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Army Ten Miler, Round 2!

October 22, 2013 | Captain Hannah He

Really, is there anything better than running in downtown DC? The Army Ten Miler is definitely one of my favorite races I've ever been able to run, and this is the second year in a row I raced it. 

This year I was particularly excited for the Army Ten Miler since last year was such a disaster. I was in physical therapy for a knee issue (don't worry, the PT said it was ok to run, just not fast), spent the week before on night shift, and came down with an awesome case of conjunctivitis (yes, pink eye). I had been looking forward to the inspirational views of Arlington Cemetery and DC, but instead, I ended up running/walking most of it without my glasses since they kept falling off my face. 

This year was way better. Since I did a half Ironman triathlon just two weeks ago, I briefly considered not running, but then remembered I have two perfectly good legs, and there's no reason not to. It couldn't possibly be slower than last year. And it wasn't. I think I only shaved off a few minutes from my run time (not reflected in my official finish time; I waited 12 minutes for a portajohn since the line at the start area was so crowded I didn't get to go before my corral started), but I enjoyed it ten times more. The course is very flat, and winds through Arlington Cemetery, past the Lincoln Memorial and Kennedy Center, down a crowded, cheering part of the Mall, and then back over a bridge towards the Pentagon. Everyone was in a great mood! 

As I ran, occasionally I would see someone running or walking with a prosthetic leg, and I was reminded how lucky I am. Every time I think about skipping a workout, or slacking off on a run, I try to remind myself that I am blessed with good health and a strong body, and a great opportunity to use my strengths to serve. 

I think the Army Ten Miler is a great opportunity for lots of people to come out and run together, challenge themselves, inspire each other, and show their support for those who serve. If you get a chance, I'd definitely recommend running it. 

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  • James Cook
    10/31/2013 9:48 AM
    Thanks for sharing your story. Nicely written!

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