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After the PCS: Settling in

July 26, 2013 | Captain Hannah He

So, what happens after that whirlwind of packing and shoving and organizing and throwing stuff away? You take a deep breath, relax, and think, the hard part is over.


Especially not for me, who is moving into a 12th floor apartment in downtown Baltimore. What kind of problems could I run into? Let me count them:

My storage container cannot be dropped off anywhere near my apartment buidling. So I had to hire movers to access my container in White Marsh, drive everything downtown, and unload it after rush hour. 

My movers think my mattress won't fit in the freight elevator, and tell me they need to carry it up the stairs. All 12 flights. Good thing this lady is good with her angles. It did fit. 

How many picture frames can possibly break when packed in boxes? Any that aren't also wrapped securely in 5 layers of bubble wrap. That is, most of them. 

What do you eat while waiting for your things to be delivered two days after you move in? Mostly takeout. And what do you do when you forget to ask for silverware with that order? Eat it with the leftover chopsticks from yesterday.

Remember that move-in box I packed? The one with an air mattress, a set of towels, microwavable food, extra chargers.....yeah, I forgot a shower curtain. Good thing I didn't have a shower mat to get wet. 

But in other news, I'm in Baltimore! Classes start at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law in just a few short weeks, so I'm trying to settle in, filling up my freezer with frozen meals, and enjoying my new surroundings. Now if I can just get this PCS paperwork done so I can afford groceries........




  • John
    7/27/2013 4:42 PM
    Wow! Admire your persistence. But 12th floor in Baltimore means penthouse level, right?

    Congratulations on law school. I have an idea you will do just fine.
  • rkam
    7/29/2013 1:52 PM
    Hi CPT He,

    Congrats on starting at UMD Law. I am a UMD Law Alum (it was not called Francis King Carey when I graduated). I am also a RC JA currently deployed to Afghanistan. Let me know if you have any questions/etc with Law School or life in Baltimore!!

    best of luck to you

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