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Movin' On Up

February 20, 2013 | Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Grimes

I hope everyone has been following the ethics discussion on Twitter moderated by Dr. Rebecca Johnson of Marine Corps University.  This is has been an interesting, wide-ranging, thoughtful discussion.  (And I still plan to coopt much of what she's built when my Ethics in Military Justice elective kicks off next month!)  This has been one of the most interesting experiments in education I've seen recently.

In other news, my not-quite-good-enough excuses for not writing were supplemented last week by my planning for this:

On Friday I was promoted - officially - to Lieutenant Colonel!  It was a great day, and one I was proud to share with my family and everyone at the JAG School.  The best part for me was that Colonel (Retired) Marc Warren was kind enough to come down and preside over the ceremony. 

Not only is COL Warren a legend in the JAG Corps, he was also the one who started my legal career.  He interviewed me way back when at Fort Campbell when I was applying to the Funded Legal Education Program.  He started this career as a Judge Advocate and it was tremendously meaningful to me that he was there when this (perhaps last) chapter of my career begins.

My son, Caleb, came through for me again in the days leading up to the ceremony.  He's at an age where he asks questions about everything and had asked me a few days before, "What's the best thing about being a Soldier?" and "What's the best thing about being promoted?"  I'll share the short answers with you.  The best things about being a Soldier - and you get to read this here every day - is getting to work with other great people.  And the best thing about being promoted is the chance to do more challenging work, make a bigger impact, and reach/teach/lead more people.

I'm looking forward to what's next and intend to keep bringing you along for the ride.


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  • Angie
    2/22/2013 7:04 PM
    Congrats, LTC Grimes! Love your son's questions...and your answers :)

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