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Apparently Murphy's Law does Apply in the Army

October 20, 2012 | First Lieutenant Andrew Good

So, I have arrived safely in the Richmond area, enjoying the accomodations the Army has provided. Despite the commute to FT. Lee the accomdations are top notch at this hotel. Although today wasn't as good as the accomodations, despite very good time from my home just outside Philadelphia, I soon had "Murphy's Law" take over once I entered Virginia. Apparently traffic in this state is complelely random and arbitrary (so it's like being at home). Upon arriving at Fort Lee since the reporting uniform was the IPFU I had the lovely experience of having the zipper pop off my jacket. So in my panic I quickly went to the PX to replace it. To quote many of the bloggers of the past... BE PREPARED before you arrive at Fort Lee, have as much of the basic essentials as you can and have back ups. I thought I was well prepared having 95% of my non ASU packing list but I neglected to have more than one IPFU Jacket and as a result I had to stand in line for about 30 minutes at the PX. The moral of the story, have a spare for everything because if you have my track record with luck then if it can go wrong it will. 


Wardrobe malfunctions asside I've enjoyed my short time here so far. I've met a few classmates, all great people, from all walks of life. It appears that JAOBC is a nice microcasm of america. I've also noticed there are quite a few reservists and national guard here, so we do exist apparently we just haven't blogged in years. Hopefully I'll have some interesting details for you all come tomorrow. 

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  • Jack P
    11/4/2012 12:57 PM
    Uniform issues are the bane of everyone's existence in the military

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