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2 Months In

August 22, 2013 | Captain Hannah He

Today marks two months since my husband left for his first deployment. I can't say that time flew by, but it does feel good to mark off this second marker, and know it's that much closer to the end!

In addition to all the other changes (PCS, law school, etc) in my life since he left, here's some of the changes I've made that are a little more deployment-specific:

- I am trying to send at least one big care package a month. This is pretty easy now that there is a post office literally across the street from where I live. I keep a box on my kitchen counter and throw in things I need to send, and spend a lot of productive hours on Pinterest looking up new snack recipe that will pack nicely. So far I have sent three, so I guess I can slack off for the next month.....

- I added an extra clock to my wall. I now have one with my current time and one that is on Afghanistan time. Sometimes I forget which is which.

- I have started answering every single call I get. Usually I ignore my phone when I don't recognize the number, but now, it might be an overseas call just being routed through Wyoming! 

- Sometimes I have to write down all the funny things that happen during my day that I want to include whenever I can chat with him next. For the first few weeks, I tried going off the cuff, and forgot most of the, "Oh I have to tell Kevin this" moments. As a result, as soon as he signs on to Google, he is greeted with something like "OMG I ate a whole half of an avocado for lunch, my hammies are killing from that new exercise you told me to do I saw a guy fall off the curb near the bust stop and the guy at 7-11 across the street gave me a free slurpee! How was your day?" 

I also hear that some wives have different ways of counting down the months; I've heard of buying 12 beers and keeping them in the fridge, drinking one every month, buying a new movie for every month, or creating something like an advent calendar, with a little treat every month until he comes home. Maybe I should try something like that; is there a champagne of the month club anywhere in Baltimore? 


  • Andres Cornejo
    8/24/2013 6:01 AM
    Your husband is a great guy! He must be proud to have a lady looking out for him even when he is miles and miles away. He must feel glad he could receive care packages from Friends&Family too show a little something from home. I recommend you keep answering your phone when he calls and keep up including Life experiences and critical detail. Your husband would be glad to talk to you.
  • Samantha Holley
    11/23/2013 10:12 PM
    This was like reading my exact experiences so far. Pinterest, having relief to pass monthly markers, and trying to write down funny stories stories to tell him the next time he calls. OH! And I will answer any unknown number at anytime without hesitation! Most of the time, it is a 6 digit number that comes up. You read and hear "just keep yourself busy" and after four months it is easier said than done by far. I hope your husband will make it back sooner than planned. :) You can do it! Take care!
  • Debra Barker
    6/30/2014 9:46 PM
    Thank you for the ideas, I am a new military wife and had know ideas of what I could do while my husband is deployed. Now I have some ideas. Thank you so much.
  • Debbie Jimenez
    7/1/2014 9:24 AM
    I enjoyed reading your counting down the days, I'm a military mom 2nd tour of deployment. Yes Pinterest is great ! I try to send extra of everything so my son can share with his follow brothers. Some get something from family and some get non. We have keep faith that they all come home soon. I'm down to 2 digits unless he gets extended again . Take care and God Bless you and your family.
  • Perla Y.
    7/1/2014 10:25 AM
    These are great ideas.

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