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At the Milblogging Conference

May 14, 2012 | Captain Hannah He

This past weekend I got to attend the Milblog Conference in Arlington, VA. For some reason they let me on a panel to talk about blogging in the military today, which kind of evolved into a discussion about what kind of social media bloggers are using today to get their stories heard.

Many of the other people who were also on the panel had been blogging about the military for almost ten years, so I definitely felt a little out of place. On the other hand, I never really had to "learn" how to blog or use facebook; I just do. One of the big questions was, how do blogs really differ from using say, facebook or twitter? In the past, bloggers used to update their blogs several times a day with updates, whether it was opinion pieces or just links to news. Now, though, most bloggers will only write one or two blog posts a week, and update facebook and twitter several times a day with shorter opinion pieces. So, is a personal twitter and facebook the same as a blog?

Personally, I keep my facebook on private security settings, and keep itonly for personal friends that I know. I use facebook more to keep in contact with friends while we are spread out all over the place. I'm not really into twitter too much, and use it really only sporadically (no, really....) but it's not as locked down. I like to use twitter just to post links to interesting articles I'm reading, but try to stay away from posting my location at all times. My blog here is where I put most of my longer thoughts and share with anyone who wants to read. My thoughts on the lack of Army female uniforms can't really fit into 140 characters.

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  • Meredith Picard
    5/23/2012 2:57 PM
    Thanks for your blogging! I'm starting JAOBC at the JAG School in about a month and then heading to Benning for DCC before finally being stationed at...Fort Gordon! I just found that out but have been reading your blogs for awhile. I've been in search of blogs written by those who went through the JAG direct commission process but haven't found any female officers who've written. So, I read all the blogs written by male JAGs that I could and then started reading yours just for a good female perspective on being an Army officer. Thanks for doing this. I plan on blogging about my experience as a female going through the JAG process because their doesn't seem to be anything out there yet written by a woman. Good work and keep it up! Great insight. Maybe we'll run into each other at Fort Gordon if you're still there in December when I report!

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