hopeful
    4/27/2016 9:15 PM
    I haven't heard anything yet, I just now saw all this about the results be released! I've been crazy busy all day, I haven't gotten an email but that also my be because my POC (Mr. Black) is out of the office until the beginning of May. So right now, no news is good news? You better believe I'm gonna be dialing as soon as I can tomorrow morning!
  • SSG T
    4/28/2016 4:04 AM
    Congrats to everyone!! For those that have not received notification or were notified of non-select; look @ SGT INSPIRE as the prime example of a dedicated individual that re-submitted his packet and has now been selected. I would imagine that his persistence was recognized, and not overlooked. Looks like I made it everyone, SPC U and I come from the same Company, so shout-out to SPC U and his family! I still have one waiver to get approved though, so I guess I can't celebrate fully just yet. I'm hoping for the best. It's a waiver for a littering ticket and a trespassing ticket I received before the military. If all goes well, I'll be attending Kent State University in Ohio. Stats are as follows: SSG, almost 6 years TIS (made 6 in 4), SAMC, DHG AIT, Commandants BLC, NCO of Year for BDE & DIV 2013, AA Degree, 3.4 GPA, 118 GT, MSM, 3 ARCOMs, 7 AAMs, 11 COAs lol, LOR from BDE CDR, 294 APFT, all 1/1 NCOERs to include new NCOER, Expert Weapons...

    So I'm scheduled for ALC in July... and have a baby due around 18 June... deferrals require first GOs approval... eligible for SFC next year... would likely make SFC for my MOS when looked at. This is going to be a tough decision lol
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/28/2016 6:14 AM
    To further confuse those who may be trying to figure out how selections are made, I called and found out I was not on the list. These were my stats:

    4.0 GPA
    297 APFT
    121 GT
    CL WLC and ALC
    LOR from BDE CDR
    Strong NCOERs
    Currently on second deployment
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/28/2016 7:33 AM
    @ADO hopeful, who we're you able to get in contact with so early in the day?
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/28/2016 7:36 AM
    @2016 hopeful--I called yesterday and spoke to Ms. Barnes in lieu of my POC Mr. Black, who's out until next week.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/28/2016 7:46 AM
    Has anyone else who wasn't accepted seen a status change on their portal?
  • DDW
    4/28/2016 7:50 AM
    @ADO Hopeful does your portal still say boarded?
  • 11bis4me
    4/28/2016 7:53 AM
    I did not make the initial cut either. I was 12 off on the oml.

    It was explained to me that they are in the process of attempting to.give out more, they only issued 126. This is why you won't see a change quite yet. I found out that final yes or no won't be issued until end of may, this is because more slots will open and those that are requesting waivers are not guaranteed regardless of how petty they seem. Apparently some commanders Wil onto approve the waivers. Im curious as to how the scoring works as I had decent stats as well.
    7 years tis
    SSG in 4 years
    All perfect ncoers
    118 gt
    3.65 gpa
    298 pt score
    Distinguished leader wlc
    Brigade battalion no of the year
    Placed 1st twice in battalion physical competition
    Lord from lieutenant general and colonel
    No waivers, fully qualified.

    This is beyond frustrating
  • 11bis4me
    4/28/2016 7:54 AM
    I did not make the initial cut either. I was 12 off on the oml.

    It was explained to me that they are in the process of attempting to.give out more, they only issued 126. This is why you won't see a change quite yet. I found out that final yes or no won't be issued until end of may, this is because more slots will open and those that are requesting waivers are not guaranteed regardless of how petty they seem. Apparently some commanders Wil onto approve the waivers. Im curious as to how the scoring works as I had decent stats as well.
    7 years tis
    SSG in 4 years
    All perfect ncoers
    118 gt
    3.65 gpa
    298 pt score
    Distinguished leader wlc
    Brigade battalion no of the year
    Placed 1st twice in battalion physical competition
    Lord from lieutenant general and colonel
    No waivers, fully qualified.

    This is beyond frustrating
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/28/2016 7:54 AM
    @DDW yeah, mine still says boarded.
    4/28/2016 8:42 AM
    DON'T BE FRUSTRATED! I know it is easier said than done but please keep in mind these are not official notifications. Keep the hope, stay positive and focused. No one really has an official offer until their Commanders receive an official letter stating such.

    As for the scoring, it is what I assumed after not getting accepted last year. I think we all so focused on the GT PT and GPA that we overlooking many factors of our application. The personal statement, I believe is a major part of what they look at. How well you can articulate yourself and the content you have to say about yourself. Your recommendations from Company and Battalion Commander should be beyond amazing with concrete facts addressing your specific potential. Also, are you going for your Bachelors or Masters? Do your evals say you accomplished alot of stuff or does it show how your potential greatly excels your rank? Can the board members see how dedicated you are to becoming a Commissioned Officer through your application? ....Not to say any of these trump the points you accumulate from GPA, GT or PT but I do believe board members take these other factors largely into consideration more than we think.... Just my perspective based on what I have seen this year and previous years.
  • DDW
    4/28/2016 9:08 AM
    I didn't get it but hopefully I will next year!
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/28/2016 9:35 AM
    @11bis4me where did you see this OML?
    4/28/2016 9:42 AM
    There was a lot of speculation on this forum about how they go about selecting. It definitely was not as simple as looking at a handful of numbers. Here I go speculating more, but they look at the entire individual. They are selecting individuals to serve in a capacity of leadership. It is of course going to be beneficial to have already proven such leadership and have qualifications to set one apart through combat deployments/missions and attending/graduating schools. @11bis4me - Your stats look great. But you didn't mention deployments, schools or awards. I assume you are 11bravo which doesn't necessarily guarantee it, but makes you a contender to be an Infantry officer. Have you gone to Ranger School? EIB/CIB? A rgr tab is a must for an infantry officer - but only a small percentage of the army go to and graduate ranger school, so it makes sense to offer g2g to individuals who they have already put the training and money into. I am not calling you out, just trying to make sense of it. They purposefully do not say how they are going to select candidates because clearly there is no method to it. They can pick who they want as long as they are eligible to apply. You and others who look well qualified just didn't make the cut for one reason or the other. Also, we have only seen a small number of people's stats on this forum. We don't really know who those 126 individuals that you mentioned look like who got offers. And I understand your shock and frustration. Best to you and others. Just try again next year.
  • SSG Barber
    4/28/2016 10:43 AM
    So there is speculation going around on what they look at to select candidates. First I want to start by saying, this is purely opinionated based off what I was told from former candidates selected for ADO G2G. They look at everything obviously, but one bad area does not keep you out of the running. However, one thing I heard they pay close attention to is a thing called Soldier, Leader, Athlete (SLA). They look at what you have done as a Soldier. What type of leadership positions you have been in and how you performed. Lastly, what type of Athlete you are. So PT is a given cause most of us are not athletes. However, playing on sports teams for your BN or possibly you went to college before joining the Army and played one year of football or wrestled for 2 years, etc. If you run 5k/10k's or play in a Softball league or Soccer league are all good examples. All three areas are important to what the Army is looking for in their Officers. I am not saying you have to do these things to have a competitive packet. Just putting this out there for future Soldiers who want an edge, this is where to start.
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/28/2016 11:27 AM
    I've called and I just keep getting told that they can't share the results of the board with me. That my school will know and my commander will be notified within the next 2-3 days.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/28/2016 11:54 AM
    Backstreet Boys' Quit Playing Games With my Heart is currently my theme song. I was notified of a mix up and that I made it...thanks to all for the posts that kept me going.
  • SGT B
    4/28/2016 12:06 PM
    For those of you with Mr. Black as a POC that ended up speaking to Mrs. Barnes for info, did you have to prod her into telling you your selection status? I called her twice and both times she gave me the same robotic answer that I need to email Mr. Black and he will get back to me.
    4/28/2016 12:10 PM
    Hahaha! A mix up!? I hope they didn't mix me up smh! They told you via email?
  • SSG Barber
    4/28/2016 12:29 PM
    @ Sgt. B, yesterday when I called her, I just asked if the results had come out for the Green to Gold program. She said yes, put me on hold, and then asked my name and if I was scholarship or ADO and then told me that I received an offer. I called yesterday around 1115. I would assume she was told that she couldn't release that information if she was the original POC. That would be my guess. Most people have received emails, I have not. So I am guessing that when Mr. Black is back on Monday he will be busy and hopefully we get more information.
  • Jones
    4/28/2016 2:32 PM
    I got two confirmations, through Mr.Sedlak and Ms.Collier. I was told the conditional selection is because they are waiting for approval for my physical from DODMERB (I have no waivers). I was supposed to go to AIT at Fort Gordon today but my Brigade retention NCO called HRC and got confirmation that I was accepted. HRC also told her that my commander would receive the official letter most likely by Friday.

    Also, my POC stated that the portal won't update yet for some because they are trying to figure out how to do it since its the first year with electronic files.
  • Jones
    4/28/2016 2:36 PM
    Btw, have any other SPC been accepted?
    4/28/2016 2:42 PM
    Jones you are lucky lol .... no waivers!! I need a waiver for age and Active Federal Service. My age waiver is approved from my ROTC Brigade Commander and the my AFS waiver needs to go to the Cadet Command CG for approval so I will most likely not see my official letter for a while. Hopefully next week, so I can start preparation.
  • SPC U
    4/28/2016 3:21 PM
    @jones Yes I got accepted. TIS 24 months, GPA 3.81, PT 292, GT 124, Distinguished Honors Grad AIT, 3 LOR from COLs, Bachelor's in Accounting going for MBA with concentration in Finance at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL. No waivers. No tangible leadership experience. I work in a hospital directly under a SFC.
  • Jones
    4/28/2016 3:35 PM
    That's awesome SPC U I'm in the same boat. I have no leadership experience but I am my company's DTMS and schools person so I usually assume the role of an NCO. I had no LORS but my recommendations from my CO and battalion CO were detailed and both were "highly recommend". I think my personal statement and education at a young age helped a lot being that my stats are quite average.
    4/28/2016 3:50 PM
    So what I am hearing is that they issued 120 ish offers?!!? That's already way more than last year if they are not done.
  • Kclark3131
    4/28/2016 3:51 PM
    @jones I am in the same boat as you with the minimum submissions. I think that the personal statement and recommendations of the company cdr and bc made quite a bit of a difference as they have the clearest picture of you.
  • 2016 ADO Applicant
    4/28/2016 4:02 PM
    Called this morning and was informed by whoever answered that I was not on the list. And yet, DODMERB sent me something a week ago to update vision. Don't know why they would ask for that if I wasn't going to be accepted!
  • SPC U
    4/28/2016 4:23 PM
    @Jones congratulations to you too. You are absolutely right.
    4/28/2016 4:43 PM
    2016 ADO Applicant, DODMERB is a completely separate organization from Cadet Command. They do not track if you are accepted or not. Also if you plan on re-applying next year, I would make sure you complete whatever DODMERB asks of you. Once you get that approval letter from DODMERB you can use that for up to two years.
  • 2016 ADO Applicant
    4/28/2016 5:55 PM
    That's good at least. I'll be one of the first to apply again in August. Still crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe there was a "mixup" like what happened with one of the previous posters. I guess I will find out for sure from my Commander.
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/28/2016 7:59 PM
    @ SGT B, MR. Black is also my POC and Ms. Barnes gave me the same somewhat robotic answer. I called my school and my POC there didn't seem to fully understand how to work the system that showed whether i made it or not. He did say that there was an "offer tab" say 2 year ADO. So i don't know, I still have to hear the for sure.
  • aQ
    4/28/2016 8:07 PM
    Congratulations to all who got accepted!!!
    Got conditional offer as well, pending my age and dependency waivers. How does the waiver process work? How long does it take? And what are the odds of not getting them?
    Thank you
  • SGT B
    4/28/2016 10:17 PM
    2016 hopeful,

    I found Mr. Sedlaks's number online by googling his name and cadet command. He informed me that I was conditionally accepted. No waivers so I'm not sure why it's conditional yet but I'll be happy to do whatever needs to be done. Hopefully Mr. Black has more info on Monday. Again, my stats were 289apft, 3.07gpa, only 14 months TIG, 41 months TIS, 134 GT. Highest award is a COA atm not counting AGCM, EFMB, AA. I saw one other person with better stats across the board (other than GT) got denied so the board's criteria for selection seems very confusing. I am going for a Master's degree so maybe the fact that I earned a Bachelor's was proof I could successfully complete college? I'm trying to push other Soldiers I work with to apply next year so it would be nice to know how people are selected.
  • SGT E
    4/28/2016 10:57 PM
    Has any been told that they made it by their POC and their POC at their school and their status still says boarded? Also has do any one have the unofficial/official list of those who are selected?
  • SGT E
    4/28/2016 10:59 PM
  • 2016 ADO Applicant
    4/29/2016 4:53 AM
    How did everyone go about finding their POC anyway? I understand it is by alphabetical order but how did you find their names?
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/29/2016 5:04 AM
    @2016 ADO Applicant, I used the "Contact Us" tab within the portal back in November when I had some questions about my documents. When you do that, the email gets routed through Cadet Command to your POC who will then email you back directly. From that point on, that's who I emailed when I had any issues.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/29/2016 5:06 AM
    @SGT E, the only people with access to the unofficial list is CC and your HR rep at your school. They both access the list with the same system (not sure of the name). I was told that if you're waiting on a waiver, your status won't change on the portal until everything is complete. That being said, I was also told that the waivers have already been sent to the CG for decision.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/29/2016 5:12 AM
    I should have just responded to everyone in one post, but @SGT B, I think everyone is listed as conditional until CC receives your physical results from DoDMerb. If anyone received a fully official offer already, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • SSG V
    4/29/2016 9:21 AM
    The offer email that everyone received is generic. The protal will not changed to offer until letters have been sent to your CO. I received a letter from DODmerb back in November stating that I was fully cleared because I sent them the paperwork directly, and did not have it processed through cadet command. For
    Those that are looking to apply in the future, it might be something worth looking into. The only
    Thing I'm waiting on now is an age waiver because I will be over thirty by 2 months at the time of commissioning. Congratulations to everyone that picked up. To
    Those that didn't, KEEP TRYING! I was in constant contact with my POC at CC. Anytime I needed something validated or fixed I would call, then email, and the issue would be corrected in a mater of minutes. If you are trying in the upcoming years to apply, make sure you build a good relationship with your POC. D
  • SSG Barber
    4/29/2016 10:08 AM
    So everyone on here has received an email or call from POC stating your acceptance into the program except people who have Mr Black as POC??
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/29/2016 10:11 AM
    @SSG Barber, Mr. Black is my POC. I spoke to Ms. Barnes who informed me that I was on the list.
  • 2016 hopeful
    4/29/2016 10:50 AM
    After the past couple days of suspense hearing the board results were released I finally made contact with someone that could tell me my fate. I made selection for ADO, I'll be attending Florida International University!
    4/29/2016 10:58 AM
    SSG V,
    You will be over 30 at the time of Commission? Yours should have already been approved then from your ROTC BDE Commander. You are in the same boat as me.
  • SGT E
    4/29/2016 11:48 AM
    @ ADOHopeful and to everyone else thank you for the information, it really helped me in getting clear results. I kept good contact with my POC and he email me letting me know that I was selected to participate in the G2G program. I will be attending Chaminade University in Hawaii. Good luck to everyone.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/29/2016 11:54 AM
    @SGT E, who is your POC?
  • SGT E
    4/29/2016 12:16 PM
    @ADO Hopeful, James Tilbert
  • 520
    4/29/2016 12:27 PM
    Has anyone's commanders been notified yet?
    4/29/2016 12:31 PM
    Nope, still waiting on my age waiver to re-done so I can have my waivers sent to CG....
  • SGT D
    4/29/2016 3:26 PM
    Congrats to all who were selected and keep your heads up for those who didn't!

    I just found out through my rep that I was given an offer as well. However, I am pending my physical from DoDMERB. The issue I have is that I am currently reintegrating back from deployment and wasn't able to access the DoDMERB in country. I just found some "remedial" info that I just forwarded to them. Does anyone know how long it'll take to get that cleared? I know it says we have until July 15th but I'd rather have it sooner than later.

    If anyone has any info, please let me know! Thanks and well done to everyone!
  • SGT E
    4/29/2016 6:14 PM
    @SGT D, It should take that long. I did it and it took me a day half of a day depending what you have to get done. I was in school at Leonard Wood when I got my physical done. If you have time call the number and the person that is assigned to you will instruct you on exactly what they need done. After you email/fax them the paper work, it takes no more than a week to update. I recommend keeping contact with your assigned person so when you email it you can let her know to update your file soon as possible. if you need any more help let me know.
  • ADO Hopeful
    4/30/2016 2:20 AM
    @SGT D, I'll echo what SGT E said regarding keeping in contact with your POC at DoDMERB. Anytime I updated something for remedial, I called to ensure it was received. Also, sometimes they like to update one remedial code with another. They say they'll send a letter outlining what needs to be done, but that letter (I received a couple of them) typically took at least 10 days to arrive. It's easier to just call them as soon as a remedial code is poste, get an explanation, and get working on it before the letter arrives. After everything is done (if you get cleared), you'll get a little postcard in the mail telling you that you're qualified. The website will also update with that same information.
  • SGT D
    5/1/2016 5:29 AM
    SGT E and ADO Hopeful, thanks for the info! I'm stressing out because I haven't been able to access my DoDMERB account until I got home and I'm only able to work on this now. I hope my medical tech will work with me. Thanks again and congrats to you guys as well!!
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/1/2016 7:02 AM
    @SGT D, just in case you can't get cleared by July 15, you can also request a deferment and start in Spring. This is from the ADO Information Booklet: "NOTE: Soldiers MUST be medically
    qualified by 15 July of the year of the award or must request to be deferred until the
    following semester."
  • SSG T
    5/1/2016 8:54 AM
    So I'm scheduled for ALC from 7JUL-4AUG, and the semester starts 29 AUG which would leave no room to outprocess. Does anyone know if I would still attend ALC? And also whether I would still compete for SFC next year? Apparently NCOs don't receive a NCOER while in school, which makes sense because we're preparing to commission, but I'm just curious how it all works. Also, what would be the estimated report date?
    5/1/2016 9:14 AM
    Main focus should be preparing for school. With that being said, you should provide yourself and family with ample time to PCS and aclimate to your school. In my opinion ALC will do absolutely nothing for you as an Officer unless you believe it will give you some divine leadership experience and some technical experience in your MOS. You will not be competing for SFC next year if you accept your G2G offer this year. Once you arrvie at your school, you are no longer enlisted. You will be a cadet and can no longer wear the rank of SSG.
  • CDT M
    5/1/2016 9:35 AM
    You are right with the ALC, also your BN cant cancel the orders until you receive the letter from cadet command saying you were officially selected for G2G ADO. I'm a SSG currently in ROTC as a G2G ADO option and yes you can compete for SFC, on the other hand is pointless because you will not get ping unless you go to SLC also if you get selected your sequence number will depend on your TIS. That's the reason why I didn't verify my packet.
    5/1/2016 9:50 AM
    CDT M, does that apply to semi-centralized promotions as well? If I made cut off for SSG during ADO, do I recieve promotion and does my pay change? So you are still considered your enlisted rank on paper while on the ADO? I guess that makes sense since you are still being paid as one.
  • SSG T
    5/1/2016 9:58 AM
    "Divine leadership experience" was the only reason I was wondering about ALC. Lol! No, joking aside, thank you both for the info. It's hard to backwards plan with ALC right in the middle of when I would be outprocessing and clearing. I expected that my class reservation would be lost once I accepted the offer, but wasn't sure if I had a choice to still complete ALC or what? I would likely make SFC next year, and was debating on whether it would be worth it to complete ALC to be eligible for E7. With deferments requiring the first GO in the CoC, I imagine it wouldn't necessarily be a deferment then? Maybe a deletion or something? Guess I just have to wait until the official notification comes, which kind of sucks because I'm currently completing the phase 1 distributed learning portion of ALC. Lol @ CDT M, when was your report date?
  • cornelia
    5/1/2016 10:03 AM
    @CDT M, I also have questions regarding the pay. Does BAH change to reflect school location? Or pay and allowances stay at current amount? I was planning on using NYC BAH to pay for my tuition and fees. But if I will only receive FT Bragg BAH, I need to start looking at applying for GI benefits.
    5/1/2016 10:09 AM
    SSG T, yeah I am in a similar situation. I am on orders for recruiting and already completed a deferement based on pending G2G selection. Now once I get my official letter, I have to submit a deletion of my recruitng orders which begin in August.

    cornelia, I know you get paid BAH based on the zipcode of your school.
  • 520
    5/1/2016 10:15 AM
    SGT inspire, yea I had the same thing with my recruiting unfortunately the deferment never made it through so I'm at recruiting school. Good news is my actual orders are already deleted. I might be a cadet with a recruiting badge.
  • CDT M
    5/1/2016 10:18 AM
    Yes, on paper you are an enlisted soldier. So, if you get promoted while attending Rotc you pay will increase. You BAH will based on your university location. You will receive BAS. Also make sure to setup your GiBILL it will cover all your tuition and fees, and apply for FAFSA because that money will go to your pocket.Remember you a doing a PCS to your university, so your pay will be calculated with that location. Reports dates depend on the start date of the fall semester of your university, in my case I reported on AUG 25,2015. Guys this is a dream come true active duty pay and all you do is go to school.
  • cornelia
    5/1/2016 10:25 AM
    @SGT INSPIRE & CDT M, thank you!

    @SSG T, here's someone's response from another forum regarding reporting date and pcs process. So technically you will have enough time to pcs after you come back from ALC. But as others already said, most likely your orders to ALC will be deleted after you get the official letter from GTG.
    "The pcs process is normal, just expedited. You can take leave if you get selected, all waivers approved, and orders cut with enough time. I received notification of my selection and waiver approval all at once. What happened was they selected me, held on to the announcement until all of my waivers were approved (my TIS took the longest), and then sent me my official notice of selectionnvia email on 11 June in the afternoon, which was a Friday. Nothing could really happen until Monday. Of course, HRC has to put you on assignment, it cycles every week on Tuesday, so I wasn't officially on assignment until 30 June. From there, I had to start harassing my unit for my orders. My school started first week of August and report date on your orders is the day before your semester starts. So in 30 days, I had to get my orders cut, do transportation, clear CIF, set up my travel (since I was overseas), rush to get final signatures on my ncoer, etc. It was a nightmare. BUT I was able to take 5 days of leave to find somewhere to live at least before school started."
  • SSG T
    5/1/2016 10:41 AM
    @ cornelia, thanks! 5 days to find a home doesn't sound too good! Lol I'll try to take a little more leave than that. Yeah I think I'll turn down ALC (if I even have the option to), and get some peace of mind knowing that I won't have to rush so much. PCSing can already be a lot of work, and I'm sure this non-traditional way of PCSing has its own unique challenges as well. Plus we'll have a newborn baby, and yeah, you can't put a price on peace of mind. What GI Bill is everyone going to use? Since we won't get the BAH from the post 9/11 and I believe the 9/11 only covers tuition, and not fees, BUT includes the stipend... While the Montgomery pay for tuition and fees (up to an extent), but no stipend for books... I think I may prefer the latter since the fees can be leery expensive, I haven't completely decided yet though
    5/1/2016 10:44 AM
    Oh my gosh. I am hoping to have way more leave than five days. That would suck. They are way ahead of schedule this year so noone should end up in that boat unless they don't plan correctly.

    But SSG T would have to submit a deletion through his S-1. It is not done automatically.
  • CDT M
    5/1/2016 10:52 AM
    I'm using post 9/11 gibill and covers tuition and fees plus the books stipend ($1000 per year). Everybody I know is using the 9/11. If you are eating for waivers start your GIbill application can take up to a month, And start looking into register for classes (call your Rotc to learn their schedule before you enroll any class)
  • 11bis4me
    5/1/2016 11:02 AM
    Hey all, need some insight from those with knowledge on the waiver process.

    I was told that there are 11 people in front of me waiting for additional slots and to hold off until the end of may for official word. I have already been cleared to go scholarship option if ado doesn't work out, but I have to "switch". Basically I am banking on them opening more slots or waivers being disaproved. My poc at cc thinks there's a good chance it will happen. I'm just seeing if anyone here that knows of the process if this sounds feasible or if I should start looking for a job and transfer my packet over to scholarship, opinions? Thanks guys, and congrats to everYonex that made it.
  • SPC U
    5/1/2016 11:17 AM
    @11bis4me I didn't know you can switch to scholarship option if ADO doesn't work out. That's pretty cool.
  • SPC U
    5/1/2016 11:20 AM
    @CDT M, so do you have to inform HRC about your school start date or do they already get that info on their own and put it on your orders? How long is in processing and is it done at the school?
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/1/2016 11:28 AM
    For anyone looking for in-processing information:
  • SPC U
    5/1/2016 12:34 PM
    @ADO Hopeful thank you for that info
  • tim
    5/1/2016 6:39 PM
    Anyone here going to University of Colorado, Colorado Tech or any schools in/around Colorado Springs and know if they have made it or not?
  • SSG Barber
    5/2/2016 6:28 AM
    Hope everyone had a good weekend. I just wanted to put some details out there for anyone that is confused. You cannot get promoted to the next rank If you have not complete the corresponding professional development course. For example, to make Sergeant you have to graduate BLC, SSG=ALC, and SFC=SLC. So that being said if anyone can knock that out during the summer before classes there is a possibility you will get paid more. However, for people like myself that will most likely make the E7 list in June, I will not be afforded the opportunity to make SFC because I will not be able able to attend SLC. Honestly though, becoming commissioned is way more important to me. Lastly on this subject, do not just completely give up on your enlisted career until you commission. I say that not to scare individuals, but in case something terrible happens where ROTC and commissioning is no longer in your future because of certain things, you still want to be set up for success. My advice is make sure that you do whatever you can to not throw away any chance on being competitive at the enlisted level.

    My next conversation starter for the week is financial aid. I see on here a lot of people are going to be using the GI Bill. We don't have to use this do we? I want to save the aid for my kids when they get older. So I am going to pay for school through student loans through FAFSA. Hopefully, I can get some grants but the PELL Grant does not cover Graduate school. Anyone out there future or current that has any ideas on where to start looking specifically for scholarships or grants for graduate schools? Thanks for any help in advance.
  • SGT B
    5/2/2016 1:20 PM
    My POC just told me that Cadet Command is "hoping" to have official letters emailed to our Commanders by Wednesday of this week for anybody wondering. Any conditions that need to be met for acceptance into the program will be included in those letters.
    5/2/2016 1:35 PM
    Awesome information SGT B! But I doubt applicants pending waiver approval will get official letters until waivers are approved.
    5/2/2016 3:12 PM
    Who has waivers pending? What are your waivers? Did you submit endorsements from your BDE and BN ROTC Commanders?

    Trying to figure out any additional information about waivers just in case I am missing something. Never got this far last year lol
  • SSG Barber
    5/2/2016 4:04 PM
    @Sgt. Inspire,

    From what I know about waivers is this. My ROTC BDE CDR signed my waiver like back in Feb. I already submitted it to the portal and they just approved it after the board. My file still says boarded though. However, I just talked to Mrs. Barnes and she said that they are working on sending out emails. So hopefully we get them soon.

    Hope this helped.
  • tim
    5/2/2016 4:12 PM
    I spoke with Mr. Black this morning and he told me to email him. I did both through global and the portal and have not heard back. Anyone else in the same boat?
  • SSG Barber
    5/2/2016 4:18 PM
    My POC is Mr. Black also, I tried calling but never talked to him today. I talked to Mrs Barnes though and she said he was in and out all week, whatever that means. So I guess email might be the best way.
    5/2/2016 4:23 PM
    SSG Barber, what was your waiver for? How were you notified that your waiver was approved? Who was the approval authority?
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/2/2016 4:27 PM
    @SGT INSPIRE, I'm waiting on an AFS waiver (10 years, 9 months at time of commission) and I submitted my endorsements from the ROTC BN/BDE CDRs with the rest of my packet.

    @tim/SSG Barber, Mr. Black emailed me yesterday (Sunday morning) and told me if I didn't hear anything from my commander by Wednesday to give him a call.
  • tim
    5/2/2016 4:27 PM
    Would you happen to have Mrs. Barnes first name so I can find her on global?
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/2/2016 4:41 PM
    @tim it's Hard to find in global, because her last name is hyphenated in there.
  • tim
    5/2/2016 4:48 PM
  • SGT B
    5/2/2016 4:57 PM

    If that doesn't work, I called Mr. Sedlak when Mr. Black was out of the office and he emailed me about my status within 10 minutes. Just change the last digit of Mr. Blacks phone number to a 3.
  • SSG Barber
    5/2/2016 5:28 PM

    My waiver was for age. I will be 30 by the time we commission in May/June 2018. It was approved by the ROTCB DE Commander from my school with an endorsement from the BN CDR. I had it signed Feb 1 because I thought everything in the portal was due NLT that date and my school obliged.
  • SSG Barber
    5/2/2016 5:35 PM
    @Sgt. Inspire - Mrs Barnes told me last week when I called and asked about it.

    @ADO HOPEFUL - thanks for that information. I really want that email to my commander for 100% verification I made the program. So I can celebrate.
    5/2/2016 7:02 PM
    So noone has heard about their AFS waiver being approved?
    5/3/2016 7:25 AM
    UPDATE: I just noticed a change on my portal selection status screen. For my age waiver status, it states granted. For my AFS waiver status it still states "required." Anyone else see any changes on the portal?
  • SSG V
    5/3/2016 9:38 AM
    My age waiver changed this morning to granted. I would have been 2 months over 30 at the time of commissioning.
  • cornelia
    5/3/2016 9:41 AM
    @SGT INSPIRE I need a TSO waiver and Medical waiver. My portal is still showing boarded and no waiver required.

    @SPC U You mentioned your TIS is 24 months. So I assume you will need a TSO as well? Do you know whom to contact to find out the status on the waiver? My CC POC just keep telling me TSO waiver are handled separately by HRC, so he has no update on that. Do you have any update on yours?

    @SSG Barber I am not planning on using my GI Bill either. My tuition and fees are about $47k per year, I have $10.5k scholarship from school when I was accepted. The rest I plan to use BAH to cover it. There are many scholarship search websites. My 2 favorite websites are and

  • SSG K
    5/3/2016 9:50 AM
    Anyone else having trouble loading the DODMERB website to check medical status?
  • SPC U
    5/3/2016 10:06 AM
    @cornelia No I actually didn't apply for a TSO waiver..At the time of submission,my TIS was 26 months to be exact. My AIT lasted 6weeks and for every 1 month of AIT, I needed 3 months of service. So in that case I didn't need to put in a waiver for TSO..thanks for the scholarship link btw. I also applied for a $5000 scholarship from
  • SSG Barber
    5/3/2016 10:17 AM
    Ok. So I see that Sgt. Inspire's age waiver says granted. I can never get ahold of Mr. Black and he will not email me back either. I am wondering what is going on. When I called last week Mrs. Barnes said I had received and Offer but my school G2G guy said this morning my name was not on the CCSIM list. Anyone else having this problem. I have not received any type of information about being denied or offered even with conditional status except from what Mrs. Barnes told me last week. Pretty frustrated. Any advice on who to call. I have called Mrs. Barnes too many times. Also, I see that emails should be going out to commanders by Wednesday? I just want that 100% official word, because this process is stressful. Also, my file upload still says incomplete because Mr. Black has not validated my age waiver request, which I uploaded in January. To be honest, pretty disappointed with his lack of availability. Ok last question, anyone's portal state offer instead of boarded?
    5/3/2016 10:24 AM
    SSG Barber, I know exactly how you feel. This wait is unreal. I have been waiting for almost two years now for a solid answer as to what my future holds. Did your school G2G guy ever see your name on the list? Or did he see it initially and now it is not there?
  • SSG Barber
    5/3/2016 10:30 AM
    Sgt. Inspire, he said my name wasn't on the list at all. So either very bad news or good news considering my age waiver still says required. So I am pretty sure just waiting on Mr. Black or something. I never even received an email like most of y'all did. I had to do all the prodding. I couldn't imagine waiting for this twice. You definitely have some patience. So who is your POC? Also, do you know when commanders will find out?
  • SPC U
    5/3/2016 10:33 AM
    SSG Barber yesterday I got an email from my G2G personnel at my school saying congratulations for getting selected but that their brigade couldn't update me in their cadet command system(I'm assuming CCSIM). He asked if I had any waivers pending to which I said no. So I called my CC POC Ms Pennyman and she said the reason is because the official notification hasn't gone out to my commander and it should this week..could that be why your school didn't see your name? Contact Mr Adam T Hurlocker. I don't know if he's anyone's POC but he helped me a lot before I found out who my POC was. Hopefully he can give you some answers.
    5/3/2016 10:37 AM
    SSG Barber, my hypothesis is since your POC looks like he is on vacation in the Bahamas, I think his part of the alphabet was disseminated to other POCs to square away. Your application is most likely what Ms. Barnes told you last week however, you will not see any updates online nor will your school POC see anything if your CC POC isn't doing his job. I personally would try calling Mrs. Barnes again if you really need some reassurance. My POC is Mr. Tilburg.... Been working with him for 2 years and I think he literally lives at his desk because I get instant feedback.
  • TJ
    5/3/2016 11:36 AM
    SSG Barber, I also didn't get a notification from anyone until I called my POC Mr. Sedlak at CC. He emailed me back after I emailed him and he stated that I was a conditional select, but I never recieved anything else from anyone. Also, if I wouldn't have contacted him, I don't know if I would have recieved any word. I have no waivers, but my Company Commander hasn't recieved my offer yet. He did however recieve my buddies offer who is in the same Company as me. I just hope that there wasn't a mix up and that my POC made a mistake.... That would be the worst case scenario right now. Also, I can't get ahold of the G2G rep from my school to ask him for verification. This might be a worse feeling than waiting for the results before.
  • SSG V
    5/3/2016 11:44 AM
    has anyone's Commander received their offer yet? just curious if they have started to go out yet.
    5/3/2016 11:46 AM
    TJ, hold up... you said your buddy in your Company received an official offer for G2G ADO? When? From the Company Commander?
  • TJ
    5/3/2016 12:07 PM
    SGT Inspire My mistake, I didn't mean offer but notification to the Commander that he had been selected. He has a few waivers that need to go through before he gets his official offer. Sorry for the confusion.
  • SSG Barber
    5/3/2016 12:08 PM
    just received this from my POC Mr. Black.

    You are fine. It appears you have been selected to participate in the Army's Green2Gold (ADO/ Scholarship) Program. This is a tentative notification and nothing is official until we notify your Commander and provide him or her with your written letter. Also any pending waivers must be approved, and your must be medically qualified by DoDMERB. I recommend you access your application, ensure you have submitted all waiver documents if applicable and verify that your Commander's email address is up to date. Once again nothing is official until you are notified by your Commander.

    So final a little relief.
    5/3/2016 12:15 PM
    SSG Barber told you!! lol yeah that's a generic message they just copy and paste. I got the same one. You are good... I just think your CC POC is catching up.
  • SSG Barber
    5/3/2016 12:22 PM
    Sgt Inspire, Thanks for encouragment ... was freaking out for a minute lol. Definitely relieved that I have some sort of documentation. Hopeful commanders get notified soon, so I can start this important chapter in my life. Now just another waiting game.
  • Tonka
    5/3/2016 12:42 PM
    Submitted my waiver forms back in January,been sent back few times for corrections. Thought thew were already at CC but apparently still at BDE. Do you guys think I will be able to make it?
    Thanks a lot
    5/3/2016 1:23 PM
    Well my waiver took less than a month. Once your ROTC Battalion submits endorsement to the ROTC Brigade, they should endorse or approve and send you a digital copy directly. Once you have the memo, you would submit online. If you haven't heard anything from your ROTC Brigade by now, I would be pestering them constantly and get your Chain of Command involved so that they can get you what you need to complete your packet. Now keep in mind, there is also a possibility that the Brigade Commander chose to disapprove your waiver whereas you could potentially never has received anything. Just my thoughts but those should have been completed a while ago in the beginning stages of your application when it notified you that you needed waivers.....
  • SGT K
    5/3/2016 1:27 PM
    @520 - Im at RRS right now too, but I am not putting in a packet until next year. What's your class number? I'm in ARC 20-16
  • SSG Barber
    5/3/2016 4:46 PM
    Sgt Inspire, received great news from school G2G guy stating that I made it. So pretty excited.
    5/3/2016 4:58 PM
    SSG Barber, Hell yeah you are groovy now! I just finished my GI Bill application. Turns out I have to come out of pocket for tuition like 2,000 per year.... Need to search for some scholarships now.... Gotta love how expensive a US college education can be.
    5/3/2016 5:02 PM
    Oh and I have personnaly tried to forget about this but I am going crazy waiting for this official letter!! I don't know if it is better they told us prior to official notification because its driving me crazy. Last year, for most of the selected applicants, the first notification was the official letter to the CDRs... so their wait was over after that... but they recieved that mid-may.
  • Tonka
    5/3/2016 5:02 PM
    Thank you very much, few days ago you mentioned that your age waiver was redone and was at the BDE, did you get a copy of it through your ROO?
  • SSG Barber
    5/3/2016 5:06 PM
    Sgt Inspire, geez where are you going to school? I am going to school in Savannah, and its like 5500 a semester. I'm trying to find scholarships, but most likely will just apply for the fafsa and get student loans so to give my kids the GI Bill. Also about that letter to the CDR, I was told by Mr Black that they hopefully will be sent by end of the week. Basically that means June, lol.
    5/3/2016 5:08 PM
    Tonka, I do not know what a ROO is? But I had a POC at my ROTC BDE HQ. He sent me the revised age waiver yesterday after the BDE CDR resigned it. I stayed in constant communication with him until my waiver memos were complete. My CC POC contacted me telling me he needed the revision to my age waiver so that he could push my waivers foward for CG review/approval.
  • Tonka
    5/3/2016 5:14 PM
    Did you get any scholarship for Columbia? I am going to Columbia as well, tuition is about 56000 with room and other fees it is 80000. Applied for Pat Tillman Scholarship and researching other options.
    Were you able to find any scholarships for graduate programs?
    5/3/2016 5:14 PM
    SSG Barber, LMAO June though?! .... It better be tommorow like everyone else is hearing! Cadet Command was horrible about meeting their target dates... but this year they have been doing outstanding in regards to keeping their timelines. I am going to school in California which is like 18,000 for tuition per year sooo yeah GI Bill only covers 16,000... I am out of state student as well so it hiked up my tuition a bit. But hey I'll be less than an hour away from L.A. :)
  • Tonka
    5/3/2016 5:26 PM
    Sorry, ROO is Recruiting Operations Officer at my schools ROTC. I was in contact with him the all time but dont have a POC for the BDE.
    Thank you
    5/4/2016 8:59 AM
    Tonka, Oh ok I see. I would contact you ROO then to ensure they pushed it forward to the Brigade and to check the current status. I only gathered Brigade POCs through email traffic. I wasn't designated one or anything. Sometimes you are going to have to go digging for information... it will not always be given to you especially in this G2G process.
    5/4/2016 9:01 AM
    ALL, If anyone gets official notification today or tomorrow, please let us know so that we can all continue to worry. Thanks!
  • Martinez
    5/4/2016 9:30 AM
    Haven't heard anything yet as far as offers. Was told by today notifications would be sent out.
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/4/2016 12:13 PM
    I just received my confirmation email and offer letter from my commander.
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/4/2016 12:35 PM
    For anyone wondering, it included a letter of intent that I had to sign saying that I wish to participate in the program, as well as a conditional offer memorandum for my commander. The conditional status is still based on my need for my AFS waiver to clear; after that, they send out the fully qualified offer.
  • SGT B
    5/4/2016 2:21 PM
    I just received an offer letter from HRD, not my Commander. Need to extend to 2020 and am fully qualified. So for anyone else who was "conditionally" accepted but didn't know why, I could just be that you have to reenlist/extend.
  • SGT B
    5/4/2016 2:26 PM
    HRD also told me that will place me on assignment as soon as they see my ETS date change and I email them my extension documents.
  • SGT B
    5/4/2016 2:57 PM
    And I should have said notification email, not offer letter. I guess it was sent to everybody who is fully qualified already?
  • SSG V
    5/4/2016 3:05 PM
    Letters went out to both groups; those fully qualified and conditional. I know this as there are two people in my office who were accepted. Those that were qualified were sent an email by HRC explaining the retention process. I was told that if I Reenlist before monday, I will be placed on assignment by Tuesday. Then it is just a waiting game for orders.
    5/4/2016 3:08 PM
    SGT B, Who is HRD? Do you mean HRC? My damn luck my Commander is out today :(
  • SGT B
    5/4/2016 3:53 PM
    Yes, I meant HRC.
  • Jones
    5/4/2016 4:07 PM
    I'm fully qualified and I've registered for all my classes as well. Now I just have to decide if I should use the GI bill or Hazlewood act.
  • 520
    5/4/2016 4:32 PM
    @SGT K
    I was in class 22 but they dropped me yesterday because of being selected to participate in the Green to Gold program.
  • 2016 hopeful
    5/4/2016 8:39 PM
    I got mine today as well! I also called my school to see if anyone there could give me insight on what to do next and he gave me the number to a MS4 ADO cadet and they had a TON of useful information. I would suggest that you guys call your school and ask for the contact information of an MS4 ADO cadet you can speak to for things like how and when to schedule classes, when PT is, FASFA, PCSing, order and other stuff like that.
  • Kclark3131
    5/4/2016 10:25 PM
    So I recieved my conditionally accepted letter today. But it's for medical. I submitted my physicals early and the 2492 was validated and approved but the 2351 was not. Does anyone fit in the same category as me?
  • SSG T
    5/5/2016 1:15 AM
    It's exciting to see people getting official notifications, and I plan on checking with my Commander today to see if he received anything. I hope that this letter can help me get removed from my ALC class so I don't complete phase 1 for nothing. Since deferments require the first GOs approval, im sure my CoC wants to see something in writing regarding my selection. As far as the DoDMERB goes, I hope to not alarm anyone however I would strongly encourage whoever is still going through that process to do everything in your power to help facilitate the completion of that process. When I was injured during air assault school, that caused my application to become flagged, which added quite a bit of time to finally become resolved. For a while there, I wasn't sure if I'd be medically qualified, but in the end it worked out for me. The whole DoDMERB process is pretty old school, and they seem to primarily rely on the snail-mail to notify you of specific details. I stuck to the online portal and would call the POCs listed to ensure they received anything I submitted.
    5/5/2016 8:41 AM
    Still have not received anything :( Anxiously waiting to see something official. Anyone else still waiting for official letter?
  • Tonka
    5/5/2016 9:00 AM
    I am still waiting for something official as well, will email my commander later this morning to see if he received anything.
    Thank you
  • SSG K
    5/5/2016 9:14 AM
    My Commander received the letter yesterday, but I'm still conditional waiting on medical. I did not receive a letter from HRC or any other guidance. Does anyone have a contact for DODMERB? The website has been down for several days and trying to find out the status.
  • Bama08
    5/5/2016 12:07 PM
    I have not received anything official yet either, it's making me nervous lol. Has anyone waiting on waivers received anything official yet? Just wondering. I am waiting on an age waiver.
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/5/2016 12:40 PM
    @Bama08, I'm waiting on an AFS waiver, but I received my official conditional acceptance yesterday.
  • SSG T
    5/5/2016 12:59 PM
    Alright guys, GI Bill question. I just spent an hour speaking with some people through the VA Hotline in order to speak to the SMEs, and let's just say- I wasn't impressed. The whole conversation reminded me of the early stages of the application process...calling the different Universities trying to find someone who would be willing to assist lol anyways the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I was told by the VA that it doesn't cover ANY out of state tuition/fee costs. So basically, unless you're a resident of the state you're going to school in, then there's no use in using the post 9/11 GI Bill. Also, the Yellow Ribbon benefits wouldn't apply because we're still on active duty? Can someone shed some light on this? I am not a resident of the school I applied for, and this info derails my plans lol
  • SGT D
    5/5/2016 1:02 PM
    I received a call from my Commander last night of my offer. However, just found that I am now in need of a waiver for medical(surgeries). Does anyone know how likely it is to get approved. I have 3 passing APFTs and will get a note from my surgeon of my complete recovery. I'm freaking out! It's has been a long journey and I'd hate for it to end because of a formality. Any insight to calm my nerves. Thanks in advance!!!
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/5/2016 1:14 PM
    @SSG T, two things. First, find out if your school participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. It's an agreement with the government that the school and government will split any remaining cost after the GI Bill is maxed out, and can cover the extra tuition at a private school or the out-of-state costs in your case.

    Second, check with the school to see what their policy is regarding attendance by veterans and/or active duty service members. Many will allow you to attend at the resident rate due to your status.
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/5/2016 1:20 PM
    @SSG T, I just realized you already talked about the Yellow Ribbon bad, you're right about AD not being eligible.
  • kclark3131
    5/5/2016 1:33 PM
    @ssg k

    The number to dodmerb is 8008412706. :). Im in the same boat as you sadly.. my poc Mr. Black never sent my physical to dodmerb which is their job fyi...

    Have a great day!!
  • SSG Barber
    5/5/2016 2:44 PM
    Received my fully qualified offer yesterday from commander. Now just have to extend my ets to sept 2020. So excited now just have to figure out how to pay for this damn schooling. Hello student loans.
  • SGT B
    5/5/2016 5:40 PM
    For those of you wondering about out of state tuition, my school was able to give me the in state resident tuition rate so if you haven't done so already, I would strongly suggest inquiring with your school about that.
    5/5/2016 8:19 PM
    Finally recieved my letter of intent this morning!.... I wonder when the AFS waivers are expected to be reviewed? Will ask my POC. I am currently trying to figure out funding for schooling as well. People at my school can't seem to understand that I will still be on active duty lol
  • Bama08
    5/5/2016 8:30 PM
    I received my notification of intent too. I am wondering if the waivers were already approved, my status is conditional-medical. But nothing about the age waiver. I am hoping this means it was approved.
    5/5/2016 8:32 PM
    Bama08, How old will you be by Commission?
  • Bama08
    5/5/2016 8:59 PM
    @SGT Inspire I will be 33 in May the year I commission, which leaves me needing Cadet Command approval.
    5/5/2016 9:04 PM
    Bama08, yeah I think they screwed up the letters. Mine said conditional medical and admin...but my DODMERB physical exam was qualified and submitted a while a ago..
  • SSG V
    5/5/2016 9:53 PM
    President Obama signed into law last year a bill that gives all military members in state tuition to public schools whether they are a member of that state or not.
    5/6/2016 4:43 AM
    Thank you SSG V! .... I'm about to educate my school's bursar office with that info :)
  • SSG T
    5/6/2016 4:54 AM
    @SGT Inspire, share what the bursars office has to say. During my conversation with the VA hotline they said that the above referenced law applies to veterans that have been discharged, and is effective for 3 years after date if discharge? Idk, but the Veterans services reps at my school don't return until Monday so I'll see what they have to say then
    5/6/2016 10:59 AM
    Anyone have any updates on AFS Waiver timelines? My POC is telling me that mine was already pushed forward. Did anyone's POC tell them when to expect an answer?

  • Yo
    5/6/2016 2:21 PM
  • SSG Believe
    5/6/2016 4:42 PM
    Just heard from my POC that there is no guarantee date of when the waivers will be complete. This is due that the CG goes TDY a lot and, will work on them when possible. He said we may start seeing waivers get completed next week. This is just the FYI.
    5/7/2016 2:42 PM
    SSG Believe, Thanks! Need to get those orders so we can get this party started.
  • cornelia
    5/8/2016 2:11 PM
    @Tonka I got the merit scholarship. I have not applied for any scholarship yet as I'm worried about my medical waiver. Have you tried to contact the admission/financial aid office to see if they can offer any merit scholarships? Private schools without scholarship is simply too expensive. And are you going to ROTC at Fordham? Have you talking to Mr. Nguyen yet? Maybe he has some rescource too?

    I have a question regarding the letter of intent. When do we have to turn that in to Cadet Command? Is it some paperwork can be digitally signed? My unit just got back from the field so my commander hasn't get a chance to check her emails. I'm at the airport right now going on TDY for 2 weeks. I'm trying to figure out if I need to ask Cadet Command for an extention on turning in the letter. Thanks!
  • SSG T
    5/8/2016 2:44 PM
    If I recall correctly, those that were provided an official notification were to respond to the Letter of Intent within 30 days of receipt. I personally printed the letter, hand signed, scanned, uploaded to the portal, and notified my CC POC. I'm sure you're doing this, but I'd pay very close attention to your status on the DoDMERB site and provide any info that's requested ASAP. Every day counts with the medical waiver, and the process is already slow as it is. Also, don't lose faith.! When my medical status was being questioned and I had to complete a bunch of remedial requirements... It was really disappointing but in the end it worked out. Keep at it and stay on it and it'll work out
  • TJ M
    5/8/2016 4:37 PM
    Cornelia, SSG T is correct. Once your Commander recieves it He/She should forward that to you and you will hand sign and digitally upload it to your G2G application under the file upload tab. You will choose from the options tab and it will be LETTER OF INTENT. Once you finish that inform your POC at CC. Also for anyone waiting on DODMERB, you can check your status online and see where it is at. If it says qualified, they should have sent that qualified letter to your PMS at your school.Be sure to contact your school and ask your PMS if they have sent your Medically Qualified letters to CC. I had to call and remind my PMS because I'm sure he was doing a million other things, but he said he would scan it to CC that very same day so I would advise you to do the same.
  • SGT AB
    5/8/2016 10:15 PM
    Glad I found this site as it's updated, but now I'm worried looking at all these stats. I just emailed my POC Mr. Black so waiting for a response and super anxious! Congratulations to all who are being selected for G2G. And to all who did not make the list …….. Prepare NOW make your next packet stand out more, I know I am in case I did not make the cut. My stats: SGT (P) TIG 14mos, TIS 7yrs, GT 113, BS Degree in Criminal Justice with 3.41 GPA, APFT 277, LOR from Provost Marshal and FTCKY Chief of Police, submitted packet for a MA Degree in Criminal Justice at John Jay in NYC, NCOER 2/1, 4AAM, MOVSM, 4 COAs, 1deployment and no special recognition for WLC as I missed CL by .03 points.
    5/9/2016 10:58 AM
    Just asked my POC in DODMERB. They say they send an electronic notification directly to Cadet Command once you are qualified. It does not look like anything is supposed to get sent to your PMS or school.
    5/9/2016 11:15 AM
    @Inspire - How did you find out who your DODMERB POC is? Do you have a phone number? This whole time my CC POC was telling me my physical was good. I never knew there was a site to check status. Found out today I have an issue that needs to be resolved. Thanks
    5/9/2016 11:27 AM
    SSG RGR, I emailed this email address: and then someone emailed me back. Someone will respond to your question. The website is here: Follow the instructions on the screen and login to see your status. Make sure your mailing address is updated.
    5/9/2016 11:33 AM
    @Inspire Thank you.
  • cornelia
    5/9/2016 12:38 PM
    @SSG T & TJ M. Thanks for the support. My initial medical waiver was denied. I requested for a reconsideration in late March, it had been over a month and still had no news. That's why I was super nervous. This morning Medical Program at CC told me the Command Surgeon reviewed my file last Friday and forwarded it to special doctors for recommendation, which will take another 30-60 days. I already submitted all the relevant paperwork. All I can do is wait, which is killing me slowly. I really hope it will work out well in the end.

    @SSG RGR, your assigned medical tech is based on your last name. You can find their direct number here:
  • Bama08
    5/9/2016 2:17 PM
    I found out this morning from my POC that my age waiver was approved.
    5/9/2016 2:29 PM
    Bama08, Wow! And you needed CG approval for that one! Congrats!! You waiting on anything else? Medical is good?
    5/9/2016 2:36 PM
    Bama08, do you know when your waiver went forward for approval?
  • Bama08
    5/9/2016 4:13 PM
    I got my fully qualified medical letter in the mail on Saturday. So I am good to go. When I talked to my POC the last week of April he said they already went up, so you should be hearing something soon
  • yo
    5/9/2016 6:30 PM
    anyone know how to stop receiving email notifications from here?
  • 11bis4me
    5/10/2016 12:07 AM
    Received a call this afternoon, I have been selected unconditionally as a fully qualified applicant! Wew that was a rough wait lol. I was told my commander will receive the email tomorrow morning. What will that all include? Has anyone been placed on orders or assignment instructions yet?
  • Yoyo
    5/10/2016 8:31 AM
    @Yo, if you find how to get off the email list let me know. I'm going to message the site manager in hopes that he can take me off.
    I'm really glad this forum has become so useful, but this year's applicants are off the chain with coments. That being said, congrats to everyone who was accepted this year! For those who didn't: keep building your packet and try again next year or do the hip pocket scholarship route if you can afford it!
  • SPC U
    5/11/2016 4:39 AM
    Did anyone who got fully qualified get contacted by HRC yet? So far I have received my official notification from my commander and I have accepted the offer and uploaded it to the portal. I know I need to reenlist ASAP but I have not be contacted by HRC or any other person.
  • Comment removed by admin.
    5/11/2016 7:54 AM
    SPC U, if you are selected without any conditions, instructions should have been included in your final offer letter. I would contact your CC POC if it was not or start contacting HRC to gather information. They have a website where you can find all kinds of POCs.
  • SSG V
    5/11/2016 9:32 AM
    SPC U,

    You should have gotten an email that looked like this:

    If you are receiving this email, then you are among the many "fully

    qualified" selectees who need to reenlist or extend their contract in order

    to have 48 months remaining from the start date of class. Most of the start

    dates are in August, so you must either reenlist or extend out to August

    or September of 2020. Do not delay this action.

    This has no bearing if you complete the program - you will be commissioned

    in two years. However, if you drop out of the program, you owe the Army a

    certain amount of time in exchange for your selection and college attendance.

    I will not place you on assignment until this is complete.

    See your retention NCO as soon as possible. Once I see your ETS date change,

    I will place you on assignment. The Service Remaining Requirement (SRR) is

    four years from the start date and not the first day of the month.

    if you are 100% you got it, I would go and talk to your retention NCO and get the ball rolling.
    5/11/2016 10:22 AM
    Anyone seen anything on their AFS waivers yet?
  • SSG Believe
    5/11/2016 10:49 AM
    @SGT Inspire
    -I actually got mines back this Monday from the CG approved. I had to sign a statement saying that I must serve 10 years of Active Service as a Commissioned Officer in order to retire from duty as an officer and upload it back on my application. I was only told that a few waivers came back. I now have my medical waiver to process then hopefully I will receive an official letter.
    5/11/2016 10:51 AM
    SSG Believe, Congrats! Do you know the date your waiver was sent forward for approval?
  • 30 Level
    5/11/2016 11:10 AM
    Is anyone going to Texas A&M?
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/11/2016 11:18 AM
    I received some statistics for this year's board from my school POC:

    1455 Applicants
    254 Boarded
    125 Selected

    Nationwide Averages:
    GPA 3.3
    GT 119
    APFT 280
  • SSG Believe
    5/11/2016 11:55 AM
    @ SGT Inspire
    -Thanks, well my memo states it was completed on 7 May. However, I am unsure who forwarded the waiver request and I think it was my POC. So I am assuming that your POC at CC is supposed to draw up the memo to forward it for signatures from the CG but, not 100% sure.
  • Jones
    5/11/2016 12:42 PM
    @30 level I'm going to Texas A&M central. I'm registered for all of my classes so I'm just waiting on my GI bill application. I heard back from my POC on Monday that my acceptance has been verified so I'm just waiting for orders as of rn.
    5/11/2016 2:05 PM
    SSG Believe, oh ok I see approved on Saturday. I haven't heard anything on mine yet except that it was sent forward on May 3. But I don't want to bother my POC yet lol. Your POC sent you an email with your waiver directly?
  • SSG Believe
    5/11/2016 2:55 PM
    SGT Inspire, Yes it was approved on Saturday which is a awkward time but I guess whenever the CG had time is when it was submitted. However, my POC sent the waiver directly to me to sign on my AFS Waiver statement and upload it.
  • 11Bis4Me
    5/12/2016 4:37 PM
    To all that have received letters of fully qualified and selected, once you have uploaded your letter what was the next step? I am going tdy for 2 weeks and I am trying to have everything squared away prior to leaving.
  • SGT B
    5/12/2016 9:06 PM

    Have you received an email from HRC requesting that you extend/reenlist until 48 months after your class start date? If you already got that email and followed the instructions in that email, then I believe you just need to wait until you are put on assignment and you receive further instructions from HRC. I called my ROTC POC and was told there was nothing else I could do for the time being other than figure out how to pay for college (apply for GI Bill if you need it, etc). Unless I'm mistaken, it seems like it is another waiting game for now.
  • 11bis4me
    5/13/2016 1:05 PM
    Yes, I have been calling my retention nco for two days now with no response... the struggle of being on recruiting and not on a military installation is going to be difficult for this expedited process. My command also seems a tad bitter that I was accepted because now they are telling me that because I will not be actually moving they are not going to authorize me to sign out until the day before I report with no leave being granted :/
  • 2016 hopeful
    5/15/2016 9:38 AM
    Im still waiting for the approval of my AFS waiver (which was put ing the share file early last week) and I have started the process of extending (7 months) so I can get my orders cut. I doubt it but maybe those who already received a fully qualified letter... has anyone got orders yet? Im trying to figure out how long its going to take once I'm fully qual'd. Make sure if anyone does get their orders to let everyone know here.

    Also! don't forget, this won't be like a normal unit that when you get there they'll let you leave for Permissive TDY... Make sure you take those 10 days en route and that its on your DA 31 along with travels days. I plan on dropping an absurd amount of leave since you don't have to take any while in the program. Obviously I have to wait for my orders to get cut to know exactly how much ill be taking, hence buy questions.
  • 11bis4me
    5/15/2016 3:52 PM
    2016 hopeful,

    I just checked, I have had an AEA code placed on me removing my recruiter stabilization with "officer producing candidate school pending action". I will reenlist tomorrow so hopefully they will place me on assignment instructions tomorrow as well.

    Does anyone know what the orders date will be? I've been trying to see if they were cut for July or August of last year. I'm going to call student detachment at Fort Jackson tomorrow and see if I can get some answers.
  • SPC U
    5/15/2016 4:39 PM
    @11bis4me, Mr. Wildhagen at HRC told me the report date on my orders will be the day before my first day of classes. For me that will be 28 August. I plan to take about two weeks of leave and 10 days permissive TDY, so I'm looking at leaving Germany around 20-25 July.
  • Kclark3131
    5/15/2016 7:06 PM
    @11bis4me and spc u. I'm in the same boat when u extend Mr. Wildhagen will put u on assignment asap. Im going to use my use or lose days aroun 45 lol. And report early. My pms told me that if I do report early (because it is usually authorized) ill be on detail for a few hours sorting paperwork.. I would advise it.
    Also is anyone going to kansas state?
  • G2G Cadet
    5/15/2016 10:21 PM
    Kclark... I've been ADO for a year.... Here's a little secret... If you choose to fight it, thats up to you.... Cadet Command has a policy that all ADO cadets are not to be used for details by cadre... So technically, you're not supposed to work for the ROTC cadre... you're just a cadet/student, and only that... The only time you have to put in leave is if you'll be outside the mileage requirement... I'll even email you the policy letter.... Otherwise, they'll try to put you to work during Christmas Break and Summer Vacation when all the other cadets are gone....
  • Kclark3131
    5/16/2016 4:58 PM
    @g2g cadet I didn't know that thanks. I appreciate it.
  • Bama08
    5/16/2016 5:52 PM
    @kclark3131 I am going to Kstate. Just waiting on my final award letter so I can reenlist.
    Great info @G2G Cadet
  • Kclark3131
    5/16/2016 5:56 PM
    @bama08 let's exchange info. I got my final letter yeo weeks ago. I was waiting for dodmerb. If that's what you are waiting for I'd advise calling them so they expedite it. What are you waiting for exactly?

    My email is
    5/17/2016 3:42 PM
    @2016 hopeful, you heard anything yet in regards to your AFS waiver? This is a long wait.....
    5/17/2016 9:55 PM
    @SGT INSPIRE - I got all three of my waivers approved - dependency, age and AFS. My AFS was approved May 9. I fixed a clerical error on my physical and was medically cleared last week. I got my fully qualified status plus the final letter to my commander this week. My orders should be here 2 - 3 weeks.
    5/18/2016 8:48 AM
    SSG RGR, Congrats!! When did you submit your waivers? Was it all included in your original application?
    5/18/2016 9:53 AM
    I submitted my waivers in the portal Fall of last year. I had my ROTC endorsements and recommendations before I submitted my packet in February. I was waiting on CC approval for all the others which went through roughly first week of May for all three.
  • SSG V
    5/18/2016 9:56 AM
    I was placed on assignment yesterday. Should have orders next week according to my S-1.
    5/18/2016 10:06 AM
    Cool Cool!! Yeah mine had some errors and were revised and pushed forward after everyone else's waivers were pushed forward. Still waiting on my AFS waiver. Everything else is good. Trying to reenlist so I can get my orders as soon as possible.
  • ADO Hopeful
    5/18/2016 10:11 AM
    @SGT Inspire, I'm still waiting for my AFS wavier too (will be at 10 years, 9 months at commission). I just spoke with my POC who stated that the CG is going through change of command procedures right now. I'm guessing this is why there is a slow down regarding the processing of waivers since that first week.
  • Tonka
    5/18/2016 12:21 PM
  • Tonka
    5/18/2016 12:22 PM
    My dependency waiver is still pending, I am on TDY and wondering If I need to get back to my unit to reenlist.
    How long did you guys wait for your dependency waivers to get approved?
    Thank you
  • SSG Barber
    5/19/2016 6:54 AM
    @SSG V, who informed you that you were placed on assignment? Mr. Wildhagen?

    Does anyone have any information on how the process for medical or dentist appointments are handled for ADO personnel?
  • ADO
    5/19/2016 7:09 AM
    @SSG Barber...if you're going to a school that is pretty far from a military base, you'll switch over to Tricare Prime Remote and just print off DA/DD medical forms from the Student Detachment website when you go to those appointments. After each appointment, you'll upload those documents to the medical team at Student Detachment and they'll update your MEDPROS accordingly.

    I'm going to to Texas A&M Central Texas, as I'm currently deployed and wouldn't have had time to PCS upon redeployment. That being said, I still have to out-process Fort Hood, as it's technically a PCS move, but since I'll be living right next to post, I'll have to do medical/dental there. Not sure how that works as far as in-processing and stuff goes.
  • G2G Cadet
    5/19/2016 8:27 AM
    ADO... In processing is all done remotely through the student detachment in Ft. Jackson... They will send you the list of in processing documents you must fill out and send back to them... One packet will be for admin data and the other for finance... Then you'll have to also inprocess with your ROTC battalion's HRA... You'll outprocess Ft Hood, but will not completely put process medical and dental... Just let them know that you'll be staying there in the area and they should know just to change some admin data in their systems... I had to do the same... I was stationed at Fort Sam and switched over and attend ROTC in San Antonio now
  • SSG V
    5/19/2016 9:51 AM
    yes Mr. Wildhagen. I had my S-1 check my status in EDAS and I am on assignment with an August 23rd report date.
  • 11bis4me
    5/19/2016 11:18 AM
    Can someone email me Mr wildhagens number please, Ido like to contact him to see if he can place me on assignment.
    5/20/2016 5:24 PM
    GI Bill question - Does anyone know if I use Post 9/11 instead of MGIB will I get back the $1200 I paid during basic? And if anyone has opinions on which GI Bill is best to go with, I'd love to hear.
  • 11bis4me
    5/20/2016 5:40 PM
    Ssg rgr I believe you do not recieve that until your benefits have been exhausted.

    That being said, I am unsure about if I am on point with using mine. I have applied through the vonapp for my post 9/11 but that is all I've done this far. I never released how difficult this process would be not being around a base for some guidance. My orientation for school is June 1st. Has anyone gone further than this step?
  • SSG V
    5/23/2016 9:34 AM
    Once you apply for your GI post 9/11 benefits through the VONAPP, it will be sent to your local VA office. they will then send you a letter stating that you have you been accepted to use the benefit. You will take the letter that they send you to your VA on campus as well as the financial aid office. Don't worry if you don't get the letter right away; you can attend class up to 90 days without payment, because the college is aware of the process. every month you will be required to prove that you are still attending classes through your Campus VA rep.

    if you have any questions shoot me an email at
    5/25/2016 8:54 AM
    @2016 Hopeful you heard anything on your AFS waiver? This is really taking forever.
  • SGT Morrill
    5/25/2016 8:39 PM
    I just found this forum and looks like the perfect place to ask questions. I'm attempting to submit a G2G ADO applications in FEB 17 and I have a few questions.

    1. What are my chances of getting accepted?
    2. What should I start knocking out now regarding the application process? Already accepted into the University and I will be taking online classes all the way up to submission time.

    Stats below:
    GT: 111
    GPA: 3.8
    APFT: 300
    Schools: ALC - Commandants List, BLC - Distinguished Honor Grad, Ranger School, Jumpmaster (almost senior rated)
    Coordinated Letters of Recommendation from 2 x COL, 1 x LTC, 2 x MAJ, 1 x CPT
    Working for a Ranger Battalion, I'm SGT(P) and serving in an E7 MTOE position

    Any information you guys that have been the process could provide would be extremely helpful. Thanks
  • Soon2BeLT
    5/25/2016 10:21 PM
    SGT Morrill,
    You have a really high chance of getting accepted. Your APFT score and GPA hold a lot of weight in being selected. I would try to get the medical stuff completed as soon as possible. That part is difficult. Also, make sure you speak with the ROTC department at the school you selected. They will help you a lot with the process. Good luck!
  • SSG V
    5/26/2016 8:44 AM
    SGT Morrill,

    Looks solid man. A couple of things, and take them how you will. there is nothing wrong with letters of recommendation, but sometimes less is more. That's a lot of letters. Im not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but I would pick the strongest from the batch, and submit that one.
    As for things to get ahead of: You acceptance letter from the college has to read that you are accepted as a Junior. For some reason getting that letter from my college was like pulling teeth. I would start working that as soon as possible, especially since you are already accepted to university.

    if you have any questions, you can email me at . My account on the network should be active until I PCS for college.
  • SGT Morrill
    5/27/2016 10:09 AM
    Soon2BeLT/SSG V,

    Thanks for the recommendations, I really appreciate it. I'll start working on my Academic Junior acceptance letter and physicals. Thanks again for the help!
  • SSG T
    5/28/2016 10:36 AM
    I'm still waiting to hear back from my waiver, but it sounds like some folks at HRC are confident that it will get approved. I was scheduled for ALC from JUL-AUG, and had my reservation deleted by HRC last week. For those cadets that went through the PCS; what would be the ideal transition scenario? If you could do things over, what would you've done differently if anything at all. I.e. Took more leave so you weren't rushed to find a home, took permissive TDY, etc.
  • SSG
    5/28/2016 11:38 AM
    SSG T
    Good questions, I was wondering the same thing.
    Few more questions to add:
    How long it would take to in-process at ROTC department at your school?
    How does your day look like? PT formation etc? How do they handle leave? Do you need to submmit it through your ROTC department or Ft.Jackson detachement?
    Do you need to take PT test when you get to your ROTC?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    5/28/2016 12:07 PM
    I took a lot of leave, but I was moving from Alaska to Alabama. I left July 11 and my classes didn't start until August 13. I did take permissive TDY and am glad that I did. Even if you're not moving very far it is beneficial to take more leave than you think you will need just to have time to get settled in because you will be adjusting to college once classes start. In processing only took me about an hour at my ROTC department and the rest was done online, which took me about an hour as well. For my program I have pt 4 days a week, from 6-7. I only have to be in uniform on Tuesdays (except for pt of course) because that is the only day I have ROTC class and lab. The rest of my time is my own, to go to class and study. I have not had to use leave for time we are not in school, but I have heard that can also differ by ROTC program. I did not have to take a pt test upon arrival. We had diagnostics and took a record a few months after classes started.Congratulations to everyone for getting in, this is a great program and I wish you all the best.
  • SSG T
    5/31/2016 3:27 PM
    Doing a little research for someone that's considering GTG. For those that have been selected and are waiting for the AFS, and age waivers- how much TIS and how old are you? I know someone that's interested but feels as though her age (33) and TIS (13 yrs), would prevent her from even really being considered. I know these are factors that may be unfavorable by the board, but are there folks in a similar situation that were selected?
  • G2G Cadet
    5/31/2016 3:51 PM
    SSG T,
    I heading into my second year as an ADO green to gold cadet and I came into the program with 12 years TIS and 32 years old. After talking to my brigade commander, he says they really weigh in on the DODMERB for older applicants as well as APFT. If those are good, they look at what you've done work wise because they done want you to just do the bare minimum and retire when they can get someone younger that's gonna give the army twice the amount of time you will. If that's all good, then shes just as competitive as other applicants.
  • SSG T
    5/31/2016 4:03 PM
    Awesome! Thanks for that info!!
  • Marty
    6/1/2016 8:24 AM
    Has anyone that's already been placed on assignment heard anything yet?? As far as orders? I've been placed on assignment going on three weeks now I was told I have to attend a levy brief last week or this week but I haven't received notification as of yet. Is anyone having this issue?
  • SGT B
    6/1/2016 12:34 PM

    For my levy brief, I contacted my S1 to schedule it the day after I was put on assignment. I would suggest trying that. I should be receiving orders today.
    6/2/2016 8:51 AM
    Got my AFS waiver approved today! That was a pretty long wait... almost a month waiting due to the change of command at Cadet Command. Still working my extension so I can get orders. I am trying to start PCS leave next month, July. Taking about 40-50 days.
  • Tonka
    6/2/2016 10:52 AM
    Congrats SGT INSPIRE.
    I finally received my dependency waiver as well, trying to re-enlist now and my retention NCO is saying that I cant re-enlist starting from end of August that I have to re-enlist for 5 years, is that true?
  • Marty
    6/2/2016 10:56 AM
    SGT B. Does your orders say anything about early reporting??
  • SGT B
    6/2/2016 12:50 PM

    Yes. Can only report 10 days before your report date.
  • Bama08
    6/2/2016 6:43 PM
    @ Tonka I reenlisted for four years and then extended 4 months to meet the requirements for the program
  • Kclark3131
    6/2/2016 6:45 PM
    Same here I had to reenlist for 5 years.
  • Nam
    6/2/2016 7:35 PM
    My application status staill remains to be "boarded." Does that mean I did not make it this year?
  • Sims
    6/3/2016 6:54 PM
    Question to cadets:
    What are your responsibilities when the school is not in session? I know during summer you attend LDAC, what about winter and spring break? Do you have to show up for PT and all that?
    The reason I am asking, I am considering selling out my leave days for re-enlistment, can you take leave while on Green to Gold?
    Thank you very much for your input.
  • SGT B
    6/3/2016 7:35 PM

    I am not a Cadet yet but your best bet would be calling the ROTC office at your school. My University ROTC office has already told me that their Cadets get the same breaks/holidays as regular students and will not have to show up for PT or anything else and will not need to use leave unless they leave the island (I'll be on Oahu). "G2G Cadet" posted on this forum previously about his school wanting the ADO Cadets to do details during their breaks, so again, your best bet would be to call your school's ROTC office.
  • SGT B
    6/3/2016 8:18 PM

    I believe everyone's status still says boarded. However, had you made the list I would think you would have been contacted via email by HRC by now. You could always contact your University ROTC office or Cadet Command to be sure.
    6/10/2016 1:54 PM
    Not that it matters what so ever but my online portal status finally changed to "OFFER" ...Only six weeks late. :)
  • 30 Level
    6/10/2016 7:04 PM
    Anyone else nervous AF about starting college? I think it just really sunk in for me today after I signed my first apartment lease.
  • Marty
    6/12/2016 3:43 PM
    Does anyone knows how things work as far as pay once you receive orders? If a person gets orders but can report early in conjunction with leave when does our pay change. We have to find somewhere to live but how are these apartments (if renting) suppose to verify out income of our bah and E-5 has not kicked in yet? If anyone can clarify this for me please?
  • Marty
    6/12/2016 3:48 PM
    Also anyone doing g2g ADO that attended the levy briefing already, did anyone at the briefing mention to you anything about 60-day early reporting or 30-day early reporting? Because I was told that I could but I am not sure if that was accurate information given.
  • SPC U
    6/12/2016 3:57 PM
    @marty I talked to Mr. Wildhagen at HRC and he said if you are E-4 you continue to receive E-4 pay whether promotable or not. So expect your pay to remain the same except for the BAH of the zip code of your school. I assume you will get the BAH adjustment upon inprocessing at your school. My levy brief is on wednesday so I will find out about leave. My report date is August 28 but Mr. Wildhagen gave me a new Deros of July 19 so that I can take up to 30 days leave and 10 days permissive tdy if I want it.
  • Kclark3131
    6/12/2016 3:59 PM

    When you attend your brief and recirve orders it will state: "report on date above or da 31 whichever is earlier". After u inprocess ft. Jackson from your university human resources tech then u will start recieving pay as an e5.
  • Marty
    6/13/2016 7:52 AM
    I am not sure about still receiving the E4 pay I been told by everyone that it will be E5 pay and the g2g ADO handbook says it as well. Has anyone contacted a new POC named Robert, if I am not mistaken I believe Mr. Wildhagen email stated that we in process twice; once through email with our new POC at fort Jackson and again when we get to our university before school starts. Has anyone in processed yet through email at fort Jackson?
  • Marty
    6/13/2016 7:59 AM
    And I already attended the levy brief last week and did not receive orders at the brief. I was told I could report early 60 days or 30 days. (Not sure about the 60 days though). Once I request early reporting than they will cut orders for me. This whole process is confusing and not a lot of people that are suppose to be helping do not know the accurate information on what to do.
  • Kclark3131
    6/13/2016 10:19 AM
    Contact mr wildhagen about your orders. Thats wierd. I got my orders within two weeks of mr. Wildhagen contacting me. His number is in the thread above search hus name. Someone has posted his info. Feel free to contact me at I have already reported.
  • Marty
    6/13/2016 10:46 AM
    @kclark3131 Yea I am going to contact him today. I contacted Genovese and I didn't really get any explanation from him besides he required documents he needs from me, that's about it. I will definitely email you because I need some help about other stuff.
  • SPC U
    6/13/2016 11:13 AM
    @kclark3131 so do you really get E-5 pay as an E-4 doing Green to Gold?
  • Kclark3131
    6/13/2016 2:28 PM
    @spc u

    From my understanding and what is in the handbook yes u do.
    6/13/2016 3:38 PM
    You all should specify what program you are talking about. For the Active Duty Option Green to Gold program per the application booklet and website, you will continue to receive your current pay and allowances while in the program. I am interpreting this to mean, if you are an E-4, you will receive E-4 pay. From my understanding from talking to other current ADO cadets, you will receive the next pay grade only if you make cut off points or your sequence number comes up while in ROTC. However, you must also have the NCOES school for the next rank ie BLC for promotion to SGT, ALC for promotion to SSG ....etc.
  • Bama08
    6/16/2016 7:12 AM
    How did some of you manage to get an early report. I don't have that in my orders and my report is one day before school starts.
  • SSG T
    6/21/2016 12:26 PM
    Looking for Mr. Wildhagen's number. Can someone send it to me?
    6/21/2016 3:43 PM
    That guy is taking forever to put me on assignment. I can't believe there is only one person in HRC that does this....
  • SGT D
    6/21/2016 4:31 PM
    @SGT INSPIRE, has he touched base with you? You may need to reup or extend. Once he contacted me I gave him an update and he put me on assignment the next day. He seemed on top of things too because I never got a delayed response.
    6/21/2016 5:07 PM
    Yes we communicate often. I reenlisted over a week ago. He was out of office for some of last week and he told me he would try to put me on assignment soon.... Meanwhile i can't do anything without orders. Trying to lock in in state tuition rates and arrange transportation dates as this is the busiest PCS season of the year. After he puts me on assignment I will have to wait another week for orders.
    6/21/2016 5:18 PM
    Also taking 50 days PCS leave ....which would start in a couple of weeks.
  • SGT A
    7/4/2016 9:13 PM
    So I was wondering can I stay on post housing doing the green to gold ado?
  • G2G Air Assault
    7/5/2016 10:04 AM
    Hello everyone, I've been out of the discussion for a while since I just returned from CLC. I would like to clarify that if you are an E4 when you enter the program you will continue to receive E4 pay until you make cutoff, and you are eligible for promotion( your name shows up on the list released by HRC. The only E4s that get E5 pay are the SMP cadets. And you can live on post if there is availability, you probably will be at the bottom of the list since you are not stationed where you live, your unit is the FJSD. It's a hassle trying to explain this situation to housing but as long as you can provide an LES and your orders you should be fine. I personally live on a military installation.
  • Kamookie
    7/5/2016 5:42 PM
    Is anyone else still waiting on a waiver (age, afs..)? I am still waiting for my AFS waiver to come back from the CG. I want to make sure I get in back in time for any cutoff dates. Not sure when the latest date to get it and still get orders and everything.
  • SSG T
    7/5/2016 6:27 PM
    If you're still waiting on a waiver it's possible that it's being held up somewhere. When was it submitted? It may actually be just sitting in someone's inbox somewhere who was away from work for a while, and may have gotten lost in the work that stacks up while being away. I say this because this is basically what happened to me. It wasn't until I got creative with figuring out who to talk to that I saw movement, and saw it quickly. I had a waiver that was sitting in someone's inbox for over a month. This person was on emergency leave for a few weeks, and was still catching up to their emails. Had I not taken action, I would not have gotten my orders today.
  • SPC E
    7/19/2016 12:15 AM
    Hello, I am prepareing to start the application process for fall 17 and would like as much information on how and when everything should be completed. I will have my bachlors at the end of the year and would like to do the ADO option for my masters. I also would like some hints on how to improve my pt score.
  • ADO Hopeful
    7/20/2016 8:25 PM
    @SPC E, regarding your first question, I promise that nearly everything you could want to know has already been answered on this page. Second, to improve your PT score, push yourself to do more PT....that's the secret.
  • Bass.
    7/25/2016 1:04 PM
    Wondering if you I can use Tuition Assistance while on G2G ADO?

    Thank you.
  • Army dream
    7/25/2016 5:27 PM
    The answer to your question is NO
  • Kamookie
    7/26/2016 8:27 PM
    Anyone else going to be attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa?
  • SGT B
    7/31/2016 9:35 PM

    I will be attending UH Manoa for a Master's of Accounting.
  • Kamookie
    8/3/2016 3:45 AM
    @SGT B,

    Good to hear I will have another ADO there with me!
  • SGT E
    8/8/2016 10:15 AM
    @ Kamookie, SGT B
    I will be attending Chaminade as and ADO also.
  • Sgt J
    8/11/2016 2:57 AM
    Good morning all,

    I'm currently applying this year for the Active duty option. For anyone that has experience with this, how does my stats look for selection into the program?

    4 years TIS
    3.91 CGPA
    262 APFT
    BLC w/ CL
    4 ARCOM
    7 AAM
    3 COA
    Drivers Badge
    59 credits remaining for degree
    Pursuing BA History
    26 years old
    Working on recommendation letters from 1 COL, 1 LTC, 2 MAJ, 2 CSM
    Currently deployed

    Any advice and help will be truly appreciated.
  • CDT Whit
    8/11/2016 8:43 PM
    SGT J,
    Your stats look great! My only recommendation would be to try to get that APFT score up to at least 270. That GPA looks great! Will you be requesting any waivers? - (i.e. medical or anything?) If not, it looks very promising for you.
  • SGT B
    8/13/2016 3:23 AM
    Kamookie and SGT E,

    I met with some of the UH ROTC staff the other day. There will be 9 ADO's this year along with however many returning seniors there are. I was also told there will be around 100 cadets in total.
  • dustin balog
    8/14/2016 12:57 AM
    SGT B,

    Thanks for the info.
  • PFC V
    8/14/2016 2:51 AM
    I'm looking to apply for the G2G 4 year scholarship option. I have currently served 1 year and 4 months of active duty service so far, though I plan on getting a waver for next year's deadline. I am 20 years old and have no college credits other than having taken and passed 3 AP Exams in high school (scores of 3,4, and 5).

    My h.s. GPA is 3.4. (weighted) and 3.2 (unweighted).
    My current PT score is 281.
    I will take my ACT exam tommorow. I understand you need 19 minimum to qualify for a chance to get the scholarship, but I won't settle for the bare minimum.
    I want to branch Public Affairs or Military Police, so I'm considering a journalism/communications major of some sort, though I don't know if that's going to hurt me in my G2G 4 year application.

    I have 1 AAM and a few other overseas awards, but that's about it, given my relatively short TIS. Being selected for G2G would mean an early discharge from active duty so that I can finally afford and pursue school full time and advance my career in the Army and livelihood in general.

    How competitive does this make me for G2G 4 year, considering I'm a current active duty service member and if I get my CO and LT. COL recommendations? I don't know the exact parameters of how Cadet Command goes about selecting people for these kind of awards, but I''ve heard that even high school seniors are encouraged to apply for these kind of scholarships, though I may be wrong.

    I hope that I get selected considering how there's hardly anyone I know or heard trying to compete for a 4 year scholarship.

  • Sgt J
    8/14/2016 3:58 PM
    CDT Whit,

    I currently do not require any waivers that I am aware of. I will be taking two APFTs while deployed to add to my packet. One thing I am curious about is my DA Photo, I know if deployed you can take a photo in the combat uniform, but I feel it would be more beneficial for my packet for an actual DA photo. I did take one in March, would that work and attach my orders with it to show I'm deployed and wait till I return to do a more updated one for my packet or just do it in my combat uniform? I'm not expecting to return till mid January to early February which is why I'm concerned with this portion.
  • CDT Whit
    8/14/2016 6:49 PM
    SGT J,

    I would definitely recommend submitting an actual DA photo. They are wanting to ensure that you don't look overweight in your ASUs. The combat uniform would not be a proper assessment of this. I personally don't know of anyone who submitted a photo in the combat uniform and was selected.
  • Sgt J
    8/15/2016 1:41 AM
    CDT Whit,

    I truly appreciate the advice. I will submit my current DA photo with my orders so they know that I'm deployed just in case I cannot get one before 1 Feb. If I have time, I will do one and just resubmit a new one. Any other advice would you be able to give me for a more presentable packet for a high chance of selection in your opinion?
  • Comment removed by admin.
  • Yo
    8/15/2016 7:00 PM
    Can the admin please remove my email address from this thread so I stop receiving notification emails of new comments.
  • tutu
    8/24/2016 7:15 PM
    I was once selected to take part of the green to gold program and prior in beginning of school, I got arrested for some offense, can I apply again since my offer was withdrawn from the program.
  • Gmart
    9/15/2016 9:13 AM
    Anyone that has already started the green to gold ADO program, have you been able to get in contact with anyone in the finance department at student detachment? Or Mr. Genovese? I heard he no longer works there and he was my POC. I have been trying to get in contact with anyone at student detachment in-processing and no one answers the phone!
  • annie magnum
    9/21/2016 6:20 AM
    Valuable post - I learned a lot from the points , Does anyone know where I could possibly locate a fillable NM TRD RPD-41317 form to edit ?
    9/21/2016 11:10 AM
    @Gmart, I am having the same issue. I have trying to contact the in processing section.
  • CDT T
    10/5/2016 10:39 AM
    I was accepted for G2G ADO during this last application period. My question is for all those that have already completed the process, or those that are currently seniors.

    Now that I know that your Junior Year is the most crucial, as it determines your ranking overall. What are some things that you would've done differently (if anything at all) IOT secure your preferred branch?
  • SGT A
    10/5/2016 4:56 PM
    Question. I am up to reup and my current MOS and duty station is offering tier 6 bonus. So should I re-enlist or not. Because I am not sure if I have to pay back the bonus, if I get selected for G2G. I tried finding something in AR 601-280 but ended up with nothing. If anything could give me input that would be great.
  • CDT T
    10/14/2016 10:13 AM
    ^ I recommend you visit your career counselor for that type of question. Not sure if you have already. Personally I'd go for the bonus and cross the bridge for possible repayment when/if you get selected for G2G. Your selection for G2G is not guaranteed right now, but it appears that your bonus is.

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